Why didn't they pair up Chakotay and Janeway in the end?

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Voyager' started by Mr. Scott, Jul 9, 2010.

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    I have always thought that Chakotay and Janeway should of been together in the end. I would of finished it with Chakotay and Janeway seeing Earth, with Chakotay went, "Hey Kate, I love you," grabbed her in the ass and kissed her passionately.

    Have Janeway dumbfounded and say "You dumb Indian, I've been waiting seven years for you to do that!"

    The Chakotay, Seven of Nine thing seemed forced in the end. This has been discussed a lot on this board and it seems to silly to debate the point, but sometimes I think Star Trek rather drops the ball on relationships, and to me, it takes away from the space opera.

    Concerning the Seven of Nine character. Jeri Ryan is hot. On Voyager, in those scenes where she was allowed to have her hair down and wear something besides that catsuit, she was really beautiful.

    However, the 7 of 9 character was never sexy. Besides the catsuit which showed off her beautiful body, she was very masculine, and lacked a "softer side". I saw the episode where she went on a date with some hapless engineer, with the Doctor and Paris making a bet if she can keep a second date with any man on the ship. Her looks would get any (hetero) man, but that personality........

    Could you see yourself having sex with 7 of 9 (not Jeri Ryan but the character). I could see her get up and say "That was.....interesting." If you got her pregnant, would you have a half borg kid? Ewwww.
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    J/C didn't happen because the character of Kathryn held herself as everyone's commander. It's a conflict of interest to be involved with someone you command. She was focuses on getting her crew home, not getting a crewman in her bed.

    Kate Mulgrew felt that J/C shouldn't happen because the core audience wouldn't be able to take Kathryn seriously as a commander if she was sleeping with her XO. The producers felt the same way.

    J/7 didn't happen because no one but J/7 shippers ever saw that as a potential romantic relationship. Seven was, essentially, Kathryn's teenage daughter on the show. Then, refer back to Kate and TPTB thinking we wouldn't take Kathryn seriously if she was sleeping with a member of her crew.

    As far as having sex with Seven?

    Yeah, I could see it. But, on the show, Seven is too childlike to really be considered a potential bedmate. I realize that's ironic coming from me as I'm a J/7 shipper, but in reality, that's how it is as sad as that is for me...
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    Well, I can understand maybe why the J/C romance couldn't happen during the show, altho I read that such a relationship was considered by TPTB, but why it couldn't happen at the end of the show, when they had successfully reached the Sol System, is what puzzles me. Well, of course, the misbegotten C/7 thing was sprung on us is the official reason, but for the many fans that waited patiently for YEARS for the hints of something between J&C to be finally acted upon, the end was a severe downer and, for me, colored what I thought of Voyager for a long time afterwards (ie I couldn't even watch it again until last year). GS.
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    :vulcan: Wait.... Grab her ass or grab her in the ass? (two very different and possibly stinky things)

    While I see that you're trying to joke, I find that quite racist.

    Have you ever looked at the general ST fan base?

    The greater majority of us are huge nerds who have very little experience with relationships.... I would assume those working on ST are similar in experience ;)

    Eye of the beholder.

    :vulcan: ................. anyways, in regards to the question in the subject of Chakotay and Janeway, the one big reason I believe they never hooked them up was because of the simple fact that it was too predictable.

    But yeah, hypothetically, I'd give 7 a spin.... just not right away..... she's one of those types you'd want to take your time with or else she might misunderstand something and yank yer wang off or implant borg nanites into your penis to make it "More Efficient"
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    Hey, I resemble that remark :) Honestly, though, I wonder if that's really true, or just something pop culture tells us. I'm a huge loser, but I am in a good relationship and have friends. And I knew a lot of normal, well-adjusted families who liked watching Trek in the evenings.

    Then again, I would go to a convention in a Trek uniform and not feel bad about it, so perhaps you're right. :lol:

    Anyways, J/C on board the ship would have been a bit OOC for Janeway, IMO. It might have been interesting to see them briefly lose a bit of control at some point before coming to their senses, but a true relationship would have been best at the end of the show.

    They should have paired 'em up in like... the last scene for sure. :)
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    I can understand that there wasn't a relationship in the middle of the series because of reasons mentioned in some other posts. It wouldn't have looked that good if the captain had had a relationship with one of the crew, no matter if it was her first officer.

    But they could have give it to the fans in the end episode. :techman:
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    Janeway didn't want to shag planky when he was the only other person on the planet so I doubt she'd pick him over millions of other people on earth.

    I'm glad J/C never happened Janeway could do much better. Seven said Chakotay had many admirable qualities but as far as I can see he just has a cool tattoo.

