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The Circle of Atpod - When Trip was a child, he was inducted into a secret boy's club by some older boys, with the promise that someday they would ask a favor of him that he has to fulfill, no matter what, under penalty of a fate worse than death. He'd completely forgotten about it, dismissing it as silly playground stuff, until one of the club members contacts him and calls in the favor, ordering him to assassinate a visiting Andorian dignitary and frame T'Pol for the killing. Things only escalate when she is implanted with a device that will cause her to become locked in her mind, paralyzed and tortured, to be activated if he doesn't comply. Can Trip break the circle and save lives?

Next episode: "Hair Trigger"
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"Hair Trigger"
On the Enterprise, Admiral Matheos is supervising the peace treaty with the Kzinti after a small skirmish with the Earth Cargo Service near Nilreshan threatened to explode into another war with the Kzinti. After much deliberations with Captain Archer, the Kzinti were on board to cease hostilities in this sector. Matheos, one of Earths leading negotiators, was brought on to finalize the cease fire. However, the Admiral would like more than anything to scuttle this particular peace treaty after his son was one of the KZinti's victims during this latest skirmish, and the Kzinti are also irate at Matheo's inclusion due to his past in Earths previous War and the Admiral's Kzinti nickname of the Butcher of Eotune. Its up to Archer to smooth things out with the admiral and the Kzinti

Elsewhere, Mayweather opens up to a new ensign about his days on ECS ships as she was also a boomer, and talk about the current situations and get closer to each other.

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The Oracle of Xe'tania
"The Oracle of Xe'tania" - A world of fiery magma and oceans of molten lead greet the Enterprise as the crew responds to a distress call from beneath the planet's inhospitable surface. It seems a trap, as no methods of travel could enable one to explore the impossible Demon-class body. The crew deliberate on the possibility of a rescue and conclude it is not possible. They instead plan to boost the distress signal so a more technologically advanced civilization might try. Several hours after executing their plan, a lone metallic sphere the size of Enterprise arrives on site and hails the ship. A disembodied voice identifying itself as the Oracle of Xe'tania offers to effect rescue. It moves off to the world and plunges beneath the red surface. Soon it expands and expands, the magma cools, the lead solidifies. In a matter of minutes, the sphere grows in size to match the diameter of the planet. An astonished crew watch as the world of fire cools into a blue and silver globe teeming with life. The people who sent the distress call walk out in wonder on its surface while the Oracle declares that "the truest future has no past." It then incinerates the stranded travelers to the horror of the crew. When Archer demands an explanation, the Oracle points out its observation that civilizations give no thought to the harm warp travel imposes on the order of the cosmos as they flit about their lives. It is an anti-body to those who travel at warp. Archer orders immediate retreat at full speed as his crew find a way to silence the Oracle permanently.

As this unfolds, Hoshi is distressed to learn a paper she wrote on xenolinguistics has been challenged and declared untenable.

Next episode - "Warp Seed"
"Warp Seed" - NX-01 happens upon an automated seed bank ship believed to be from a long-dead civilization. Trip and Phlox attempts to reinitialize systems and save the samples from becoming nonviable, while Hoshi and T'Pol work together to restore the ship's catalogueing system, whose program is corrupted. While working onboard the ship, everyone has the uncanny feeling they're being watched, or are not alone. Some of the plant samples are sentient and potentially hostile, trying to protect what is in fact a generational ship.

Next episode: "The Inquest"
"The Inquest"- While visiting Shran on Andoria, Archer is accused of killing Shran's bondmates and is put on trial. The story unfolds Rashōmon style as each witness recounts their version of events. Through them we get a glance into Andorian society.
The society is hierarchical, at the top are the Matriarchs, fertile females who are rarely seen in public. Below them are fertile Males, infertile males and infertile females, who serve as warriors, scientists and workers(among other things) These group in "triads" and are bonded to a Matriarch. The more triads they have, the more powerful the Matriarch. The deaths of Shran's triad has upset the balance of power, with the status of his Matriarch in jeopardy. In addition as the sole survivor of his triad, Shran is unbonded and an outcast.
It's up to T'Pol and Reed to discover who set Archer up and who will benefit from the loss of status for Shran's Matriarch.
In the end Shran forms a new triad/bond with Archer and T'Pol, which cements his Matriarch's status a Grand Matriarch and the alliance of Andoria with Earth and Vulcan. Archer and T'Pol are basically made honorary Andorians by this.

