Unpopular Trek Opinions — What Are Yours?

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by Michael, Mar 22, 2010.

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    Go ahead, caller. I'm listening...
    All of these apply to me.
    And these.
    I agree with this - but I think that it is likely that most of the species we would encounter regularly in spacecraft would be, due to form following function and competition for the same resources. It's entirely possible that 80 or more of the races of the Federation are non-biped-humanoids that are perfectly content to let the bipeds travel space, and to share their worlds with them.
    Yes! Fleets of 22nd century Klingons fighting a squadron of Wells-class ships! Tholian-hired Roman (yes, Roman, not Romulan) mercenaries performing a boarding action against a Valdore-class. And through it all, only 22nd century Captain Archer and his holographic companion from the 30th century remember what the original timeline is supposed to be like as they get shifted from parallel timeline to parallel timeline, hoping each time that the next shift will return them home. ;)
    I'm with you on these.
    And I support these statements, as well, with the qualifiers that I do confess to enjoying the novelty of the two Enterprises in the episode, and I do like Denise Crosby - she seems to have at least a modicum of respect for the fans.
    I hate it as long as it remains unexplained. If they actually explained that the Romulan government attempted to reinforce their species with the best traits from a few others (maybe the ridges are Klingon, and TNG Romulans have a sturdier skeletal system?) sometime between TOS and TNG - possibly as a measure to bolster themselves while at war with whomever that was they were distracted with for 40 years.

    I also despise the bowl cuts - and especially their retroactive inclusion in Enterprise.
    Agreed. She's a top-heavy hotel in space that looks like she should flip over forward at any moment.

    Now, some of my own:

    :wtf: I can't stand Will Riker or Jonathan Frakes, or Chakotay or Robert Beltran.
    :wtf: I don't find any of the series regular women from TOS, TNG, or Voyager remotely attractive.
    :wtf: I didn't enjoy "Sarek" at all. In fact, it made me kinda angry.
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    1. I am a fan of all the series and movies. (Voyager my least fav was still a good show, i love TNG movies all of them! and ST5!)

    2.I like Rom!!!! He's Awesome!

    3. Archer is my second fav Captain after Kirk.

    4. The nuTrek movie was great, I prefer the new Bones to the old one.

    5. I liked Harry kim!

    you may tar and feather me now!!!!!!!
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    Morgantown, Wv.

    I am well aware of how Vulcans were developed over the series and movies. My opinion is on how they should have been depicted and not how they actually were.
    My opinion is that fondness for the character of Spock sort of rubbed off on Vulcans in general and that the race, being a fan favorite from early on, was made ever more accessible and fan-friendly. They probably shouldn't have.
    That's my opinion.

    By the way, mine is the only unpopular opinion so far that has provoked vehement opposition and response! So, I'm winning!
    I'm more unpopular than any of the rest of you!
    Whooo Hoooooo!
    wait a minute...aw. @#$@!
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    I don't give a crap about canon.
    I can actually sit through Star Trek V
    I think City on the Edge of Forever is mediocre.
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    Oct 3, 2007
    Patrick Stewart's accent makes Americans think he's a better actor than he is.
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    Add in City On The Edge Of Forever and I dare say you have the three most over rated hours in television history.

    City's love story, like many Trek has attempted, is simply blah. It's hard to take Kirk's love, here and later on in Requiem For Methuselah, seriously when all he does in most TOS episodes is sleep around for lack of a better term.

    Far Beyond The Stars seems to have been created as something to keep Avery Brooks around (in addition to his opposition to helping Vic in Badda Bing, Badda Boom).

    The Visitor had a cool concept, but was not this epic that everyone seems to make it.

    As for other thoughts:

    TNG had the worst crew. By the end of the series, they seemed like a ship full of arrogant pencil pushers.

    Masks was a good episode.
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    I want to write a sequel to "Catspaw."
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    "The women"

    I think T'Pring was right across the board.

    I think Saavik (Alley) should have been made a regular part of the TOS movie cast, all the movies.

    I think Deanna Troi had a great body.

    I think yes on Pualaski.

    The klingons were better with swarthy skin tones and no bumpy foreheads.
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    Jan 30, 2001
    This one wins the thread! :guffaw:
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    Why not? In no particular order:

    Data is unbelievable and makes Next Generation unwatchable. What kind of android wants to get senile and die. The damn thing's busted!

    DS9 was pretty bad, being Berman's first series. Voyager was much better. And Enterprise was even better written, except that, just as he promised, it wasn't your father's (aka my) Trek.

    Manny Coto Trek was awful beyond belief. Trek is dead. They shouldn't bring back Trek until they replace the miniskirts and catsuits with nipples and penises.

    Ferengi aren't symbolic of capitalism and worse, they're not funny. The Ron Moore Klingons are silly and dull and uncomfortably like condescending to African Americans.

