"These Are the Voyages" as a 'true' series finale

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by Damian, Jan 13, 2019.

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    So, you're saying you didn't care for it?


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    If Riker had gone back in time and kissed the actual T'Pol without her consent while she was physically unable to move, then it would have been problematic. But this was a non-sentient holographic projection. I imagine we would all do stuff on the holodeck that we would never do in real life.

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    Keep in mind, T'Pol is twice his age. It's like giving grandma a kiss.

    ...well...maybe not quite like that
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    The whole crew was a bunch of holographic projections! It was their final show and they weren't even there! They were reduced to bunch of holo-puppets for Riker to play house with, totally unrecognizable as our beloved crew. Trip, after being all clever and MacGyvery in the previous episode, committing suicide in a dopey stunt worthy of the Darwin Award Hall of Fame? Hoshi complaining about her nosebleed seat? Trip and T'Pol apparently breaking up like 5 minutes after that last scene in Terra Prime, so sad but beautifully hopeful? And then Riker, the interloper, the buttinski who can't figure his way out of his little moral dilemma without stomping through a ghastly parody of my Enterprise world (sheesh, no wonder he kept turning down ship commands), I have to watch this wembler maul T'Pol???


    Brain scrub! Augh! :barf:

    My dear gentle members, you can't put lipstick on a pig. Try as you might, you will never get The Thing to work for me. It was a bleeping train wreck.
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    Lock up your daughters, Riker and Troi are back to ruin another Trek series!:lol:

    (Maybe they'll sneak in a reference to inaccurate historical holorograms and all will be forgiven)
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    '09 was really successful, the sequels not so successful considering what they cost to make.

    Even without Riker and Troi appearing in the finale, jumping 6 years ahead would have been very odd and would have resulted in a lot of choices and decisions about what happened to the characters being very love it or hate it. In particular a lot of the fans would have hated if, even if Trip hadn't died, the finale did reveal that he and T'Pol hadn't gotten together.