Spoilers Season 4 Preview Thread

Yeah, the design looks super familiar to me as well, but I can't place it. Actually I think it's pretty cool that they designed it in a way that lets viewers guess just who it might be.

The overall configuration reminds me very much of the Delta Flyer, with those short wings on the sides. It kind of looks like the Flyer if it had that holographic (or whatever) Batmobile armor that Voyager had in Endgame.

But then it also seems like it took some design cues from the Denobulan ship we saw on Enterprise. If you stare at it long enough it seems like they share a lineage.

What I find most mysterious about it, though, is that it totally looks like it's supposed to look like a funny face when it's in attack position:


My working pet theory so far is that it actually doesn't kill those crews, but somehow collects them while destroying their ships. I wouldn't be surprised if we end up meeting all those crews again in the finale, somehow held captive within the ship.

I'm still saying Mirror Universe. you know, the whole agonizer resembelance. Also wondering if Boimler's section 31 transporter duplicate is flying it.
I actually saw the photos for this week's episode. I hope this Peanut Hamper episode is better than the last Peanut Hamper episode. I wasn't really a fan of that one.
Looks like another potentially T'lyn-free episode, judging from those preview images. What, did they somehow cram all episodes that feature her into the first half of the season for some reason?
Love the character, but she's reoccurring.
You know, not gonna lie, I didn't even realize that they hadn't added her to the main cast. :o

In my defense, the first few episodes of the season and how T'lyn was part of each of them could have made you believe that that's what they had done.