Strange New Worlds Season 2 Trailer

Old guard gatekeepers who think LDS, SNW and such are "mockeries of Star Trek"
Could someone kindly remind me what was the relationship between Christine and Spock in the classic series? :) I vaguely remember they were very professional and Christine had perhaps a little bit of unrequited crush for Spock, but perhaps I'm wrong!
It's not serious enough apparently
Ehi, do you remember when Kirk cracked jokes after the loss of several ships and the death of hundreds of crewmen caused by the Enterprise's computer (The Ultimate Computer)?

Oh yes, the classic series knew how to deal with these dramatic stories with the right seriousness and sobriety.

In this other picture, Kirk, following the violent deaths of several women at the hands of a serial killer (Wolf In The Fold)

He was very amused!
Looks alright. I still think this Lower Decks crossover is a strange idea. Could be a holodeck episode but I would imagine it would look more era specific if so.
Old guard gatekeepers who think LDS, SNW and such are "mockeries of Star Trek"
Just call everything after 2005 a reboot and it’ll be ok. Stop trying to make it fit with what happened from 1966-2005. I liked SNW and look forward to season 2. Just kinda sad they decided to do a crossover with the parody show.
How lucky did they get casting two people who could easily play live action versions of their characters?
I don't think it's luck, it's planning! If you look at the casting for Lower Decks, it's clear they wanted to keep that door open for the majority of the cast.
It's so obvious that in fact, during Comic-Con right before they announced the crossover, I was getting in line about to point it out and ask if there was any chance we would see them in live action (not that they could actually reveal any spoilers but it's fun to tease about it). Their announcement beat me to the punch haha
I’m rewatching S1 and I hate the Spock/Chapel stuff. So I kinda hate that it looks like they are taking it a step further.
I still don't think SNW should have brought in James T. Kirk so soon, but I do want to see what Paul Wesley can do with more opportunities! Looks to me like he will be naturally earning Uhura's respect as a leader.