Spoilers DC's Stargirl: Season 3

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    Thanks! That was tickling the back of my brain but not landing anywhere. :lol:

    As to the mystery at hand... Rebecca Sharpe was in the comics as a member of the ISA called Hazard, so we could easily see her attached to Helix/Mr. Bones. Especially since the Gambler was murdered after he set up the search for his daughter on his laptop.

    Alternatively (or maybe at the same time), I had forgotten but Dragon King was using the Wizard's dead body for experiments. Perhaps a new Solomon Grundy there? Given the grunting figure watched the CCTV screens, it could be a more intelligent version that still has the strength to rip apart a trailer.

    What's in Gambler's file about Dragon King that Cindy wants anyway? Yes, DK was her father, but it seems to me like she took the laptop to search for something specific.

    Oh, and what the hell are Cameron's nasty old grandparents up to? I've been thinking they are actually frost giants - maybe they killed the Gambler?

    I love a good mystery! :D
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    I was convinced they were frost giants or some kind of fg/human hybrid all last season. So I'm probably wrong. ;)

    Gambler died of a stab wound but no weapon found? Kind of like that mysterious puncture wound in Rick's car tire?

    ETA (after episode 4) Oh my. Why do I feel Courtney and Cameron are a tragedy in the making?

    Beth getting some (plot) action in her own way. +++ McNider being a guy I want to know. +++

    Cindy being a girl I want to like and want to stay far away from. +++

    Sportsmaster and Sylvester becoming bros. Priceless.

    For an ep with nothing getting blown up and no one getting punched out, a lot of things to enjoy.
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