    I agree that Seven of Nine isn't really sexy, Janeway does a much better job. But Seven is wearing such a tight outfit if she acted like Janeway she'd just look like a big slut.
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    Although I agree that J/C wouldn't have worked well during the series,{Lois-Clark; Scarcrow-Mrs. King; Tony-Angela, Sam-Diane} it would have been fun to see it as the last scene of the series. Fortunately imaginagtion is a wonderful thing and there are a few websites that encourage our imagination: 'JC Eternal', 'Pathfinder a home for Voyager Writers' and 'FanFiction.net' are some of my favs.
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    I didn't really like Chakotay just as a character. He was always doing something stupid with a medicine wheel, or peyote, or a dreamcatcher. I thought that the whole Indian thing was way overcooked. Now, if he'd been like the Pathfinder Native Americans, then that would have been different.

    Also, I can't imagine Janeway ever really being happy with anyone; she's sorta married a career, so to speak.
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    Like every other Starship Captain?

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    I think it's a cliche that had some truth in it once (hey I went to a convention in the 70's, I know what I saw there..) but the fanbase is very broad now.

    Also what is the main age group that watches Trek, is there one? Because everyone starts off with no relationship experience but by the time you're older most people have got some under their belt.
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    "Nanites - When you need more than to just get it up." :lol:
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    I would have added KoffeeKlub to that list, there isn't many fic writers better than Shayenne, but then she writes professionally too.

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    A close working partnership doesn't inevitably lead to a close any other sort of partnership. They gelled onboard as there was little other choice. The exceptional circumstances of Voy shookdown a lot of disparate characters into a fairly cohesive whole but once they reintegrated with conventional Federation you can see how easily persons would split apart & differences loom larger than affinities.
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    I wish they had gone with what rumor says is the original "Workforce" idea: Chakotay as Janeway's lover on Quarra. This would have provided a nice character arc (what's that!?) for the two characters thru the end of the show as they worked to resolve what happened to them and could they continue on board the ship.

    Even though I find C/7 icky for a number of reasons if that's how they wanted to end the show the "Workforce" arc could have demonstrated why they decided it couldn't work leaving them both free to pursue other options. Naturally, I would have preferred a happier ending. It didn't have to be a big kiss on the bridge during the last scene but they could have at least been standing next to each other signaling their relationship would continue.
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    I can fully understand why Captain Janeway didnt get into the sack with any of her crew, but I do feel once home, and maybe the Chakotay had been given his own command this may have changed.

    I dont think the Chakotay/Seven relationship would have lasted, I think Seven would have hitched up with a Vulcan - obviously not Tuvok as he was already married.
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    Trek seems to have a track record of not putting together characters that should so obviously be paired off. There was never any pay-off to Picard/Crusher's unrequited love for each other on TNG, and then they ruined Janewa/Chakotay by inexplicably pairing him with 7. There was sexual/romantic tension between J/C ever since they were stranded on that planet together. If they had been left there alone much longer they totally would have been doing it. As for it being inappropriate for Janeway to hook up with a crew member, didn't Picard, the epitome of Starfleet propriety, once have a romance with one of his crewmembers? Of course I suppose that's not the same as getting involved with your first officer but still, anyone under your command ... I wasn't under the impression that there was an actual rule against it or anything. Still, I can understand why the writers/producers/etc. wouldn't got there during the series run, but the show should have ended with them admitting their feelings for each other when they returned home, preferably after the crew was re-assigned and they were no longer captain and first officer. Oh, and if it wasn't right for J/C to be together because she was his superior, well, wasn't Chakotay 7's superior. Not to mention 7 was very innocent/inexperienced when it came to romance, which just made the whole thing creepy. I hate that we were robbed of a J/C happy ending!
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    Apart from anything else - the "moment" for Janeway and Chakotay had well and truly passed.

    However, the moment for Seven and Chakotay never was....lol
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    a lack of love interest for Janeway was one reason IMO that Voyager was sub-par compared to TNG and DS9. The show was good, but could have been great, like TNG or DS9.

    Unless it was canonically stated that Janeway was either asexual, celibate or somehow hated the idea of relationships, it would have made her seem a more real person (or at least a more realistically portrayed character).

    And in truth, it made her the odd one out amongst 24th century captains. Picard had Vash, Lt. Cmdr Darren and Anij. Sisko had Jennifer, Fenna and Kasidy.

    I think the idea that Voyager was just one ship made little sense. The fact that Voyager was thousands of light years away from Federation space made a relationship more likely. What if Voyager took 30 years to reach home instead of seven? Would Mark have waited that long to wait?
  20. Adm_Hawthorne

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    Actually, Mark waited three... three and half years. Then, he met someone and, by the fourth year, was about to get married to her.

    In the first season, there's a Captain's Log voice over as Janeway roams about the ship just checking it out to see how the crews are meshing and so forth. At the end of the dialouge, she makes a comment that goes something like, at this point, 'Maybe more than ever now, they need me to be larger than life. I only wish I felt larger than life.'. Then, she pauses and tells the computer to delete the last line.

    That was in "The Cloud", five episodes into the series's run.

    At that point, Janeway made a conscious decision to put the crew way ahead of her own needs and to become this larger-than-life persona that her crew could lean on and follow.

    It worked.

    By the end of the series, they would have followed her to hell and back.

    But, the cost was great to Kathryn. In part, it prevented her from having a partner and a child.