Drop the S31 show for a Captain Pike show?

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Drop the Section 31 show for a the Pike show?

  1. Yes, I want a Pike show, and do not want a Section 31 show.

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  2. No, I want a Section 31 show, and do not want a show with Pike.

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  3. I want a show that feature both Pike and crew on the Enterprise and Section 31 with Georgiou.

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  4. I trust CBS to give me something I will like!

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  5. I want to see both! as separate shows.

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  1. TrekkieBorg1701Z

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    Aug 4, 2019
    It would be interesting from a historical point. There is almost a century between the Enterprise NX-01 and the NCC-1701. Filling in what happened, if done right, can be very entertaining.