Unpopular Trek Opinions — What Are Yours?

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by Michael, Mar 22, 2010.

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    (Holds up picture of George Soros)

    On a more serious note...no, Ferenginar is not a free market. It's a "crony capitalism", where the government (The Nagus) gives out favors to corporations--and, BTW the FCA has a ton of regulations (as "Family Business" makes clear) for businesses to follow...unless, of course, the business owner has a bribe handy....
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    Wasn't Tuvok demoted in that episode???
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    Yeah, it did sound like I sort of painted myself into a corner with that particular statement now didn't I?

    *Picks up pencil and starts writing on the walls again*

    I meant that Picard should have had his head shaved since the pilot episode, not that he ever did on the show or anything. I just think it would have been better if he just shaved it. Instead we have to deal with a bald man living in a technologically advanced society in the far future . I mean, seeing that there is no money issues in the future and the advancements in Rogaine for men is probably mind boggling. It just makes more sense that he shouldn't have had that half white wrapper going around his head. But that's just me.

    Sisko's physical body is dead and gone. He informs Kasidy that he won't be coming back. Meaning the life that he had together with her is now gone. However, he said that he would come back to see her in a year or maybe the past. But that was going to be in his non corporeal worm hole alien state and not in the physical body he once had.

    Your welcome, man. Again, great job on the thread. It's always fun when folks can unload their burdens and or freaky or unpopular opinions.

    I liked Chakotay, too. It was just a shame that his character wasn't fleshed out or used properly enough that left any lasting impression.

    In fact, my top favorite episodes with him was in "Waking Moments" "Timeless", and "Scorpion Parts 1 & 2".
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    To clarify: When the "silver blood" became someone, they somehow had all their memories, just like the Founders.

    On the other hand, now that I think about it, I don't recall anyone prophesying the future on DS9. I was an irregular viewer, though, and I somehow thought it was otherwise. My apologies. Also, I recant my heresy: There were no prophets on DS9.
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    Apart from 'The Prophets' - Then there was Tricores phrophesy about the 3 serpents. And Vedek Bariels premonitions about stepping down due to an encounter with an orb, not mention the coming of 'The Emissary' in the first place (oh, I did, sorry).

    Or are we being sarcastic? My vulcan heritage sometimes means I miss these in textual form...
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    You haven't missed a thing. I was going for sarcastic but I couldn't get my tongue out of my cheek long enough to pull it off.
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    - The characters on TNG were insufferably smug at times.
    - I actually liked the character of Alexander on TNG (but hate, hate, hated what they turned him into on DS9).
    - The first couple of seasons of DS9 are really rather good - season two is probably my sentimental favourite of the entire series.
    - William Shatner and Kate Mulgrew are terrible actors.
    - The character of Picard was as inconsistently written as Janeway.
    - Picard and Vash should have got together.
    - Failing that. Picard and Crusher should have got together after Attached. IMO Picard's monk like existence bordered on weird and damaged the character.
    - Dr Pulaski was vastly superior to Crusher and should have stayed until the end.
    - Voyager was a children's show (more so than the animated series).
    - Kes had the potential to be one of the most provocative and illuminating characters in the history of Trek. (Sadly, all that potential amounted to zilch.)
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    the fed. should use money! people have use money for a long time! and we be 400 year form now
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    Could be, it's all that social balance resulting from a perfect society, they're all so teeth-grindingly well balance, and neither Rikers issues with his father nor LaForges blindness really gave any darkness to their make-ups.

    I never felt that I felt Janeway lacked character, but I've never been a fan of Voy. Picard was always portrayed as a firmly controlled man, always aware of what he regarded to as 'apropriate' or 'inapropriate' (the latter being his favorite word).

    You old romantic...
    As Picard would say to the first and the second match-ups.
    "That would be,(hesitant pause, as if searching for a word) inapropriate."
    and probably did...

    I thought Picard was well written for a individual who at his core was more interested in the accumulation of knowledge rather than people. He was a reserved and private man who kept himself aloof for an accumulation of reasons, one being his view that he should be aloof, another for regret at mistakes of his past.
    It took him years to drop his defences when he was marooned in the past. I can't recall exactly how many, I've not watched STNG in a while. But he held onto the Enterprise and duty for ages before he finally let a woman into his life. With duty a constant mistress while onboard the Enterprise there was never any way he would drop that for any longer than a short affair.
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    Vash? No way! Picard and Nella Daren is the One True Pairing!
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    I love Spock's Brain. Watched it yesterday, in fact. It is utterly ridiculous in every way, and therefore it cheers me up and makes me smile.

    A civilisation of dimwits who use a machine to gain the knowledge required to remove a brain that will be used to control the workings of said civilisation? Awesome. Awesome on toast.

