Spoilers Picard Season 3 - Preview Photos/Videos Thread

Episode 10 description
Episode 10 description
Well, that seems like an ex-ci-ting episode of Star Trek, bringing The Next Generation to a closure.

I wonder what the greatest ever galactic threat is... hmm, @Tuskin38 , do you think it could be the Borg or maybe the Dominion, perhaps a hybrid of both? One thing's for sure, it must be something quite formidable.
Please please please let this mean we see some DS9 people.

That would be great. "generations of old and new" makes me think that we will see many different characters from past shows. So maybe we will see DS9 characters and Voyager characters too? Maybe we will also see the real Tuvok?

In fact, "generations of old and new" kind of makes me think we will get the Trek version of "the portal scene" from Endgame. Just when things look desperate, we will get familiar faces from classic Trek all showing up to save the day!
While I do think we'll have a couple of groovy guests - Tim Russ said he's in two episodes, for instance, so the real Tuvok popping up in the finale is certainly on the table - I'm going to temper my expectations a bit by remembering what many of us have anticipated for three episodes now.

"Generations of crews both old and new" works perfectly well as a broad description for the main cast pilfering a few ships from the Fleet Museum and mix-and-matching commands.
I'm guessing it's Sarek's ghost. Who knows what lasting damage his mind-meld with Picard actually did to Jean-Luc's brain and psyche, seeing as he was suffering from Vulcan dementia at the time.