Next Episode- "Lines In The Sand"
"Lines In The Sand" -- A landing party of Phlox, Hoshi and T'Pol are exploring the cultural offerings of Chi Kappa II. The marketplace they peruse is filled with offerings catering to every taste. For Phlox there are plants with unique healing properties. For Hoshi there are tablets and writings of ancient alien languages. For T'Pol there is a corpse on display. It is that of Daniels. It is being sold by an imposing armored figure who will sell it to the buyer who engages him in personal combat. No offers are forthcoming, so he offers another body for sale--that of Daniels from another timeline! Archer rises to the challenge, but the seller rebuffs his offer. He goads T'Pol into accepting the challenge as he hears the Vulcan Science Directorate has declared time travel impossible. It will be no ordinary combat, however, as he whisks T'Pol away to a dead world in the Delta Quadrant where they face a deadly silicon lifeform..

Her crewmates scramble to locate her, with Reed unsealing Daniels' quarters for access to future tech. There are no solutions to be found there. All seems hopeless until the Enterprise receives a hail from Silik with an offer they can't refuse.

Next Episode -- "Inner Beauty"
"Inner Beauty"
The Enterprise is charting the Hydrae nebula when the ship is struck by an ion discharge that destabilizes and shuts down the main computer, including navigation. Trip says he can repair the computer, but it will take 8 days, and when it is repaired, it will not contain any of the current navigational data, so they were lost in the Nebula that extends 2 light years.
The ship attempts to navigate the nebula, and comes upon a planetary systems, named Xi Hydrae. They find that the 2nd planet is inhabited, but has a Venus like atmosphere, they make contact, and tell them that they are lost in the nebula, and request help. One agrees to transport onboard, Dr Phlox and a crewman beam them up, and upon transport they discover that they are a non corporal species, and that the Crewman goes instantly mad, screaming down the hall, while Phlox manages to transport them back down, and collapses.

Hoshi contacts the inhabitants and they say they haven't seen any other species in thousands of years, and that time is lost to history. They have been living on this planet since then, and call themselves Medusans.
Phlox puts himself into his sleep cycle to rest, and T'Pol says that we need there help to navigate the nebula, and volunteers to help with the Medusans. She beams them aboard, but has her eyes covered, and they telepathically assist T'Pol with the rest of the crew in there quarters. T'Pol find them radiant and harmonious in thought, easy to get lost in the telepathic connection.
The Medusans help the Enterprise chart a path, and return the medusan to the planet, with the Medusans conveying that they would like to meet other species in the future, Archer contacts the Vulcans as they seem to be partiality immune from the maddness.

Next Episode:
The Fantastic Mr. S'oin
The Fantastic Mr. S'oin

The Enterprise visits one of the original Vulcan colonies, one of the very few only ones established before Surak where they encounter a Vulcan entertainer. T'Pol is rattled to learn he was an old flame of her mother's. Meanwhile, Hoshi spends the day touring an old Vulcan temple that follows an ancient pre-Surak faith where she recognizes some Romulan terms, only to be nerve pinched by a monk....

Next episode- "Iceman"
"Iceman" - While raiding a criminal's den to retrieve contraband technology, the crew of NX-01 are surprised to locate a hostage - a man who has been missing since childhood, believed to have been killed in a raid 19 years ago - maintained in cold storage. Upon being awoken by Phlox, the man is conscious, but non-verbal and uninterested in people, except Reed, who discovered him, and Porthos, who he is calmer around. Reed and Phlox try to reach out to the man, while Archer and T'Pol contact the man's surviving sister, who denies it is her brother, despite evidence to the contrary.

