Spoilers Picard Season 3 - Preview Photos/Videos Thread

Why would it?

They may have refitted it by now, with Starfleet LCARS and Majel's voice talking to the engineers.
David Blass may be capable of such a feat, there would still need to be some Cardassian aspects to the LCARS layouts though as Federation/Starfleet tech is not 100% compatible. Also, Judi Durand provided the DS9 computer vocals, not Majel. Does anybody know if Judi is still available? :shrug:
24 years is more than enough time for an overhaul.

Sisko would need someone to show him around when he returns.
We're not going to see DS9 in this season. At best, it'll be referred to. They wouldn't stop at just showing the outside. And they won't re-build the inside just for a few scenes. Picard likes to get mileage out of its sets.

Before someone points out Ten Forward in "Remembrance", that was an Enterprise-D set. This is still "TNG", even if by another name. They'll save the "one-time use" money on recreating TNG, not DS9. Like later on, when we'll see the Enterprise-D bridge.
Geordi keeps having the look of, "What the Hell is going on here?"

I suspect there may well be a very good reason for that...!

I wonder if Geordi has moved on from the craziness of the TNG days. He has two daughters now. Maybe he's happy with his life now. Also, his daughters are on the Titan so if they get in trouble (which they will), it is now his daughers who are at risk now. Also, maybe he is not happy with Picard and Riker taking the Titan in the first place and almost getting his daughter killed when they were trapped in the nebula.

Alternatively, it might have something to do with their plan to break into Daystrom if Lore is the weapon that was stolen or if they need Lore to break into Daystrom. Lore could be a sore spot for Geordi.

In any case, I am very excited this week's episode, to see Worf and Geordi join Picard, Riker and Crusher on the Titan. We are getting the TNG band back together. It will be great seeing Geordi again. .
So there's what looks like a Klingon Bird of Prey in the image of what I would guess is the fleet museum behind Geordi, is it the ship from Star Trek 3&4, the HMS Bounty?