On Tuesday, which version of ST:XI will you buy?

Discussion in 'Star Trek Movies: Kelvin Universe' started by B.C., Nov 13, 2009.

  1. Manisphere

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    Apr 21, 2009
    I don't have Target in Canada so I walked down the street to BlockBuster and picked up the single disc for $19.99. First single disc I ever bought but money's tight.

    Is disc 2 all that? I'm curious as to what I'm missing.
  2. Kirby

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    Mar 16, 2003
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    I picked up the 2 disc DVD set from Wal-Mart today at lunch for $21.96. I look forward to watching it tonight.
  3. Top41

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    Dec 6, 2001
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    I got the regular two disc version at Target this morning. I briefly thought about getting the excusive casing, but really, I don't have anywhere to display it. I probably won't be able to watch it until the weekend, if even then! It's a busy week.
  4. Sector 7

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    Mar 27, 2008
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    Perhaps we should retcon this to: Which version of ST:XI did you purchase?:guffaw:
  5. M'Sharak

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    Aug 22, 2002
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    You can see the breakdown of the features included in each set by clicking here (scroll down past the video clips.)
  6. Chrisisall

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    Jul 5, 2009
    Wel, it was grand. The DVD did not disappoint. But now I yearn for a Blu-Ray player just for this movie. Honestly, Serenity & I, Robot looked more phenomenal, but Trek looked great too. Ahh, the illogic of aquiring better systems...

    It's mainly the deleted scenes, as far as I am concerned.:techman:
  7. Trekker4747

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    Jul 16, 2001
    Kansas City
    I watched the blu-ray tonight with my PS3 hooked up to my TV via Component Inputs.


    Unfortuantly, my TV only has two component inputs which are being occupied by my DVD player and my cable box (I disconnected the DVD player for this viewing.) :(

    I guess I could just permanently disconnect and decomission my DVD player and just use the PS3 as my DVD player (since it'll function as one) but... I dunno. Guess I've no "good reason" to not do that.

    This movie looks gorgeous on Blu-Ray though. Stunningly gorgeous. The picture is crystal clear. And this movie is still all kinds of awesome.
  8. Kirkman1987

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    Mar 3, 2008

    I thought some of the pieces were really good. The makeup bit was really cool, and all the footage of Nimoy was great. I teared up a bit when Nimoy was thanking everyone on set after he had finished shooting.
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  9. Irishman

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    Aug 9, 2004
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    I'll bet you pulled for HD-DVD didn't you?

    Look, even my wife (who wasn't into the whole HD thing. Thought it was a gimmick to sell more TVs, before we got one and a Blu-ray player). She is just as blown away by the picture and audio quality as I am. She rents more Blu-ray titles than I do!

    This is not a gimmick. This is VERY worthy of the reputation it's gotten, but it takes a pair of eyes to appreciate it (I guess).