Next episode: "Wonderlands"
On planet Tecruna, Archer and Trip are partaking in the local Bizarre with Trip trying most of the food stalls, trying to get Archer to eat some. Suddenly a Disruptor bolt hits archer in the shoulder, knocking him down stunned. Trip tries to help Archer, but is kicked hard by an unknown Andorian, and he tries to finish off Archer, but Trip manages to reach his phaser, and scare the Assassin off. Trip and Archer beam back to the Enterprise, and leave orbit with the Andorian chasing in his more powerful ship, ending up a cat and mouse chase through the local system with the Andorian having a contract to kill Archer, and will destroy the ship to do it.
Next Episode: "Wonderdlands!"
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"Wonderlands" - Twin, perfectly toroidal nebula dance in space as the Enterprise crew takes in the spectacle at the invitation of the N'kuuh, an alien race resembling sea horses. The crew is so entranced, in fact, that they reflect on the most beautiful moment of their lives. For Archer, it was learning he would be among the first to take command of a starship. For Trip, it was an outing with his sister to San Francisco. For T'Pol, it was watching her father die with grace and dignity. For Phlox, it was the moment he first set eyes on the Wonderlands Nebulae. For Travis, it was sharing his first kiss in zero gravity. For Hoshi, it was speaking at a high school commencement in Vulcan. And for was the moment his actions saved the ship and all hands for the first time when it fell under attack.

Next episode - "Return of the Oracle of Xe'tania"
"The Return of the Oracle of Xe'tania"
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Three months has passed, the Enterprise nor any other coalition ship has not had any encounter with the Oracle, and is back to normal routine exploration.
The Enterprise enters a dead star system, the Star in the system has collapsed into a dwarf star 50,000 years ago. They enter orbit over the 4th planet, a gas giant and discover that one of its moons was once habitable, but is now frozen over in the intervening years. T'Pol and Archer take a shuttle pod to do a low pass over the planet, taking scans to see how life ended, as this may be what is in store for Earth in Billions of years.
T'pol's scans indicate an anomaly, this planet is to young, billions of years so, the sun should still be well into is main sequence, not in its post collapse phase. Scans also indicate that the red giant phase happened quite quickly, only 50 years between main sequence and collapse. Something or someone accelerated the life cycle of the star. Archer calls the Enterprise and asks them to do a more detailed scan of the planet and the system.
Aboard the Enterprise, the mystery deepens as they go over the scans. The planet was once inhabited, to a point of early matter/antimatter reactors being tested. However, there are many craters near power distribution centers, indicating that these reactors were destroyed is some manner.
T'Pol and Archer land at a standing building near one of the craters, seeing if they can find any evidence of what happened. They don't find much, most things are in a deep freeze, they find some old newspapers, and scan them so Hoshi could possibly translate the writing. After a few hours they head back to the ship.
As the crew look over the evidence, postulating what could have happened, Hoshi finishes the translation, with a look of horror on her face, she pulls up the text from the paper, most is lost but one word stands out Xe'Tania,

Next Epsode, Part 2
"The Return of the Oracle of Xe'tania. Part 2." - Three Vulcan cruisers drop warp in front of the Enterprise. The Captain of one, Vayak, hails the ship and demands to speak with T'Pol alone. She recognizes him at once as one of the most formidable experts on warp theory in Vulcan scientific circles. When she tells Archer who he is surprises her when he tells her he knows exactly who he is, as his father failed repeatedly to get any help or hints from him regarding the Warp 5 Project. He allows T'Pol to meet with him, however, and she goes to his ship. Once aboard he informs her that a warp testing facility Vulcan employs has been completely destroyed. And a nearby moon has been completely erased from the system. Vayak thanks T'Pol for following the Oracle Protocol by confirming to the High Command of its existence. He demands she terminate her service aboard Enterprise and transfer to his command immediately. The Vulcan government has placed its fleet on full alert and needs all resources to investigate and destroy the Oracle. Its loss to science will be tragic, but it cannot continue its destructive ways. Any objections T'Pol might raise with Vayak are lost as the ships depart without leave at warp 7.9.

Archer is slack-jawed momentarily before his rage takes over and he barks at Hoshi to hail the ships. The Vulcans remain silent as they pursue leads provided by their agents.

Reed and Malcolm theorize that the Oracle must be recharging somewhere after its recent attacks. They look for patterns and theorize that they need to give it something it can't possibly neutralize. To draw it out into the open they plan to coordinate as many warp-capable ships as possible into creating a series of warp-wakes that ought to disturb space enough to attract its attention. It is powerful beyond measure, but communication with it is not an option. They want to lay a trap with mines of some type.

The Vulcans are thinking along similar lines. They have established a perimeter where they hope to contain it. And have mined it with anti-matter and fissile explosives.