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    Star Trek Four was a the best of the films, despite the fact we never saw anyone's head explode.;)
  14. Fenric

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    May 10, 2009
    - I dislike Spock and Vulcans in general
    - I cant stand star trek IV i think its the worst of all the films
    - I think Enterprise is better than Voyager
    - I prefer Ezri Dax to Jadzia
    - I think Jellico was a good Captain and disliked the way the tng crew treated him
    - The Federation needs section 31
    - City on the Edge of Forever is hideously overrated
  15. Ensign_Redshirt

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    The last few times I watched them, I enjoyed TMP more than TWOK (the Director's Cut of TMP anyway)!!!
  16. The Badger

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    Im in ur Tardis, violating ur canon.
    I'm with you all the way on this one!:techman:

    Indeed. In fact the number of bondage scenes through out all series and movies should have been significantly higher. One or two per episode perhaps.

    Let's see. I prefer the Ent E to the D (an unpopular opinion on this forum). I LOVED the Abrams movie, though I recognize its flaws. Nemesis wasn't as bad as it's reputation.
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    I have a question regarding Star Trek 2009. Is it now ok to hate the film now that it's been out for almost a year? I ask because I saw the movie twice in the theater and enjoyed it both times, even though I will say the whole Lens Flare thing gave me a bit of a headache. Now it seems popular to hate the film and I'm just wondering when the shift between "Awesome movie" to "Ah, maybe it's not as good and almost near Final Frontier levels" happened.
  18. Zameaze

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    Yes. Though that's not much of a slap on the wrist for leading a mutiny. Later, he was promoted to Lieutenant Commander.
  19. Danny99

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    This movie falls in the middle of the pack for me.

    The holes in the story weren't glaring, but they did bug me. The whole jittery camera shots, that are becoming more and more common, drive me up the wall.

    However, I don't think it's as bad as TFF.
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    Fo shizzle!

    As odd as it sounds, of the first four series I consider Voyager the worst, while at the same time, it is still my favorite.

    Count me in on that too. I love ST:IV.

    Well, I couldn't get into DS9's early episodes at first either. Then I started getting into it around the end of the 3rd season, and that made wating the first ones enjoyable.

    It's like how I read Rice's Vampire Trilogy out o order. I started with Vampire Lestat, then read Queen of the Damned, and THEN I read Interview with the Vampire. Queen and Lestat were great, in my opinion. I enjoyed the hell out of them. As backstory to established characters, Interview was good and I enjoyed it. Had I started with it, I would never have bothered reading the next two and would have missed out.

    Find it mind boggling all you want, but the point is, if some people are ALREADY not getting into the beginning of DS9, get them to start where it gets extra gripping and they get into the characters, and then they can enjoy the whole series.

    Telling people to force themselves to watch something they are not enjoying just isn't going to work, ya know? Bring em in to the Niner fold however you can.

    Not if you don't like the early seasons. If I had to have watched DS9 your way, we wouldn't be having this discussion. I would just be saying "Yeah, I didn't like DS9, didn't really watch it." the way I do with Enterprise discussions. For some, the early seasons of DS9 are only good as a prequel.

    Now, if I had today's options then, I would have watched it from the beginning to end. I would have had the DVDs to watch at my leisure. But when it was on the air, the early seasons were not good enough to keep me home whatever night it came on to watch it. The later seasons, on the other hand, were. But even that is because I am ALREADY a Trek junkie.

    I totally agree on Barclay.

    Even though I totally agree on Worf, I still love him to death. Parallels may well be my favorite TNG episode ever.

    A pause, "Champagne", and the bemused look on Deanna's face is just one of my most cherished Trek memories. In fact, I'm going to put it on right now.

    Finally, I have to refute all the allegation of "City on the Edge of Forever" being overrated. It was great. People are saying that you could see how it would end from the start, but that wasn't the case when I first saw it. We didn't have the deluge of media that there is now.

    Kirk is the guy who gets the ending HE wants, not the ending that has to be. Kirk beat the unbeatable routinely, but in THIS episode his hand was forced by fate. It was quite exceptional.

    City on the Edge of Forever is kind of like Casablanca. Casablanca is one of the all time great movies, and I watched it again a few years ago and realized that SO much of the movie has been quoted, remade, redone, and parodied in so many formats that to someone growing up in modern times it would have a see-through plot and almost be a parody of itself. To a lesser extent, I think the same goes for City on the Edge of Forever.

    Many storylines in Star Trek may not have been new, but they were the first place to tell those stories to a broad audience and make the ideas and concepts mainstream. Mirror, Mirror is my favorite Star Trek episode of all time, because it was where the concept of alternate universes was introduced to me. In a world with DS9 and ENT Mirror Universe stories, the Sliders TV show, the Dark Mirror TNG books, the DC comic book alternate earths, the new Justice League Earth 3 movie, South Park mirror universe episodes... With all that out there, Mirror, Mirror doesn't seem so incredible. But like The City on the Edge of Forever, just because it doesn't SEEM to be that great in today's contexts, in reality it is that great.

    Like TOS as a whole, the greatest irony of that episode is that the fact that it was so great is part of the reason why it appears to be less than it is now.