Discovery is losing me in Season 3, anyone else?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Discovery' started by Ometiklan, Jan 4, 2021.

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    @Deks answered that. Also Trills are two lifeforms. The AI might have sensed the symbiont. We know Grey is special and not the usual past Trill host.

    What should occur? They removed him from the dilithium world and cut him off from the subspace connection. The dilithium wasn't keeping him alive. The holodeck was.
    Why not? The holo worked for 100 years and the two techs are related.

    Michael is related to Spock who is revered by the folks on Ni'Var. Saru and Michael established a friendship/connection with the Ni'Var, especially the leader in Saru's case. An entire episode was devoted to this. It's not out of the blue. Gabrielle Burnham has lived among the Ni'Var for a year or more. I think she's up to date. She didn't live in a vacuum all that time.
    The trope is a relative suddenly appearing, shocking a main character (usually causing drama) That's what happen with Sarek, Kyle Riker and Gabrielle Burnham. So it's exactly the same thing. How they "arrive" is irrelevant.
    I only got so much time and this is an active board. :)

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    Madness - it's as if the Ni'Var president herself had been personally associated with Gabrielle and Michael Burnham, and determined that they could be trusted...
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    I think for me it's a suspension of disbelief thing.

    The admiral wanted the Discovery destroyed before it left the base, but it got out without a scratch.

    Burnham restored the main computer and within seconds it had carried out a complex set of orders. Beam off the bad guys, save the crew. The ship should not have been captured in the first place. It was a dodgy plot device in the nineties, but for an audience that will have endured endless hours of mandatory corporate cyber security training, it's just utter nonsense to see a ship captured with ease.

    The inside of the ship, floating lift cars. What do all the gubbins inside even do?

    When Voyager ended, with its batman armoured ship, the narrative options had been pretty much exhausted, so they had do a prequel series. A Fall of Federation series got talked about a lot in the Trek Future forum because that new dark age would introduce opportunities for Drama, to dial back the techno gubbins. The burn was an opportunity for that but it was squandered.

    The amount of technology presented in Trek makes any meaningful drama inconceivable. There will now be a series of increasingly implausible conceits in every episode just to keep it going.

    "Captain. We've got a problem!"
    "Why aren't the ship's many automated and integrated systems taking care of it Ensign?'
    'Its not plugged in Sir!"
    "Of all the beastly luck. Red alert!"

    "Captain. They've opened fire!"
    "I see. Are they perhaps bigger and badder than everything we've survived before and covered over with a lick of paint?"
    "No sir, but there's a red light on the Aft Wibblescrimbler".
    "Dear God! Hard to port!"

    I'm not going to stop watching Star Trek any more than I'm going to stop eating cheese. I just wish I didn't react badly to either of them.

    I want Star Trek to be something I can watch without looking at my phone. Something I bother to pause when I go for a leak. The Expanse is that, and so is the The Mandalorian, and I don't even like Star Wars.
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    Season 3 was boring. To me it was one of the worst seasons of Star Trek. Loads of action and special effects but it was really boring and the big reveal of the cause of the burn was uninteresting and not played as monumental but more of an after thought. What a disappointment. They dropped the ball on reinventing this series for the 3rd season and kick starting a new era.
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    Annoyed by inappropriate use of the word "Need"
    How many people are actually leaving Discovery after this season?
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    #2 on the menu.
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    the same amount who said that kind of stuff in the previous 2 season... very few lol
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    Seasons 1 and 2 two are so jarring I could just ignore all the bad parts and enjoy it like a roller coaster fireworks show disconnected from the rest of Star Trek. When it was good it was this amazing surprise from nowhere since so much is bad. In season 2 it had genuinely good things like Spock and Pike which elevated the quality marginally, and the two women on the bridge finally got lines for the first time. Owu has had maybe two lines of characterization (grew up as a Neo-ludite abalone diver) in three years and is probably the most interesting character on the show. That's not really a good thing since I think she's more interesting than Burnham by a large margin, which fits since Saru, Tilly, and the two bridge guys we know nothing about are more interesting than her too.

    Season 3, starting with episode 2, seemed like it was shaping up to be more interesting and coherent than previous seasons. Maybe on average it is a little better than the other seasons, and I got used to it being less outrageously bad, so those dips into old form were especially jarring and disappointing. The producers have shown themselves capable of writing decent episodes with coherent plots where Burnham supports other characters without overshadowing, so it is disappointing when Episode 11 lazily explains the Burn, never explains the music connection, takes back the genuinely interesting Emerald Chain characterization in episode 11 we should have got in the first half, and tells us the ship fell for no other reason than Tilly sucks, and implies Saru sucks, all as a way to make Burnham captain.

