Why Star Trek: Enterprise Actually Has the Worst Ending Ever (YT Editorial)

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    I think, we have enough hints about his position as first officer:

    Fact: He is definitely highest ranking Starfleet officer after NX-01 after Archer with existing crew.
    - Not only discussion at Decon chamber, but as they begun to verbal fight at bridge reaction of other senior officers confirms it.
    -There is also a deleted scene which shows Travis didn't follow T'Pol's order without Trip's authorization.

    Theory: There maybe someone existing who couldn't join the crew before this "emergency mission"

    - At the end of the Broken Bow, there is no reason, not back to home (or Jupiter Station) for picking him/her up. Whole distance is only four days ( :rolleyes:) to the earth.
    -Nevertheless, they get the order from Star fleet to continue their mission.
    -At that moment no one knows, if T'Pol stays with them. Clear, Archer should have tell his idea to his superiors, but they didn't know what would be her decision.
    -For a second, let me think, Trip was only compromise for the moment, so Archer needed 3 days to prepare the NX-01 for the initial flight plus they needed 8 days to Qo'nos round trip. Qo'nos is 90 lightyears away from Earth. As Suliban abducted Klaang, they were 15 lightyears away from Rigel X, then they needed +2 days and if we add a day for Suliban cell complex adventure we could say Star fleet had ca. two weeks to find someone as first officer. Have they done? No.
    So, Star fleet sees no necessity to add someone to the existing crew (even without T'Pol) in theory or in practice. ;)

    Conclusion: It would be a interesting twist, if we had a first officer who is left behind with broken heart. But it is highly unlikely that we had one. And that is a good thing to have one less unhappy person on the Earth. :nyah:
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    I never thought it was as bad as people say, but I've always seen it as kind of a coda, or epilogue. I don't say that to excuse it or whatever, but that's legitimately what it felt like to me. I buy it for what it is, which seems like a teary goodbye to Star Trek as a movie/TV franchise at that point. Terra Prime is IMO the real "finale" of the series as I knew it and I don't need to be angry at TATV for detracting from it.

    But then again I always thought the proposed Benny Russell ending of DS9 would've been hella poignant and better than the way that show ending, at least in terms of a memorable final scene. just IMO
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    I’m still interested to see how they would’ve ended the series if they had a full seven years (2151-2158 or 2001-2008) because if they did do seven years that would mean we would’ve gotten only the first two years of the Romulan war if they ended season 5 finale With the opening battle of the war, so we would’ve not have gotten year three and four and the battle of Cheron
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    They might have condensed the war to fit into the last two seasons. Doesn't really make sense to end the series midway through the war.

    But I forget myself. My understanding of "make sense" is clearly quite different from the Beebs. :rolleyes:
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    Four Star Trek years could pass in two show seasons... ;)
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    It is an awful ending, but at the time I also thought TATV would have been a serviceable mid-season episode.
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    Scrap the Orion slave women episode, make "These of the Voyages..." a tele-movie like previous shows. Keep it 6 years later, the final voyage, on the Ent-D holodeck, viewed by Riker and Troi. I actually loved this idea. Make it a TV movie so it's not rushed, show a passage of time by giving people promitions, and if Trip and T'Pol are broken up, make it recent and give a good reason. Killing off Trip heroically to save his best friend, Archer is good stuff. Have T'Pol and the Macos show up right as Trip dies.

    Could we have picked a better TNG episode to tie in?

    I liked the ideas, I just feel like everything was so incredibly rushed.
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    Berman didn't even understand that an ensign is supposed to make lieutenant. You can't really expect competent work from him.

    Be that as it may, These are the Voyages was a fair episode. Indeed, it fit right in with Brent Spiner's return, the Klingon explanation, and the visit to the Mirror universe. It just shouldn't have been the series finale.