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Discussion in 'Star Trek: Enterprise' started by Captain Zog, Dec 9, 2008.

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  1. Middleman

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    May 20, 2008
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    Just to be clear, I did say the the cocaine use was a rumor and I did not know if it was true. If she had the flu, it must have been one very long bout of it. She did not look her gorgeous self for more than half of Season 4! While it pains me to say anything bad about Jolene, her Season 4 appearance did look "suspect" to me. You are certainly right the she normally appeared toned and muscular, at least with her cloths on.
  2. Captain X

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    Nov 23, 2004
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    And without, if you saw some of her spreads in Maxim, or saw her in "Slow Burn" ;)

    I don't think it was that the flu was hugely long so much as it took her most of the year to get her healthy appearance back. Seeing her in Starship Troopers 3 she looks as good or better than she did in S3.
  3. KendraW

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    Aug 18, 2008
    T'Pol was a great character. My favorite Vulcan, tied in first place with Sarek. Yes better than Spock and Tuvok.

    She showed off perfectly the flaws of the Vulcan's of that era.

    When i first watched Enterprise I hated how the Vulcan's were being portrayed. They all seemed so pissed off and easily annoyed. It also annoyed me that they ALL had to be wearing thoes STUPID wigs that TNG introduced. It took me a very long time to just ignore it all.

    But when I watched the Vulcan Arc, (apart from the fact Archer had to be involved and wigs) it just seemed to all make sense. In this era there were Vulcan's without logic, Vulcan's becoming criminals and smugglers, Vulcan's deciding that it was better to live on a backward world that seemed likely to enter a nuclear war rather than go home and their government was run by Romulans. It seemed to me that Vulcan's had no idea how to properly control themselves until they found the Kirshara. They were all totally messed up, not just T'Pol.

    T'Pol demonstrated this Struggle brilliantly, she wasn't some weak arse Vulcan, she was just an ordinary Vulcan and like the rest of the Vulcan race at the time, they didn't know how to deal with themselves properly. T'Pol had no real defense against emotion and she was bombarded by human emotion every day. She got a bit lost, tried out a few things she shouldn't have, decided that if you can't beat 'em she might try and join 'em and she made a few mistakes, but worked through them. I don't think in this era any Vulcan would have faired any better than she did.

    Why are we comparing her with 7 of boring? She has got to be the most uninteresting character I've ever laid my eyes on. She had large breasts and a cat suit. As far as i'm concerned thoes are the only two similarities and they are, although a touch annoying, still totally superficial.

    Why do we have to be in a culture that disregards a persons worth just because they happen to be gorgeous looking or dress in a certain way?

    "Gosh she's lovelly, oh no, the way she dresses is far too attractive, nope i can't possibly take her seriously!" No offense but it's an awful attitude!

    Maybe Vulcan's wear catsuits all the time under their Robes and T'Pol decided to not bother about the robes.

    Why should T'Pol even consider what anyone thinks of how she looks anyway, whether it be attractive or otherwise? If they were that distracted by her, it's just another reason why humans are too immature to be travelling the stars.

    Yes I know it was really about attracting young men to trek, we all knew that, but why did it actually matter? couldn't we have just forgotten about it, for some, enjoyed it, and just watched the show?

    The reason I found T'Pol to be more likable than Spock. In the TOS series I got this feeling that Spock was just a wee bit of a whining, cry baby (just my opinion, I still loved him though), he's totally unsure of himself to the point he even hates a part of himself, the dude has truelly deep seeded emotional issues about his mum, dad, heritage and women that takes decades to resolve. It's also very interesting but still he's no stoic god.

    I don't get that feeling as much in the movies, but i really wouldn't think of Spock as the mould for all Vulcans, well he isn't Vulcan, because he's just as much Human.

    I would base Vulcans on Sarek or Tuvok, I know we don't get to see alot of Sarek but what we do see is a guy that's confidant in his emotional control, a touch arrogant but not utterly ashamed of feeling, same goes for Tuvok. You can't compare them to T'Pol they were brought up with a different set of beliefs.

    If we had been able to have 5 + Seasons I like to think that we would have seen a more stable T'Pol, learning about the Kirshara, incorporating it in to her life (As well as Trip) and becoming more like the Vulcans we've seen in the past, errr future.
  4. Nowhere Man

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    Nov 19, 2007
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  5. Bluejay

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    Jan 18, 2009
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    I finally got around to engaging the commentary for some of the eps and watching the special features in the dvds. Not all though. I found some of the comments hilarious. From Trip hitting the wrong button (it was to open the door) to answer the intercom to his apparent "failure" to calibrate the new medical scope to Starfleet ldisplay... between commercial breaks. And CT's wry scoffs at the "sexy" decon scenes ... suuure, with 40 ppl standing around.

    Jolene's was even more funny. She said a hundred. :guffaw: The decon scenes have been done to death but I'll just add one more bash at it. They're cheesy and terrible. *throws in the Vulcan massage scenes for encore* The writers could have taken a leaf from ... B&B or B5. Honestly ... really, they have no ... *sigh*

    Anyways, I sure would like to know more about T'Pol's background. Given that from 1-20 was the usual growing up pains. 7 was the marriage engagement, I have to presume there was possibly no telepathic bonding given as how they view mind melds, etc. 17 (?) years spent training as an agent, 2 years spent on Earth. I assumed she was serving on Vulcan starships in between.

    I for one, think the writers missed out something vital for T'Pol. She was the first Vulcan to serve as long as she did on a human vessel. It would have been interesting to hear her views regards her shipmates, the mission, her reflections somewhere near end of S1 or in the midde of S2. Or even S3. It would have given us a window of opportunity to have a better insight on this char.

    This was done for Phlox and Data. They could have done it for T'Pol.
  6. teacake

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    Jan 20, 2007
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    Catsuits are supremely comfortable and logical. So there.

    Peoples like to whine.

    I prefer to find in-universe reasons for most stuff.

    He is older in the movies. He matures.

    Most people of two heritages choose to identify as one heritage. Listen to the specist comments of Dr. McCoy and the ribbing from Kirk.. the universe will see Spock as Vulcan so he had better be Vulcan.

    I consider Sarek and Soval tied in the Ultimate Vulcan Stakes. Soval is awesome.

    I would have preferred if she'd gone quite off the deep(er) end. I think she is on that trajectory and it would have been very interesting.
  7. Anna Yolei

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    Jan 15, 2003
    I never thought he was supposed to be a stoic god, just one that struggled a bit more to fit in to his culture than others. Spock is only two generations removed from T'Pol's era, so in retrospect, that could add a heightened reasoning to Spock trying to blend in to Vulcan culture and prove something to everyone.

    I never thought about it, but that's a damned good idea. Particularly when TPTB went out of their way to re-write history as it was known at the time (a call I agree with, and what hooked me in to the show to start with) and create these Vulcans who weren't entire friendly towards humans.
  8. trekkerguy

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    Exactly, I get sick of people criticizing people for being "Skinny" when it's
    obvious they are because they are athletic. Which is in most cases good.
  9. Mirror_Barclay

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    Dec 6, 2006
    I like T'Pol. I didn't care for the Trellium thing - Vulcans have emotions, the question is how they control or suppress them (it's very often the later, whatever they call it).
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  11. Holodeck Addict

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    T'Pol was one hot piece of ass. Loved the character, loved the show, and love tight catsuits on big breasts. Not to mention those lips could suck a golfball through a garden hose! :drool: :techman:
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    It appears we've run this subject into the ground.

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