Undiscovered Country Dinner Scene

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    Hey, at least the Klingons of this period let women serve in positions of high authority.
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    There was similar discussion in the STD forum. The Klingons are straightforward about their objective: outright conquest and rule. From their point of view, the Federation deviously and insidiously extends control over other star systems and planets with a message of plurality and multiculturalism, while in reality everyone ends up playing second fiddle to the humans who dominate everything.

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    All this misses is a reference to root beer.
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    Exactly. When he says "I Beg Your Pardon?" That's not an inquiry. It's the polite formal way of saying "Come again, mother###er?". I don't know that he'd intended Kirk to say the Hitler remark specifically, but he knew what that remark meant, once Kirk had said it, & so did Gorkon, hence why he wrapped it up with his "Long way to go" remark

    I'd say Chang was definitely baiting him, & knew he'd hooked him with that remark, & wanted to emphasize it. He'd been baiting him since he stepped off the transporter pad. Why wouldn't he be? His intention was to frame the man for an attack. It's in his interest to try to fuel some animosity. "In space, all warriors are cold warriors"? Yeah... baiting.

    Of course the scene is awkward. It's supposed to be. There's plenty of nitpicks with this movie, but I don't find that scene overly condemnable myself.