What do you want from a fan film

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  1. jackoverfull

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    Jun 22, 2020
    i hardly tolerate handyman or other unusual camera techniques (I’m looking at you Discovery season III finale: why are those people shown upside down?!) in live action as well: they give me motion sickness.
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  2. fireproof78

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    Apr 11, 2014
    I must be the odd one out because I go through this from time to time, despite a passion for my career. So it fits very well in my own life and what I see from people around me. The amount of captains might be unrealistic but it is certainly something I have experienced and relate to. I wouldn't mind more story and character variety but I wouldn't be sad to see it continue.
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  3. Maurice

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    The problem with the Reluctant Captain topos is that it typically portrays said captains as having gone through some trauma and it's some outsiders that keep pushing them to "get back on the horse" as if that will cure their problems...as if they just need to [hu]man up and suck it up.
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  4. Ryan Thomas Riddle

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    Speaking of "getting back on the horse" as the wrong advice... @Mark 2000 and I are exploring in depth the trauma that comes from being a Starfleet officer in Mark's Star Trek: The Webcomic.

    We're exploring the aftermath of a landing party gone horribly wrong for one redshirt and what that does to him. We also discuss mental health care in the 23rd Century. Check it out:


    So not only am I stating what I want in a fan film, but I'm trying to tell the stories I want to see in them and in Star Trek in general.
  5. Mark 2000

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    And, unlike the arguments that I often have with other fan film writers, Ryan and I never argue over plot. I rewrite him and he rewrites me. The action doesn't matter. What we discuss is always story and character. How does the character look to the audience? Is how they're acting in line with who they are? Does this scene reenforce the theme or hurt it? I deleted a whole helper character from this story and replaced them with a conflicting one. Ryan rewrote half of my scenes to make the main character more active than passive.

    I also know that in my solo scripts Ryan has been awesome at saying this whole plot thread doesn't work, or this scene is not saying what you want it to. And I can try to explain my way out of that, but it made a better product to listen to an outsider seeing something they don't love on sight and reworking it. And I love my strips so much more thanks to that input.