Spoilers Season 5 Episode Preview Thread

It won't happen.
Same as "Control" actually not turning out to be the origin of the Borg, despite the set-up and even downright assimilation of Leland (although in retrospect that might have been a last minute change to keep the Borg "clean" for the then in-planning PIC).

But it says a lot alone that it IS a serious possibility.:guffaw:
Either that or they destroy it because they realize the galaxy isn't ready for it yet.
They will resurrect L'Ak, to become the legitimate leader of the Breen in face of their entire fleet & negotiate a peace with the Federation.

AFTER that they will somehow either accidentally or on purpose destroy the technology (or put it in the Indiana Jones warehouse to be forgotten). I guess a recorded "Kumba jah/we-should-all-live-in-peace/connect with each other" message from the progenitors will help on the way.

Which actually shows this season arc was somewhat thought through & set up things in advance. Instead of the usual complete rug-pull that most modern Trek arcs have in their final episode where everything goes sideways.