News Picard show to stream on Amazon Prime (outside US/Canada)

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Picard' started by caliginous, May 13, 2019.

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    To my understanding, the board’s piracy and adblocking policies are a don’t ask / don’t tell situation. We can’t control whether you do these things, but don’t bring it up here. That includes cutesy wink-nudge references to how you’re watching a show. Bottom line: just keep your mouths shut on these topics.
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    Not that there's much actual data showing either case to be true, success vs failure (otherwise the "it's a failure" people would have nothing to make hypotheses about to begin with, though given the episodes I had seen, I'm happy for the people who enjoy it...) What makes the "it's a failure!" crowd wrong is that another distribution entity is willing to air the series? Then again, this is Picard and not a prequel. Regardless of any theory behind Netflix, Picard is a separate beastie and a big one.
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    well the only data we have is that it was the fifth most viewed series in April on netflix in the united kingdom
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    I noticed Amazon Prime got the Star Trek movies too, while Netflix has the series. At least in the UK. Could simply be Amazon trying to muscle in, and we know Bezos is a Trek fan and kept the Expanse going.
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    Ah, there they are! I was going to watch a Trek movie the other day and couldn't find it on Netflix. I've got Amazone Prime, though, so now I know where to look. Thank you. :beer: