Unpopular Trek Opinions — What Are Yours?

Discussion in 'General Trek Discussion' started by Michael, Mar 22, 2010.

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    I thought "Wherever You Will Go" was going to be used for ENT's opening and I thought it was an excellent choice..."Faith of the Heart" was just too Disney for my liking and then it got even worse when it was reworked for season three.
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    The Final Frontier is my favourite movie. I love it, fandance and all!

    The Inner Light, I felt was extremely over rated.

    Abram's 'Star Trek' movie wasn't my thing. I felt the choices they made with Spock's character weren't really considered carefully enough.

    Worf after TNG I wish hadn't happened at all.

    Mirrorverse...just no. I cringe and flail until it goes away.

    Also, I agree, "Faith of the Heart" is bad enough to induce an aneurysm.
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    I believe they should have just left out any type of singing in the credits and focus on a good score or tune that is fitting.

    In fact, I would have preferred something like this, if you ask me...



    I do like the song from the Calling that they used in the promo. However, the lyrics would have had to be re-worded for the show because it is clearly a love song.

    Anyways, here is the Enterprise promo that he was talking about if anyone missed it...



    Yeah, if you know of anyone who is in control at running these conventions. I am sure the Sexy Women's TOS Short Skirt Convention would be a smash hit among Trekkies nation wide.

    As long as they wrestled in red Jell-O called...
    "Coagulated Klingon Blood Wine" or something.

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    TOS was not a character oriented or character driven show. It had good characters. There's a difference. TOS was mostly an idea driven show.

    Kirk was not a flagrant womanizer. Within context of the series he didn't get lucky all that often. Mind you to a lot of viewers to whom necking seems unattainable then Kirk was indeed The Man.

    Kirk was not mostly an act first and consider later kind of leader. He was a lot faster on his feet than the others that followed. :lol:

    TOS' third season isn't as irredeemable as many say.

    I think TNG's best episode is "The Measure Of A Man," a second season episode. Conversely I think "Inner Light" is boring as hell.

    Tasha Yar had potential, but she was poorly written and portrayed by a bad actress.

    Klingons from the TNG era onward came off mostly as comic opera. So did Cardassians and Romulans actually.

    The best Q and best Borg episode happen to be the same one, "Q, Who?" a second season episode. The rest are disposable... Okay I'll allow "The Best Of Both Worlds" as acceptable, but jettison the rest.

    Worf was often made to look stupid.

    All TNG films are bad, but the supposed best of the lot, First Contact, is still a stupid story that makes no sense whatsoever.

    TWoK is overrated although I can appreciate why it's popular. There are things I like about it, but also a lot of things I don't like.

    TMP is my favourite Trek film even while I acknowledge some of its weaknesses. (I fill in the blanks with my imagination :lol: )

    TVH is just as lame and as TFF.

    Every Enterprise after the TMP refit looks awful... Okay the 1701D has grown on me some, but it still has some ungainly looking angles.

    DS9 is nowhere as deep as many credit it.

    TOS' "Mirror, Mirror" and DS9's "Crossover" are the only MU episodes worth anything.

    VOY's holographic Doctor was a stupid idea.

    I hated VOY and consider it ironic that while Seven-of-Nine as conceived was ridiculous she also happened to be the smartest character on the show... Actually that doesn't say much. :lol:

    I'll think of more...
  5. Rush Limborg

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    I LOVED most of TOS Season 3.

    I liked STV.

    I LOVED Nemesis.

    Neelix and Wesley are OK--I honestly don't understand most o' the HATE.

    I think Ezri Dax is 100 better than Jadzia Dax--and 1000 times sexier than Seven of Nine. (Is that a minority?)

    And...I think the UFP would only be the "ideal" society it claims to be if it were a limited-government, free-market capitalist society.
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    Glad you guys seem to like the thread. Ironically, this might be the most popular thread I ever started. :lol:

    It's interesting how some allegedly unpopular Trek opinions don't seem to be that unpopular around here after all: There are actually a lot of people liking Neelix, preferring Pulaski, favouring Robin Curtis over Kirstie Alley and disliking 24th century Klingons.

    How are those opinions? You are just ignoring the evidence presented in Star Trek.

    Well, I don't exactly hate Worf, but I never really liked him and the whole Klingon Honor Schtick™ either.

    I, too, like The Next Generation's first season. But I actually think the series got better later on. I do, however, wish they would have kept the more interesting music, the more inventive cinematography and some of the characters from the early seasons (Wesley, Tasha and Pulaski, that is).

    Yep, that's certainly true.

    I really like Wesley myself. Yeah, the writers didn't exactly serve him well most of the time, but I really liked (and on some level probably even identified with) the character and Wil Wheaton's portrayal of said character.

    :confused: I'm not sure what you're getting at here. What do the aliens from Demon have to do with the Founders? And who could foretell the future on Deep Space Nine?

