Spoilers Clues on Picard show from Picard Countdown comic (possible spoilers)

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  1. Ralph O Ward III

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    the bajoran had warp when they were occupied.
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    In the lap of squalor I assure you.
    So the Federation should "hide" from the Ferengi too?

    (They bought Warp technology.)

    The PD is about protecting youngling races from scary truths, like God and his apples.
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    Keep reading the rest of the thread. You'll see that other posters addressed what I raised, then I agreed with their points.
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    Perhaps blondness is a rare trait, or dying hair black is popular among Vulcanoid cultures.
    Mandana, Nero's wife was blond in Star Trek and Star Trek: Countdown.

    FWIW, apparently Sela didn't see the need to dye her hair to blend in in the military. Neither did Stefan DeSeve (TNG: "Face of the Enemy", TNG: The Sky's The Limit: "Turncoats")

    With her hair, stature and green, flowing robes, I find the governor reminds me of fantasy elves.
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    I remember they only had impulse ships
  6. Timo

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    Nope. At most, there have been special situations where Bajoran warpships have failed to go to warp.

    In the introductory "Ensign Ro", everybody assumed they had warp-capable ships - and the Cardassian scheme to frame them for a terrorist attack collapsed when it was found out that their warp-capable ship had broken down and only moved STL now.

    In "Shadows and Symbols", Kira begged for fighting vessels so that he could blockade the Romulans, and was instead given assorted junk that amounted to freighters and "impulse ships".

    Outside these examples, Bajorans in TNG and DS9 had no problem flying between stars in assorted ships that were closely associated with the culture. Whether they built, bought or stole those originally, we're never told. But we are never told the Bajorans would not have possessed the secret of warp, either.

    Trek in general has very few species capable of spaceflight but not of warp. VOY and ENT feature some. But the major players are not part of that limited bunch.

    Timo Saloniemi
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