The Mini-Series You Would Like To See

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  1. Bry_Sinclair

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    Sep 28, 2009
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    I'd love to see a Nog series, though the thought of Captain Demora Sulu would be great!

    That might give too much away about him and spoil the enigma.
  2. Tenacity

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    Jul 14, 2016

    The S.S. (Scottish Starship) Valiant.

    The miniseries will cover it's departure from Earth and it's near two decade voyage exploring multiple worlds, numerous species, repairs and upgrades with alien technology, the miniseries culminates at the upper edge of the galaxy and the Valiant's self-destruction.
    I'd like a series (non-adventure) set on the future Earth. Through the multi-species cadets and instructors we can see and explore the future Earth.

    San Fransisco, where the student have friends is a interstellar cosmopolitan society with hundreds of alien species and thousands of diverse and distinct cultures.
    Alternate history. The Man in the High Castle has over twenty episodes, so why not Khan and his rise and fall from power.
    And maybe explain why some ships don't have a diverse crews?

    Don't pretend it doesn't happen, give a logical justification why it exists in some starfleet vessels, but not others.
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  3. RedAlert

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    Sep 8, 2016
    The Valiant story looks good to do it.

    Besides there are so many stories to tell...
    - How the Federation came to state the Algheron Treaty.
    - The history (and final) of the Enterprise C.
    - What happened before V'ger arrived to Earth.
    - A story about a medical ship.
    - A story about the Starfleet academy.
    - The Jupiter Station under attack.
    - The first mission to the Gorn space.
    - aaaaaaand ... a lot of space exploration.

    And please let Kirk and Spock rest .... there are so many stories to tell on the Trek universe besides that two characters.
  4. Bry_Sinclair

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    Sep 28, 2009
    The glorious Shetland Isles!
    Star Trek: Dark Horizon (a sci-fi horror mini-series)

    A small research outpost housing only 60 Starfleet and civilian personnel, studying a remote planet/system. Their lives are quiet and routine, that is until the day a survey ship not due back for weeks drifts into the system. The Starfleet ship is silent and without power. The Base Commander sends out a small team in one of their runabouts to investigate further and tow the stricken ship into orbit. The team find no signs of life and no evidence of what happened to the crew, but one of them (from a telepathic species) reports an unusual sense from the empty vessel. Towing the ship into orbit, the researchers and support staff can try to learn more, but as they do they discover that whatever befell the survey ship may have been brought to the outpost...
  5. tharpdevenport

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    Section 31
    A serious cat & mouse game between Section 31 and another world's oppressing organization (like the Tal Shiar).

    Along a similar line...
    Starfleet Eltie Force/Millitary/Commandos (something along those lines)
    The Navy SEALs of Starfleet on a dangerous and potentially deadly mission.

    Some kind of one-shot set in the 23rd century
    We can get old familiar ships back, like the refit Constitution-class, and the red uniforms, for some kind of story not with any familiar faces. It can be a stand-alone movie or a mini series.

    Captain Riker
    A TV movie show-casing him finally in command.
  6. 2takesfrakes

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    Another mini-series I wouldn't mind seeing attempted would be one from the perspective of STARFLEET HQ. The show would kind of remind of those scenes in TVH, with Admiral Cartwright, where he's talking to different ship captains during that type of a crisis situation. Maybe some unknown, perhaps even "natural" phenomenon is passing through the Galaxy knocking out starships it encounters and SF has to keep the fleet going, somehow ...
  7. Roundabout

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    Mar 19, 2018
    The Mutiny on the Pegasus

    "The Pegasus" is one of my favorite TNG episodes.

    The miniseries would include a short story arc about the young Will Riker, his adventures just before and during his posting on the Pegasus.

    There would also be an episode or two about the secret phase cloak program, and a bit of history about Pressman and how he got involved in the secret program. And, of course, the origin of that seemingly one-sided treaty, the Treaty of Algeron.

    The miniseries would culminate with the mutiny itself.
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  8. Cutie McWhiskers

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    The crew venture into the Sirius star system, where - after passing a 3D array of satellite dishes, receive a call from the leader of a planet in that star system, who Riker is chatting with:

  9. Vger23

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    Apr 19, 2014
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    I think it would be nice (and economical) to do some character stuff. Think "The Autobiography of James T. Kirk" as a 3 episode engagement showing his earlier years (as the later years for characters are already covered).

    I have no interest in Romulans Wars, Birth of Federation, Section 31 stuff.
  10. Valenti

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    Dec 26, 2017
    I say overwrite the later years with some new fresh faces.
  11. Shamrock Holmes

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    Jun 30, 2009
    I'm not sure if the 'Mystery Ship' should be the focus of the show, but rather the differences between life on a planet rather than a starship or space station in the Trekverse - politics, science, arts, family life - out on the 'farthest reaches of the galaxy' (to quote Bashir from The Emissary), either purely civilians or a mix of civilians and Starfleet personnel (maybe the equivalent of the TOS-era beige-shirts (Arena, Balance of Terror) rather than the 'best of the best' starship jockeys.

    I wouldn't seeing more of a Pioneer/Sapper-type team that drops into areas to deal with complex or dangerous situations with something more than just Star Trek's usual '30-second technobabble'. Perhaps less SEALs (though they would be able to handle themselves) and more a combination of USCG DSFs/DOG with elements of USAF REDHORSE or USN Seebees (with USAF-SF/VBSS for Security)
  12. Bry_Sinclair

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    As a miniseries it would be 3-4 hours of storytelling on a horror plot, where the mystery ship would be the carrier of what the inhabitants of the outpost would have to deal with. As the fleeters and civvies are 'picked off' the main characters are in a race against time to stop the evil that now lurks in their midst before there is no one left.
  13. Dukhat

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    Dec 26, 2007
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    Honestly, I would love to see a miniseries that gives closure to the TNG era. Obviously this will never happen since both CBS and Paramount have moved beyond this, but it would be nice to know the final fates of the TNG, DS9, and VOY crews.
  14. Shamrock Holmes

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    Jun 30, 2009
    Okay, that could work.

    I've also been reading a 'true story' biography exploring the background of the "Little House" books by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and I wonder if a "Little House/Gunsmoke in Space" mini-series would be possible?

    I agree that an explicit sequel to TNG is unlikely, however I wouldn't mind seeing something like "Beverly Crusher MD" (in the style of "House MD") focusing on the trials and tribulations of overworking Starfleet medical officers who have to diagnose and develop treatments for the dozens if not hundreds of different species within the Federation and beyond (basically the worst parts of being a doctor and a vet rolled into one!)