T'Pol receives a telepathic communication from the Oracle. It then begins to speak through her. It's on to them. But doesn't care. It is too powerful for their efforts. Warp travel must no longer tear through the tissues of the cosmos. It is for their own good. They must see that, surely?

At the perimeter the Vulcans detonate their mines. The Oracle's physical being succumbs to the radiation, but its consciousness has fully taken over T'Pol's. The Oracle moves through the ship and kills all the crew it meets, including Vayak. It makes its way to engineering to dismantle the warp drive by deactivating the magnetic containment. As it succeeds, the ship bursts into light and takes out several others, creating a runaway plasma field where none existed before. The Oracle dies inside T'Pol, its purpose fulfilled. Miraculously she is unharmed and transported back instantly to Enterprise and the friendly ministrations of Doctor Phlox. He comments that the Oracle existed to protect the natural order of the universe, and maybe it recognized a similar drive in her. And its final act ultimately was to prevent further injury. What it really was is anyone's guess. A leftover from the galaxy's formation, perhaps?

He leaves her bedside as Archer arrives. His report to Starfleet and the Vulcans will be...complicated. T'Pol concurs.

Back at the plasma field a flotilla of ships arrive to examine it. They all conclude it will be next to impossible to safely navigate through. It looks strangely familiar...

Next episode - "Now Hear This"
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"Now Hear This" - NX-01 stops by an automated communications relay when it begins to malfunction, disrupting Starfleet transmissions in the sector. Hoshi and Tucker lead a team of crew members to repair the damage, but are knocked unconscious after the interface overloads. When they awaken, they are in a state of panic and mental exhaustion, as their minds are overloaded with alien communications that are discovered to be from a different dimension. Another species tapped into the comms hoping to make contact with those who created the relays. Is it possible to maintain contact without harming the crewmembers further? Complicated, of course, by their chief communicator being out of commission. (maybe a good place for another subordinate comms officer to fill in - guest character)

Next episode: "Severance"
"Severance"- While traveling at high warp the ship's warp drive malfunctions causing the Nacelle Rigging (the nacelles, the pylons and the pod between the nacelles) to eject. But for some reason the Nacelle Rigging drops into normal space and the saucer is stuck in sub-space,
On the Rigging, Trip and his team try to get the engines on line to rescue the ship, but the Rig is not designed to fly by its self,
On the saucer, the rest of the crew has their own problems. Trapped in sub-space with weakening hull plating, they are susceptible to sub-space sickness, which can be fatal. Archer has to put on his engineering hat to figure out a way to repolarize the hull plating and use the impulse engines to break out of sub-space. While Phlox has to see if anything in his menagerie of tricks can counter-act sub-space sickness.

Next Episode "Kings of Rock"
"Kings of Rock" - NX-01 responds to a distress call on the long uninhabited Perfidos, only to find that it's emanating from somewhere inside an ancient stone relic - an alien "Valley of the kings". While a landing party tries to determine the source of the call, a research team shipboard delves into the history of the planet, on which mythology claims their race will rise again in vengeance and an outsider, said to be a great warrior, will take the throne and crown of Perfidos. When Hoshi learns that the term "warrior" better translates as "bowman" (as in bow and arrow), the crew wonder if it might be Archer who's supposed to fulfill the prophecy. Seems a female archaeologist who vanished into obscurity centuries ago has the same thought. Can they save Archer from her clutches before she transforms him into an ossified warrior?

Next episode: "Figure Eight"
"Figure Eight"
The Enterprise is orbiting Bolla 78I, an outpost of the Beocon that is observing a stellar nursery long term, with 8 protostars in the nursery.
Archer and Hoshi beam over to the outpost and meet the Becon station commander, a Mr. Eqel. He has been on this station for most of his long life, 200 years, with the last 12 year being all alone due to to the Becon losing interest in the nursery.
Meeting the eccentric Mr. Eqel. he informs Archer that one of the protostars in the nursery is almost ready to ignite into a full fledged star.
The station is made to withstand the resulting energy wave, but the ship has to leave to survive the wave.
The protostar ignites, however its more energetic than theorized, and pushes the station out of its position and into the orbits of the other protostars. With communications down due to the wave, Archer and Hoshi, with Mr. Eqel have to figure out how to survive.

Next Episode:
In the Hands of an Immortal