Seven / B'Elena's relationship

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    Some here have said they dislike Seven, for her arrogance... I don't know why people have to like or identify with all the characters. They try to give us characters that are harder to identify with, so that we can learn about people who are not like us... and that's part of the basic purpose of Star Trek overall.
    I think what we learn about Seven over time is that what appears as arrogance, to an average human meeting her for the first time, isn't quite arrogance. We see the bits that make up that attitude, and learn where they came from. Thinking about it right now, I can't put all those bits into words. But the confidence isn't egotism. In fact, her ego seems quite low. She wants very much to serve the group she's in, which includes self sacrifice. She's insecure about human issues, interacting.
    In the end, I think the various pieces seem to make sense together. The "arrogance" is something else. I find her very likeable after getting to know her. Nobody should cheat themselves of that learning experience, where we are made to see past all the misleading "cues" that put us off when we first encounter her. Her whole character is a sort of extended, in depth lesson in seeing people as individuals, not in terms of "types"
    or first impressions.
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    Seven isn't arrogant, she just isn't very good at working with others. Seven has no understanding of complex social dynamics and hierarchies, implications and the like.

    Thus she comes across as abrasive and demanding. But she isn't arrogant.