    Truer words were never spoken on this issue. Ironic, coming from you, LS. ;)

    Me, too. :)

    How is that an opinion? That's merely your prediction of what path Star Trek will take in the future.

    Yeah, and I would be one of them. The original Star Trek looks wonderful!

    I couldn't agree more on that! I really really hate hate that "episode".

    :confused: And that's an opinion how?

    Picard shaved his head?

    Sisko died? I guess I missed something in What You Leave Behind then ...

    Thanks. :)

    Other unpopular Trek opinions I can think of after reading through the thread:

    :eek: I really liked what we saw of Tasha Yar and wished she would have stayed.
    :eek: Riker is actually my favourite character from The Next Generation. My second favourite is LaForge.
    :eek: I think acting-wise the cast from Enterprise is slightly better than Star Trek's (2009) cast.
    :eek: I even liked Chakotey.
  7. Zameaze

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    Janeway was the worst captain ever.

    For example, in the episode Prime Factors, the Voyager crew was on a planet which had a technology which could possibly enable Voyager to get home more quickly. The planet authorities refused to share it under any conditions. However, some of the locals were willing to make a black market trade. Janeway decides not to make the trade. Her entire command staff secretly mutinied and conspired to make the deal and install the new tech on Voyager without Janeway's knowledge. In the end Janeway didn't punish anyone for disobeying her orders because everyone was guilty. She just let them know how disappointed she was with their behavior.

    So she makes a bad decision, she can't enforce her orders, and then she can't even regain her authority by punishing offenders. Pitiful.
  8. RandyS

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    Nov 9, 2007
    Yeah, another unpopular opinion that I completely forgot about. The sythisized music from TNG's first season made that show distinctive, and was sadly missed when it was dropped later on. A move, that I still think was a mistake.
  9. Joeman

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    Mar 9, 2010
    Because it sounds like a cheesy 80's hair band ballad. Now that's fine if you dig that kind of music, but I do not. Also, I do not consider that kind of music to be "timeless", thus not fitting into a show about the future.

    Honestly, my dislike for the song lessened once I began to appreciate the show, although I still far more prefer the more classical opening themes of the other shows. Just more appropriate in my opinion. ;)
  10. Teiwaz

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    I did'nt think Kirstie suited those ears as well as Robin.

    I've been watching DS9 recently, on some level the Klingons are a little one-track minded, but not unrealistic in my opinion, I know some battle re-enactors who follow the 'way of the warrior' and they have do go on about their honour as well. They can't have got it from star trek (except unconsciously as none of them like sci fi).
    I prefer the later Klingons to the early, they just seem more believable. Someone mentioned about 'moustache twirling bad-guys' but as far as I remember of TOS, scraggily beards were all in vogue (Shaggy from Scooby-doo anyone)?
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  11. Teiwaz

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    Basically you mean the Ferengi alliance then, yeah?
  12. Pemmer Harge

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    Arguably they were more "big government" than the Federation. The Ferengi Commerce Authority seemed ridiculously powerful.
  13. T'Girl

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    Aug 20, 2009
    The Ferengi, I believe, were a example of a semi-anarchy. The Authority was more of a multi-national corporation than a government. And the Grand Nagus like Al Capone or the head of the five families in New York City.
  14. Teiwaz

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    Yeah I know, it sounded good though.

    The concept of the Federation was meant to be a society where the population could be free to improve themselves. It's a little more dificult to do that when you have to work five or more days a week because some corp has bought the exclusive rights to something or other and you have to pay to use it. Do we really see much of what normal life is like in the Federation planets through the eyes of anything other than Starfleet anyway? They may not be that invasive at all. Citizens seem free enough to pursue profit if they wish, e.g Vash.
  15. Dieks

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    I am one of the few who actually enjoyed Enterprise. But then again my favorite Trek is Deep Space Nine so what do I know. :(
  16. Warped9

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    Perfect. That should make 23rd and 24th century Republicans ecstatic.
  17. tomalak301

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    Because it was what kicked off the series? It was Sisko's original mission and in that stance he failed?
  18. Teiwaz

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    My favourite trek is Ds9 too. I also quite liked Enterprise, although I did'nt care for Archer or the theme music (I don't have it on DVD though, so I can't recall most of the characters names). It was on virgin1 TV channel here a while back but I only caught the odd episode, but what I saw I quite liked.
  19. Mysterion

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    -Spock should have remained dead after TWoK.

    -Saavik should have been the betrayer in TUC.

    -I find the most recent movie to be quite good, and no threat to the existence of prior incarnations of ST.

    - I think Avery Brooks as sisko was a better actor than was Patrick Stewart as Picard.

    -TNG, and VGr suffer greatly in comparison to TOs and DSN.

    -Star Trek: Enterprise is and always was a legitimate prequel to TOS.

    -Klingons aren't nearly as interesting as most people seem to think they are.

    -Starfleet is clearly a military organization despite the latter-day protestations of Gene Roddenberry and Jean-Luc Picard.
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    1. Nemisis was great
    2. I loved ENT