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Laura Cynthia Chambers

Rear Admiral
Rear Admiral
The premise:

It's the early 2000s, and you've been invited to pitch an episode for Star Trek:Enterprise. (How exciting!)

1) Your episode must be something that could have appeared on ENT when it originally aired (think early 2000s TV).
2) After you write your synopsis, you get to choose the title of the next one.
3) Titles must be ENT style - single words, fake sci-fi, two word phrasesetc
4) Sequels to real ENT episodes are allowed.
5) Include both A and B stories, where applicable.

I'll start: "Firmament" - Tucker and Reed explore a patch of space debris that has coalesced into a solid surface for a missing unmanned probe sent to survey it, only to discover that they are not the only ones there.

Next episode: "Suffrage"
"Suffrage" Enterprise makes first contact with a pre-warp civilization, who’s world is shared by both the Vulcan High Command and the Andorian Empire. They want equal representation under both governments, while both the Vulcans and the Andorians are both mutually hesitant to give them what the want. Meanwhile Mayweather begins to question if his inability to move up the ranks is due to holding dual citizenship on Vega and Draylax, and not giving up one of them to gain citizenship under United Earth.

Next episode - "Embargoes"

Enterprise encounters a pair of twin planets in an uneasy detente in one solar system. One side is suffering from a plague, for which the other has a cure. The other side is suffering from a famine, whilst its opposite is rich in food resources. Due to old grudges, neither will help the other. Can Archer convince these factions to put their differences aside for the sake of their own survival?

Next episode:

Tucker Troubles.
"Tucker Troubles" - After visiting an uninhabited planet, Trip begins to experience an unusual level of fatigue. Dr. Phlox discovers that he is being affected by the planet's hibernation cycle and will lapse into a century-long sleep along with the rest of the planet's lifeforms. The crew must keep an increasingly cranky and exhausted Trip awake until Phlox can find a cure.

Next episode: "Footprint"
“Footprint” - Enterprise finds remnants of a recently collapsed civilization on the edge of uncharted space. When artifacts and campsites start appearing out of nowhere, despite no other biosignatures on the planet, the crew starts to consider that the civilization they are studying may not have collapsed after all.

Next episode – “Lightbulb”
“Lightbulb”- While observing a dictatorial planet's language in person and incognito, Mayweather and Sato's glowing tech/clothes is mistaken for the bioluminescence that signifies original (rebellious) thought among the population's masses, a crime punishable by death. Can Archer and T'Pol rescue them before they are executed for their "crimes", without revealing their offworld origins?

Next episode: "In The Trenches"
"In The Trenches" - Archer awakens in the year 2048, in a pivotal battle, where his great-grandfather – General Jaxson “Jack” Archer - is making a last stand against advancing Augments in North Africa. However, Archer also realizes that his great-grandfather has memories issues, and is making a number of mistakes. Does Archer allow his great-grandfather to take his place in history? Or will Archer fill in, knowing what is coming will not be pleasant?

Next episode - "Denobulan Economics"
Middle Distance

Enterprise comes to a halt mid-journey, due to faults in the warp engines, so much of the crew are left at a loose end. Hoshi tries to teach T’Pol how to bake a cake (which T’Pol initially thinks is pointless) while Mayweather teaches Reed how to throw golf balls at Enterprises ‘sweet spot’ in such a way that they adhere to it.

Bizarrely, the golf balls fix the engine problems, but the cake is awful.

Next episode -

Reed, Do You Read?
Reed, Do You Read?
While on their way back from an away mission, Reed and Sato's shuttle pod crashes near the wreck of an abandoned alien ship. They must combine their specialties to use the ship to repair their shuttlepod and defend themselves from the hostile natives.

Next Episode-
Boomer Town
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"Fuzzy Logic" - T’Pol can only rely on Porthos to figure out how the crew of the NX-01 were abducted while in orbit of Vulcan without anyone noticing. They follow the trail of evidence to Arik Soong, who reveals that one of his prototypes was stolen by a team of Vulcan cybernetics and mathematicians looking to restore their discredited reputations.

Next episode - "Middle Deck Nights"
Middle Deck Nights-
Tucker works the "nightshift" in Engineering (D Deck) hoping to solve a problem with the primary injectors. Up on the bridge, Mayweather gets a turn in the center seat. Neither are ready for the odd group of characters working Delta Shift. Comedy ensuses.