    Despite all that I actually expect season 4 to be slightly better, because each season has been slightly better than the last. It hasn't lost me because season 3 is not any worse than it has been in season 1 and 2. It being better in season 3 highlights more strongly when it is being bad, so it seems worse when it is bad. As per the usual, the season ending is flashy nonsense.
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    I'm a Trek fan. I will find the strength to carry on in our sacred duty to watch ever episode ever made. But my heart now belongs to another.

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    I haven't even gotten around to watching the last to episodes yet. Not sure if I ever will. Realizing I was still watching mostly out of some "obligation" because it was Trek. Don't have to like or have even seen all 800+ TV episodes ands every movie to be a fan.
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    I see that thrown around a bit, but they're not the same. I adore Orville, but it's not sci-fi like Trek is. It's homage to TNG, sure, but I think it's made primarily for broader audiences than Trek or genre fans. They're watching DSC, the Expanse, Galactica, etc. I appreciate it for bringing Trek to different audiences, but, though more familiar than modern Trek, I see it as something else.
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    That's interesting to me, because I really find it hard to tolerate The Orville. That said, I think people can get too caught up with defending what they personally enjoy and allow that to slip over into denigrating other things that they don't like. As long as there's options for everybody, that's great. I'm not sure The Orville has much life left in it, but I hope it sticks around for the fans of it, as they seem to love it.
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    I feel that way also about any tv show or movie or music. As much as I mock it or not like something I am glad that some people might like it and enjoy it. What's that expression. One man's garbage is another man's treasure or something like that.

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    The show was all over the place this season and I never felt like there was a single driver to thread the drama through. As always, Discovery tries to do too much at once and doesn't spend proper time developing their ideas so that they pay off later. They introduce something and then want to get RIGHT TO THE END TO REVEAL SOMETHING or just throw it into the background until they feel it's important enough to bring up again. If they took the time to properly introduce and develop Osyraa and the Emerald Chain, then maybe we would've wound up with something far better than what we got. Instead, we get things like TWO WHOLE EPISODES on a completely unrelated plot to get Georgiou off the series.

    The series is extremely frenzied and I wish they'd calm the fuck down and remain focused on developing their ideas.

    Three full seasons in and I still have no idea what Star Trek: Discovery is about.

    This is exactly right. I don't think Star Trek, moreso modern Trek, has a good track record of telling a season-long story.

    I truly believe Enterprise did it right in season 4 with its mini arcs.
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    I liked it. but maybe I'm just dull! Idk!! Can't have just ONE story/character plot happening each episode, than the show WOULD be boring. The plot on the planet Varuvin or whatever name it was, was more in depth than the take over of the ship Discovery! Me personally watching those three episodes almost back to back I watch E11 and 12 a night before, and 13 the next morning, all had me gripping my seat and screaming at my TV as the plot was unfolding, so It sure had me! The back in forth between Osyraa and the Admiral? to keep you guessing, of course! But also showing she wasn't really trying to diplomatically reason with federation, she was obviously trying to manipulate federation and bend them to her will. You watched that entire thrilling "Diplomatic" conversation unfold right?? He gave her enough of a feel of submission, in the discussion, to allow her to open up and become more personal, than at the end, destroyed all her HOPE of any alliance when he turned the tides against her. All that to me, he was stalling which was buy more time for the Discovery crew on ship, and distracting her, keeping her from noticing any updates, but when he broke her lil dreamy heart at the close of that? her getting angry and showing federation "I'll show you" attitude? That was a twist i was but was not expecting.

    I would of liked to seen the other ships engage with the Chain's ship outside of bubble more, but it was still pretty cool to me.
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    ADHD season, no story telling that makes much sense.
    I hope they dial it down in the next season and concentrates somewhat, if it ever materialises that it is.
    I like the crew and such, but somehow the time to develope the stories and cast seems to come up short.
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    Both PIC S1 and LDS S1 were better than Disco S3
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    I'd agree with half of that...
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    Noname Given
    Sorry Picard season 1 was a dumpster fire, with just a few good scenes between Picard and Seven of Nine. The rest of the cast of Picard ranged from annoying to forgettable (and not entirely their fault as they didn't have much to work with on the script pages they were given.)

    Was also annoyed with the ending because once again Picard was proven to be "absolutely right", and "everyone should have just listened to him"

    Lower Decks season one was very good and I enjoyed it more than Star Trek Discovery season 3 or Picard season 1.
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    PIC and DIS both have very disjointed and uneven seasons. I would say half of each DIS season are good and half of PIC and the rest was crap. Only the fact that Picard has Picard makes it better for me personally
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