Would a Captain Sulu series have killed trek?

Discussion in 'Future of Trek' started by mahler5, Apr 6, 2008.

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    Was it me, or was the excelsior crew's acting lacking something in that episode? Grace was practically reading a cue card.
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    Omg that episode was horrible. It had dead crewmembers appearing in the final shot of Star trk VI, when Sulu bids farewel to Kirk.

    I mean that is dedication for Valtene to have died on the bridge during a run through the nebula against Kang. and then stand to next to sulu later after the fight at Khitamor.

    I was impressed. :P

    lol The timeline given about the arrest of Kirk and Mccoy and then their trial and intement was a total of two or three days...it was anightmare of a episode. The writers shouldve atleast gone out and rented Star Trek Vi to fit it in better.

    I was all pysched for the eppy too, Trials and Tribbulations was cute and a nice nod so I was really looking forward to 'Flashback'. Sloppy and poorly slapped together in my opinion.

    Like pretty much most of Voyager..plenty to work with..so much wasted potential...it shouldve been such a landmark series. :(

    But I dont think a Cpt. Sulu series wouldve saved Trek...it wouldve been the same writing staff and creative team that torpedo'd poor Voyager.

    But the idea did have great potential too.
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    A series with Sulu, probably would've been has bad as
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    Not if every episode included a sword fight!
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    If I wanted to watch a sword fight every week, I'd go dig out those episodes of Highlander I taped. :p
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    Nope. It might not have done well but, in the '90s, Star Trek was bigger than just one series at a time.
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    Maybe if they recast Sulu...
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    I love the whole idea of a show about Sulu on the Excelsior. It's always been my guess that Takei took a reduced role in Undiscovered Country specifically so that he could establish Sulu on the Excelsior and open up the possibility for another series--though I'm sure someone'll correct me if I'm wrong.

    Comments about George Takei aside, though, some of the critiques here seem to be about how the Star Trek franchise had fallen into misguided hands at the time, which meant that any Trek produced at the time would have been troubled (as it was), and not that Sulu himself couldn't have carried a series.