Next Episode- The One-Eyed King (In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king)
“The One-Eyed King” - When it is discovered that the Suliban Cabal’s benefactor from the 28th century has also been clandestinely supporting the Tandarans, the Tholians and the Klingons along with the Suliban at the same time, Archer tries to form an alliance with the manipulated factions to push the mysterious benefactor back to his time for good. When Archer is suddenly pulled into the 28th century by accident, he come face to face with the benefactor, who isn’t what Archer expected at all. And whose aims have always been to the benefit of Archer and his crew.

Next episode – “Mudd-y Beginnings”
Mudd-y Beginnings: Enterprise is tasked with transporting a United Earth Ambassador to Tellar Prime. The ambassador is a cunning politician named Fenton Mudd, who is attempting to negotiate a treaty with the Tellarites that will scam them out of control of a valuable region of space. The crew figure out Ambassador Mudd's treachery and force him out of his ambassador position. He flies off into space, plotting to make his fortune on the frontier.

Next episode: In Conjunction
“In Conjunction” - Trip, Reed, Phlox, Mayweather and Sato are part of a camping party on Coridan, which they are able to do after an armistice broke out on the planet. Despite optimism of the cessation of hostilities on both sides of the conflict, the camping trip goes awry when Trip and Phlox are kidnapped by a long-forgotten sect of Coridanites that believe in governing by astrology. Trip and Phlox must find a way out of their situation before their kidnappers decide to execute them; not because their hostage takers cannot have their demands met, but because of an alignment of several planets and moons in the Coridan system tells them its okay to proceed with the execution.

Next episode - "Kabuki"
"Kabuki" - Disaster strikes after Hoshi Sato is separated from the away team while covertly observing a pre-warp civilization. In order to both survive and avoid exposing herself its people, Sato must rely on her linguistic talents and cultural observations to put on a complex performance, posing as a native member of the world until help can arrive. Back on Enterprise, several of the crew have been urging to Reed to "break out of his shell" so to speak. While uncomfortable, Reed attempts to "fit in" with the rest of the crew, although he can't help but feel he's simply putting on a performance for them.

Next episode - "Executive Decision"
“Executive Decision” - When Enterprise answers the distress call of the NX-07 - a starship that is still on the drawing board - the crew is shocked to find that not only is the ship thirty years into the future, but one of its passengers is United Federation of Planets President Jonathan Archer. President Archer has travelled back in time to prevent the start of the Federation’s first war, which stems from a mistake made during the NX-01’s first contact with the civilization the Federation is warring with in President Archer's time. President Archer wants the crew to make a different decision to prevent the war, which the entire crew can’t reconcile doing, as the suggestion as what they are actually supposed to do upon first contact - destroy their cultural artifacts and defile their monuments and pieces of art by any means to signify to the species the changing of eras of being disconnected from their past - sounds extremely illogical to all of them, and goes against everything they've learned about first contact.

Next episode – “The Documentary”
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The Documentary

Old ghosts come home to roost. Starfleet becomes aware of a dramatised documentary produced by the Tandarans in the wake of the events of ‘Detained’. The Enterprise and its crew are depicted as a ‘Black Ship’, crewed by pirates, who roam the Galaxy destabilising cultures in which they have no business.

As a counter, the Enterprise crew is assigned to make a documentary of their own in order to ease relations with species who are reluctant to contact Enterprise out of a fear of communicating with criminals and pirates.

Next episode - The Soup.
“The Soup” - When a Trill comes aboard Enterprise needing emergency medical attention to save his symbiont after the Rigelian transport he was on was ambushed by an unidentified warship, the crew is shocked that the male Trill briefly used to be Sato’s wife prior to her joining Enterprise. Sato has to have a heart to heart with the Trill about the circumstances of their runaway marriage in Brazil, including its sudden ending, which boils down to the Trill realizing he was not ready for marriage then after he did not like a soup Sato made for them both. Meanwhile, T’Pol ends up in hot water with Archer, once it comes to light that the Trill and the Vulcans have a messy history with Trill that overlaps with Vulcan holding back Earth’s warp program; despite making first contact with them eight years prior to Earth, Vulcans behaved xenophobically surrounding Trill symbionts, with the Vulcans going so far as to outright destroy the Trill’s warp program, setting the Trill back a century. Surprisingly, its Mayweather and not Trip, that comes to T’Pol’s defense, feeling that T’Pol is unfairly bearing the brunt of Archer’s lingering frustration with Vulcan foreign policy. The episode ends with Archer offering to make amends with T'Pol for his behaviour towards her and all Vulcans, by sharing a bowl of Plomeek soup.

Next episode - 1,440 Minutes (the amount of minutes there are in a single 24 hour period)