The movie franchise after Bad Robot/Pine

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    I think with a reimaging you're always going to upset a proportion of fans, taking characters, stories or elements that they hold dear and diluting or warping it into something to fit with modern sensibilities. They'd be better off with a hard reboot, making it its own beast by making it very clear that it is a new and separate entity (e.g. a Kirk/Spock romance, Commander Uhura the cyborg XO, Doctor Leona McCoy, Security Chief Janice Rand, Navigator P'Aval ch'Ehkov, etc.).

    If it was more of a reimagining then I'd want a new crew, a new ship and new stories, make something fresh rather than just retracing what's come before.
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    Yea, but simply call that something new Star Trek.
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    Better, I hope !
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    Yes, that would be my thoughts also. It's the only other Trek show that has even come close to being iconic after TOS.
    By the time JJ Trek is done I expect the mythos and lure around it to have only grown further.
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    I don’t know why so many people seem to see Nemesis as the ending to the Star Trek story.

    “That’s it lads, Data’s dead and Will Riker’s off to a new ship.”

    We don’t need to go and reunite the TNG cast or reboot that franchise, I’m just keen to see where Starfleet goes from there. There’s 30 years between the events of Nemesis and where Star Trek online starts to tell a story. Why not something in there?

    Why not the events of Procyon V and the Enterprise J?
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    Because they deleted that timeline by destroying the sphere network hundreds of years early in "Zero Hour"?
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    A totally new ship and crew set a century after TNG with the Kelvan fleet approaching the Milky Way! Well I'm sure words wouldn't have dissuaded the many tentacled giants to abandon force and then accept the Federation's hand of friendship!
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    New movies, Hmm. Depends if they want to stay in the Kelvin universe or not.
    Example A - Kelvin Uni -
    New crew in the tos/refit era, have an admiral kirk cameo if you'd like.Go off in a new direction. Space station? Or, how about a Trilogy, a "Voyager" knockoff as it were. Have 3 movies, and span a voyager style story over them. Throw a ship in to the megelanic cloud, or elsewhere, have the ship get beat up, hell blow it up, and have to use a "local" ship to get back home. Maybe get thrown in to the Delta quadrant and encounter the borg. or have a build up, and have the 3rd movie be the borg.
    Example B - Prime Uni -
    New crew, set after Nemisis and post Hobus supernova. You have Quantam Slipstream. Thinking the Full Circle book series, but with a new crew, and they take a small fleet of ships to say the Meglanic cloud ( Yes.. one track mind) and have there own adventures up there. Again a trilogy with a begining, middle and End. And since its after everything, sky's the limt, unlike with all the prequal stuff, no limits.
    Example C - Prime/Kelvin
    New Crew, Romulan War story line. Again trilogy, Start, middle, end. Have Enterprise people cameo.

    New series idea, Mini series, Romulan war. but with each episode, the viewpoint changes. One episode is the Starship Columbia, Next episode is Romulan ship Thx 1138, next episode is as a spy on romulas ( Trip Tucker :) ) Or maybe a Anthology series, set in the war. One episode is all 1 ship, and then they die at the end of it..

    The problem is.. Villians.. most movies achelies heel is the villian sucks. Nero, Blah, Neo Khan, kinda okay, Krall, meh.. Make a good villian! Not enterchangeable villian A
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    Now that Harlan Ellison has passed, perhaps it's time for someone to do "City On The Edge Of Forever" the way he originally intended it. Okay...maybe not EXACTLY (no alt timeline space pirates, please) but there were elements of his original story that were not possible in the mid 60s due to budget restraints, technical limitations, and because they were just too dark for TV, that could now be realized as a big budget film in the 2020's. Is there not a rumour that the Tarantino film might be City because it was his fav TOS episode?
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    Tarantino having the Enterprise crew get off their faces on Gems of Sound would be.... something.
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    I’ve consulted the tea leaves and seen that they’ll do a full reboot, with elements from all of the series, squaring off against the Borg. With the Klingons and Romulan making peace to defeat the cyborgs in an epic battle for earth.

    It will be huge budget, and pitched as a challenge to Star Wars/Avenger, and it will be a legendary flop because of its lack or heart.

    I’d prefer that they did more prime stuff, in the movie era, or a sturdy DS9/Voy/TNG reunion, a bit of nostalgia fest. Or Enterprise.
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    Smart money is on a TNG reboot series. I really hope that doesn't happen
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    Not sure twenty years counts as "only yesterday," but I get your point. :)

    It's funny how memory distorts time. I keep seeing people refer to that LIS remake as "just a few years ago," when it was nearly two decades ago.

    "But they just remade it a couple of years ago!" Etc.

    In 1999 :)
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    one COULD start a new star trek series in an entirely new galaxy where some wormhole lost old ship pulls a Horizon and seeds a good deal of the new galaxy with UFP ethos and tech, causing an entirely new federation to form. could even be in the Kelvan's back yard.
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    TNG in 1987, by 1990, clearly proved one can take the same brand, expand on it, and make it its own, expanded universe instead of regurgitating and not in the way birds do to feed their young? Remember, Hollywood said at the time it couldn't be done.

    Maybe they were ahead of themselves and believe it couldn't be done twice?

    Still, Shakespeare plays got regurgitated for centuries. Altered, too, since anyone trying to mimic the dialect would make it accidentally sound like "Where's the outhouse, Romeo?" And if that already happened, especially in a parody or especially if not in a parody... Angels and ministers of grace, defend us...

    Now imagine if we did the same with statues instead of movies and TV. Remember that one statue of the tiny tall curly haired bloke made from real Italian marble (since that fake marble is too cheap and doesn't hold up for sculpting) could be rebooted, but given larger body parts that modern audiences could easily understand and digest or at least to compete with the Spring Buddha Temple's big statue. Or given the current trend of rebooting properties replacing men with women for a quick buck, The Statue of David could be replaced with The Statue of Diana... just think if they did a spinoff where the two met. Like when Quinn Mallory met Logan St Claire only Logan won...
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    It dilutes the Trek brand to have multiple separate continuities going in parallel. I can see it for a one-off creative experiment like Tarantino Trek, but that's about it.

    I think Paramount and CBS should somehow resolve their dysfunctional relationship in regards to the shared ownership of Trek and then Paramount can be the major leagues where the TV properties go if they're successful enough, similar to how TNG followed TOS to the movies.
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    I suggested it in the other thread about the 4th movie, but if Paramount wants to invest less in Star Trek, they should allow CBS to produce the film for them and just distribute it with some sort of co-production stake. It also allows them to utilise the prime timeline.
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    I would like Tarantino to create new characters, and even maybe a new Enterprise. He creates a fresh new Trek Universe and leaving what was (The real Star Trek Universe, JJTrek, and Discovery Universe.) behind.
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    These days, Hollywood seems to have no problem rebooting their reboots. So, I imagine that Paramount may attempt to do something similar with Star Trek at some point. Or they could end up attempting something similar to Marvel and DC by spinning off characters into their own movies. Granted that's probably not sustainable, but, I'd absolutely go see a Karl Urban-led Star Trek movie.

    But, I see nothing wrong with them continuing the films with the remaining cast and potentially bringing in some new characters. Despite what happened in Beyond, Kirk could have eventually accepted an Admiral's position and you could bring in a new Enterprise captain (Kelvin Decker?) or perhaps promote Spock to Captain and have Quinto lead the films.

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