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Do you want Star Trek: Enterprise back?

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  1. GeneralMartok12

    GeneralMartok12 Ensign Newbie

    Nov 29, 2020
    I think that is only way to do it properly is to put in charge Manny Coto and Judith &Garfield Stevens Reeves, without NuTrek interference.

    I would be very happy with Romulan War limited series.
  2. FederationHistorian

    FederationHistorian Captain Captain

    Feb 6, 2020
    If they were in charge of a Romulan War limited series, should there be build up to it, as planned for S5? Or do we just jump right into it? Or do we use flashback scenes to help tell the story, like in PIC?
  3. CaptainJonathanArcher

    CaptainJonathanArcher Ensign Red Shirt

    Nov 8, 2020
    South Jersey
    No, I feel it was their show & they should finish it.
  4. F. King Daniel

    F. King Daniel Fleet Admiral Admiral

    Nov 5, 2008
    King Daniel Beyond
    There's zero chance of ENT continuing in any form without it being made to fit in with the current version of Trek.
  5. ChristopherPike

    ChristopherPike Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Jan 13, 2006
    I think the current Trek universe does a good job of having each series look and feel sufficiently different from one another. The current Romulan War mock-documentary has always been my suggestion to finish telling Enterprise's place in history, and compressing 2156-61 down to a feature-length conclusion.

    And Picard is surprisingly faithful to the TNG series, obviously being closer to the later films. The LCARS have gone from touchscreen to holograms in mid-air, but still recognisable. Obviously you couldn't progress Enterprise tech from the 22nd Century too far toward Discovery, and indeed would have to take a step backwards, if older ships are pressed into service to support the more advanced NX. I bet if it happened, retro 70's space truckers would be their call and very recognisable old school as Star Wars in its fitting in with a decades ago set designs. It couldn't be as glossy being very much a used future aesthetic . Enterprise was a depiction of a Starfleet ran by workshop mechanics, continually having to weld the ship back together inside and out.
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  6. FederationHistorian

    FederationHistorian Captain Captain

    Feb 6, 2020
    I genuinely believe ENT or the ENT era will be back sometime during the 2020s. What form it will take is unclear.

    Is it ENT S5, split into installments (i.e. Part 1, Part 2, part 3, part 4, etc), and treated as a partial reboot/remake of the series?

    Is it through Romulan War Stories, to cover the Earth-Romulan War?

    Is it through a spinoff, based on an individual character (Archer, Trip, Reed, Phlox, Sato, Shran, etc)?

    Is it through a mirror universe series based off of IAMD?

    Is it a Temporal Wars show?

    Is it through an in-universe documentary type show?

    Is it in an animated form, like TAS and LD?

    Will it be through a series of movies, now that the return of the Kelvin movies are in doubt?

    I do think that if T’Pol does in fact make an appearance on Strange New Worlds - which is possible, since Jolene Blalock is a TOS fan – then that will further give me confidence of an ENT return in the future. As would the ENT crew making an appearance on Lower Decks.
  7. Reanok

    Reanok Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Dec 26, 2002
    There's Star Trek Youtube fanfilms that deal with Earth /Romulan wars.I saw some listed there the other day.The best one is Star Trek Horizons
  8. Caretaker

    Caretaker Commodore Premium Member

    Oct 5, 1999
    Silver Spring, MD, USA
    Short of recasting, the only way to do a direct continuation (continuing on directly from "Terra Prime") is animated. At least until de-aging CGI is cheap and believable enough for television.

    If ViacomCBS treated it as seriously as Disney treats Star Wars The Clone Wars...
  9. FederationHistorian

    FederationHistorian Captain Captain

    Feb 6, 2020
    I've seen the various ENT era Youtube fanfilms, including the one on the Romulan War. They provide the fix for new ENT content quite well.

    If its live action, theoretically it could pick up after "Terra Prime" about 10 months later. Where the added pressure and stress of expanding the fleet, retfitting ships, building starbases, starting new mining operations, creating new freighter routes, and establishing embassies after the formation of the Coalition of Planets caused the crew to age a bit due to being overworked. That’s also plenty of time for Shran to join the crew, one year after losing his antenna in the Ushaan. We might not get Admiral Gardner or Harris on screen again (since they are really old, but could provide creative exits for those characters), but there are other characters they could turn to, like Duval (never been seen onscreen before), or a female admiral. And I’d rather characters that originally got left out in ENT’s original run, like Becky and Tommy (their scenes in the S2 finale got cut), get their time in the spotlight anyways, since they played an underrated role in the worldbuilding of the ENT era and expanding key characters, particularly Archer’s.

    At the end of the day, the only episode disregarded if they started off from "Terra Prime" would be TATV. And I don’t think anyone would care if it was overlooked, since it was meant to be more of a finale to the Berman era than anything else. Maybe Frakes and Sirtis would be open to do another ENT focused episode if an ENT S5 happened. Maybe more time travel related instead of a holodeck this time.
  10. Raj

    Raj Lieutenant Junior Grade Red Shirt

    Jul 18, 2020
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