Would Nemesis have been a better movie if it focused solely on the Romulans and cut out the Remans?

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    Star Trek Nemesis was the film where the Romulans were supposedly billed as the main villains, but they were hardly in it, being upstaged by a race we never saw before (and have not seen since, giving us little reason to care about them) the Remans. Really throughout the TNG era, the Romulans were one of the most reoccurring villains and there was no real pay off regarding the Federation/Romulan tensions and conflicts throughout the TNG era, I feel like most of the other civilizations, the Klingons, the Cardassians, the Ferengi, the Dominion, and even the Borg got better send off and story arc. Meanwhile, the Romulans got nothing of the kind, with their premiere movie being hijacked by the Remans.

    Would Nemesis have been a better movie if it focused solely on the Romulans and cut out the Remans? Not only did a lot of the build-up with the Romulans throughout the TNG and even the DS9 era seem wasted, I saw no reason to care about the Remans, a race that came out of the blue and had no direction, what were they supposed to be? Villains, who we sympathize with because they were enslaved by the Romulans or villains that we hate because they are Chaotic Evil Space Orcs who wanted to destroy the Federation for no good reason?
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    I think it would have been better, yes. There was no need for the remans to feature in my view.
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    I think the movie would have been better, especially if Tomalak and maybe Sela were in it
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    I thought the Remans looked cool and had a lot of potential, which perhaps could've been better used on Enterprise. I wish the Romulans had been the main villains in Nemesis. I was happy that Star Trek 2009 finally decided to have a Romulan protagonist but I'm a little sad that we never got to see the Romulans get their due in a TNG film. I wish we had gotten to see those TNG warbirds on the big screen.
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    I don't feel like '09 really counts either, given that Nero could just as easily have been a rogue Klingon (or any other race) with little change to the overall plot of the film.

    I was curious to know more about the Remans, but in Nemesis they just got in the way of giving us a film that would have given us more actual insight into the Romulans. As did Shinzon.
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    I don't think it would have mattered.
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    No, because the Remans weren’t the problem. They were just a symptom of the greater problem of Picard having a clone whose very existence makes no sense and his motivations even less so.

    Now with that said, the Remans were just a bad idea all around. They were a slave race that the audience had no sympathy for whatsoever because of the way they were presented. I have it on good authority that John Logan was high as a kite when he came up with the idea for them.
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