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    And here we go with season three! As with last season, I'm counting the "Short Treks" we got last year as part of the upcoming season, as production-wise they were likely commissioned after the second season.

    [Spoilers for EVERYTHING Discovery up through Season 3]

    The upcoming "Short Treks" are not universally available on YouTube that I can see. Here's what I've been using to source notes from:


    I think we are seeing scenes from four of the six shorts here: Number One and Spock stuck in the lift, Pike captured / interrogated, the tribble episode, and whatever's going on with the bumpy-headed kids. Technical notes follow:

    - The trailer opens with a fuzzy view of what may be the only newbuild set we've seen for this swath of shorts. I thought it was a redress of the transporter room but the overhead central doodad is completely different.

    - It's implied that Spock started on the Enterprise as an Ensign. What we see doesn't contradict any potential assignments to other ships as an Ensign, but the implication is that his entire career was on two ships of the same name, the latter of which he got by association with one awesome, well-connected crew.

    - This, however, seems to contradict Pike's comment that they "got the new uniforms", if everyone was wearing them before "The Cage".

    -Spock materializes on this version of the Enterprise's transporter room set, which is heavily refitted from Discovery. All the red paint aside, they've built a sort of inner shell around the pads to make the walls vertical instead of angling out. This makes the room smaller AND gives them a chance to add some familiar psychadelic wall patterns.

    - The new Enterprise turbolifts have gained a computer display just above some, but not all of their switch handle thingies, which people still refuse to hold on to when the car is in motion, anachronistic as they are. I'm guessing they're there for #1 or Spock to try to contact the outside world, before resigning themselves to learning climbing songs.

    - There's a lot to imply in the tribble episode. Pike seems to be wishing the CO well as she takes command of the ship ("they'll eat you alive") before she beams off the Enterprise, possibly to the USS Bauman / Bowman / whatever (implying some of these episodes are loosely connected).

    - Accordingly, she's wearing an Enterprise command uniform for the duration of her story, while other characters seem to be wearing a variant of the colorful uniforms without a black collar, or more interestingly still, a simpler long sleeve top that's fairly close to the "Cage" uniform style. I'm liking where that's going already.

    - The tribble ship has two main redressed Discovery sets seen here... Sickbay sees duty as the conference / ready room (there's a violin in the corner implying it's the latter with a table in it, as Pike and Georgiou had), and the corridor set is redressed as a lab in one of the "junction" spaces without a door to the hallways beyond (even though we know such doors exist in other set configurations). I'm sure we'll see the outside of this ship (yay!), but I don't think we'll see the bridge, as the three standing bridge sets are pretty distinctive and would need a heck of an overhaul to look significantly different. That, or they'll keep to really tight shots on the crew's faces (as they did with the USS Gagarin in S1).

    - In all this time, we've never seen a tribble actually reproduce - they're just sort of THERE when people encounter them. Here, it seems that newborns are kinetically expulsed from the parent tribble. I am VERY glad that wasn't the case when my daughter was born. :)

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    Imagine having to be there, ready to catch your daughter as she comes out at a similar speeds!
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    The novel Desperate Hours had a slightly more detailed version of the "new uniforms" handwave, that they were allocated to Constitution-class ships first, and would eventually become Fleetwide. Four or five years is a long time to have a provisional uniform variant but, well, this is Star Trek. We're about to have a twelve-car-pileup of different uniforms in the last twenty years of the 2300s. Then there's all the changes from TNG through FC, with the TNG and DS9 uniforms being used in parallel for years without any rationale why some groups used one, some used the other, and one used both (it's non-canon, but, heck, if you look at the Star Trek: Borg video game, the DS9 uniforms were around since BoBW. They may well have existed in parallel with the collared TNG uniforms for the entire span of that design. Maybe there was even a spandex crewneck version of the DS9 uniform that goes back even further).
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    Sure, but Spock's outfit as he beams aboard for the first time suggests that this short happens BEFORE "The Cage", so assuming they're not handwaving THAT away completely, it means that the "new uniforms" introduced in "Brother" were actually introduced several years before that episode. And then, everyone changed to the actual "Cage" uniforms and then BACK to the "new uniforms" after that episode. Obviously we're not meant / asked to think THAT hard about this, and that Star Trek canon is hardly a single inviolable continuum of universal consistency, but dammit, we're nerds.

    As for the cacophony of uniform choices in various other historical periods, I get that Starfleet isn't today's military and that there's nothing to say that uniforms HAVE to be absolutely uniform across thousands of lightyears and personal preferences, but it's still something we have to apply our current mentality to. After the hundreds of episodes that have been published, it gets to be a sort of "Simpsons" sort of reality - the most we can ask for, is for the episode to remain consistent WITHIN THE CONTEXT OF THAT EPISODE, and get the most enjoyment while we're watching it. If we're lucky, stuff will be consistent within the duration of that season, at least. TV is hard! :D

    But canon discussions are long and never, ever end well, so I digress. I'm sticking to tech observations and at least a passble attempt at noting things for consistency and/or fit into the larger technological zeitgeist of the franchise, because it's fun. :)

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    If Spock is an Ensign, this is pre Cage. Too costly to make two Cage uniforms????
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    Remarkably, Ensign Spock is met by Lieutenant Commander Westilldonknowhername (see rank braid), even though in "The Cage" we see Lieutenant Spock interacting with Lieutenant WeneveraregoingtogethernameIguess (see rank braid and hear dialogue). Why did she get a demotion?

    The apparent Tribble Ship Crew all seem to wear the single solid braid familiar from "The Cage", even though some of the characters are obviously superiors and others are underlings. If this held true for the apparent Elevator Minisode, too, I'd still have complaints, but only of the "it's idiotic for Starfleet to briefly adopt a system that hides rank, but I guess that's their fictional privilege" sort, not the "they caused an inconsistency that breaks the fictional universe into nasty shards that make my heart bleed" sort...

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