    Modern Trek is horribly damaged by writers who believe big words are technobabble, and can't tell the difference between good fictional science and simple stupidity.

    Star Trek is still more progressive than all of its sequel series.

    The Founders are the "silver blood" aliens from Voyager's Demon episode, inexplicably taken seriously for seven years, instead of two episodes.

    Voyager's biggest problem was that two lead characters, Paris and Torres, were basically blobs of emo instead of real characters.

    If you have characters who can foretell the future but they don't, you've screwed up the series. Ira Behr not only couldn't figure this out in seven years of DS9 but still couldn't in four years of The 4400!

    Kira Nerys is unbelievable and Terry Farrell makes me want to change the channel. Wherever I see her. (Not looking at you, Becker.)
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    Mar 30, 2006
    ^remma- Soong was an oddball so his creations were bound to have odd tendencies
  12. The Wormhole

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    Jul 23, 2001
    -Generations and Nemesis are good movies.
    -Trek XI is not.
    -Brannon Braga is not evil.
    -The City on the Edge of Forever is overrated.
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    Feb 27, 2010
    Fun thread!

    I like Nemesis.
    I don't like TWOK, and I don't think Khan is the fabulous villain people make him out to be.
    I like Tasha Yar and Archer.
    I sort of like Wesley. I don't understand why some people hate him so much. (Please don't try to enlighten me. :p)
  14. Luther Sloan

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    1. Star Trek: Enterprise is a series that is either best to be forgotten or should never be watched at all. It is the Galaxy Quest version of Star Trek that feels more like the 24th century than the 22nd century.

    2. Archer is not even worthy enough to be kicked in the face by the boots of Kirk. Admiral Forest should have been Captain and the there should have been no 24th century akira class designed starship named Enterprise.

    3. Star Trek Enterprise's canonical errors is a clear disrespect towards the Star Trek franchise. They were not only insulting, but they were completely unbelievable in the context of the other series.

    4. Jolene Blalock is the worst actress in Star Trek.

    5. Female Vulcans would never wear sexy cat suits like Seven of Nine. Especially in the 22nd Century.

    6. Hand held projectile weapons (not phasers or phase pistols) and nuclear missiles (not phase canons or energy weapons) should have been the weapons of choice on Star Trek: Enterprise.

    7. Star Trek: The Motion Picture was not boring.

    8. Picard, his crew, and yes even Data was seriously effected mentally (by the region) into wrongfully rebelling against Federation Orders in Insurrection.

    9. Star Trek: Voyager is more re-watchable than Star Trek: The Next Generation.

    10. Star Trek: The Next Generation's one shot story line's is a weaker form of writing.

    11. Technically, there are no mistakes or canonical errors on Star Trek if one is imaginative enough to think around them. Sure it is a TV show, but it is also something more than that, though, too.

    12. Berman was clearly insane when he said Nemesis was a good movie. Honestly, I really love the guy. However, he seriously lost his way big time at some point.

    13. Brannon should never be allowed to write or produce anything ever again because of TATV. Nice guy, and he has done some great episodes, but like Berman, he has lost touch with the core of Star Trek.

    14. Jeri Ryan is the sexiest woman alive.

    15. Katherine Janeway was way out of line when she tried to kill Tom Paris in Thirty Days.

    16. Deep Space Nine's last episode was horribly written and should have been a big budgeted direct to DVD movie written by some of the best writers within the industry.

    17. Ronald D Moore was great on Deep Space Nine, but he clearly sucked at re-making Battlestar Galactica.

    18. The Animated Series is over rated.

    19. The Original Series is pure genius and still is one of the best science fiction shows today.

    20. Shatner did a great acting job in The Original Series.

    21. All of the cast or characters on Deep Space Nine were brilliant.

    22. Neelix should have died from a really horrific death on Voyager.

    23. Tom Paris and Harry Kim should have expanded the shuttle bay and created an entire fleet of Delta flyers for them to command.

    24. I am happy that there is no current Star Trek series at the moment. So far, the JJ Abram's reboot and continuing films are good enough for me.

    25. The porn industry shouldn't be allowed to tarnish the image of Star Trek.

    26. Data should have created an android version of Spot to eventually replace the original. In addition, this android Spot would have mini missile launchers that would pop out of his sides as a defense mechanism, too.

    27. It's okay to wear a starfleet uniform. As long as no one besides your fellow Trekkies sees you in it (Unless of course you get a one time gig at being an extra within a movie or something).

    28. The Archer, T'Pol, and Tucker triumvirate is an insult to the core trio within the Original Series.

    29. Porthos should have had an episode where the entire crew depended on him for their very survival. Perhaps everyone gotten shrunken down in size and they had to use Porthos in order to get to a certain part of the ship to help save the day.

    30. I liked a Night in Sickbay. It felt like a comedic dream. Kind of like the entire series.

    31. There really should have been bathroom scenes within Star Trek.
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    In the Joel Zone, identifying as Sexually Fluid.
    There are some really good ones!

    I have a few more:

    1. Much of Trek is dreck. It's obviously the fans that is keeping the franchise alive, but it needs to have that crossover appeal to really breathe freely; and good storytelling helps too.

    2. What You Leave Behind wasn't all that. It was very 'ghetto' to have scenes from Generations and past DS9 episodes as stock footage. (We expect this from a 1950s B-movie, but not from a 1990's sci-fi show)...

    3. Data spent 7 seasons and several movies trying to find out what it is to be human; yet he is the smartest individual on the ENT.

    4. Trip is dead; he ain't comin' back.

    5. Ron Moore is over-rated.

    6. Berman and Brannon are to be blamed for ENT, and Trek's downfall.

    Yes, they had limitations; but, isn't that what a true writer/producer goes through? Trying to make art with the limitations you have? (Ex: Rod Serling...J. M. Straczynski...and many other examples).

    Creative blow-out. Bullshit...

    Surround yourselves with new blood; give the show new life...expand on characters that have been neglected. Think outside the fuckin' box.

    7. I hate the Klingons from TNG onward.(Or rather, I don't care for the Klingons from TNG onward). Hate is kind of a strong word.
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    Berman and Braga should be blamed for only ENT, not the rest of Trek.

    I doubt Trek would be around much past after Roddenberry's death without Berman's producing.

    Braga was a good writer, but I can't remember a good character based script he wrote.

    If anything, they lack creative gravitas.
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    In the Joel Zone, identifying as Sexually Fluid.
    Yeah, I can agree with that somewhat. However, I do recall Berman didn't want Andorians in TNG; and he seemed to want to get away from TOS (and TOS aspects) as much as possible.....

    Yes, I am aware of Roddenberry saying he wanted no TOS aspects, which defeats the purpose of having a next generation if there isn't going to be an acknowledgment of the generation that came before. (So, I guess Roddenberry is to blamed in some respects, too)...
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    I enjoyed DS9's first two seasons far more than what came later which I think is overrated.

    VOY and ENT were horrible shows.

    TNG wasn't at all more cerebral than TOS, just more pretentious. And the series went at least two seasons two long.

    I don't mind TOS' "Plato's Stepchildren" and "The Alternative Factor" or "Charlie X."

    I don't think all the series and movies are of the same continuity.

    I think TAS is as official as anything live-action in Trek.

    I think TNG's "Inner Light" is boring and overrated and that "Up The Long Ladder" isn't that bad.

    I think Abrams' film is terribly overrated (quelle surprise) :lol:

    I'm sure I can think of more.
  19. Joeman

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    Mar 9, 2010

    -I haven't seen too many people say this in my fairly short time here. Granted, I haven't seen TOS in awhile and it's on my agenda, but I love all the series as well. It seems like most here dislike at least 1 or more of the series.

    - I also liked Generations. Didn't love it, but liked it. Liked all the TNG movies in fact.

    - I'm another Neelix fan. He was rough at first (as many characters are), but his genuineness and loyalty endeared him to me.

    - I liked Wesley Crusher, despite the fact that he was horribly written for 90% of the time. Never understood why they created a character, and then treated the character with so much disregard.

    - I agree with the OP about Pulaski. I was bummed when she was gone after only the one season. I really hated that she wasn't even mentioned after she left (at least I don't recall that happening). I've never been a big fan of Beverly Crusher at all.

    - If I were to rank all the 5 main Captains, Kirk would be last.

    - I scored the TNG episode The Neutral Zone a 10/10. :shifty:

    - Even though Enterprise scored highest as my favorite of the series, Shuttlepod One is one of my least favorite episodes.
  20. Orac Zen

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    • Kirk isn't that great a character, particularly from TOS's second season onward (when he became more Shatner-as-Kirk than a character in his own right)
    • "The City on the Edge of Forever" and "The Trouble With Tribbles" are very overrated episodes
    • TWoK is a very overrated movie
    • Robin Curtis' Saavik is nowhere near as bad as she's made out to be. Kirstie Alley's Saavik is nowhere near as good as she's made out to be.
    • DS9 is a very overrated series; "The Visitor" is one of Trek's most overrated episodes
    • Quark is a more insufferably irritating and useless character than Neelix and Wesley put together. The Ferengi in general are a waste of space
    • Voyager is nowhere near as bad as many people make it out to be (in fact, I had no idea I was supposed to despise it, or what a complete imbecile I supposedly am for liking it, until I joined TBBS)
    • the Klingons are boring, particularly the 24th century variety
    • Q is an excruciatingly irritating character with no redeeming features whatsoever
    • Berman and Braga are not hellspawn, and Moore is not the second coming (if that isn't an unpopular opinion I don't know what is :lol:).