Top Ten Reasons I Hate Enterprise

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    Grr Arrgh
    Honestly, no. However, since it´s been 18 hours ago. I thought it might be some response from wS? I simply put out a question. Whether or not this thread were reliable or not. Oh, I put it out quite harshly, mostly to get wS? attention. But then again, it´s difficult to make myself understandable when I only have less then 250 posts on this BBS. Maybe I should come back when I have reached several thousands or so. I certainly don´t have a clue about every single unwritten laws around here.

    Of course I do. I got a wife and a kid and a full-time job as a medical nurse. I know exactly what real life means. But I also know that a lot of us are living in different countries. The time difference is quite annoying sometimes, but I will put that in mind next time.

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    Alllrighty then! Here we go!

    You don't owe the franchise anything. Nor, however, do TPTB owe YOU anything. Last time I checked, Enterprise wasn't pay-per-view.

    Are you, then, one of the kind of people who couldn't enjoy Apollo 13, or any movie based on a historical context, because you know how things are going to turn out? And as for Starfleet Academy being a better idea?
    No. Not at all. You do realize, don't you, that a Starfleet Academy series set in the 24th century may have included people like, I don't know, Icheb and Nog in its main cast? Are you really willing to take that chance?

    Again, Enterprise isn't quite a BOTF series, it's a prequel series; there's a big difference. While the series is likely to include BOTF-themed episodes (which I think it already has, with the Vulcan-Human and Vulcan-Andorian stories), all that a prequel series theoretically has to do (apart from quality issues) is:
    1. Occur before the series later in the timeline
    2. Fit with the established timeline in some manner, including taking into account technological and organizational differences
    3. Not directly contradict major events in the timeline.

    Pbbfft. I like the show, and I don't see the comments by B&B as anything more than spin. Don't pay attention to them. And by the way, I don't really see that what they, as producers, say about enterprise is really that much different than what other producers of other shows say about their product, assuming they speak at all.

    I just disagree here. I like the acting in Enterprise. Granted, the actors don't get NEARLY enough to work with, but that's a writing problem more than an acting one.

    Okay, I agree that the decon scenes are gratuitous. I don't think their "stunt" episodes are really any worse than those in any of the other Trek series. DS9 pulled out the Q card fairly early in its run, and TNG found ways to bring back characters from TOS at least three different times. And the Borg episode was really entertaining, by the way, if you can get past the fact that "OMG B&B R USING TEH BORG THEY SUXORS!"...
    As for the Ferengi, I can't defend that at all. That was dumb.

    I'll agree with this somewhat. I do feel that T'Pol has been developed well, and to a lesser extent Trip and Malcom. (I like the fact that they've got that whole Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn vibe working.) Hoshi and Travis, are criminally underused. ESPECIALLY Travis.

    I know, right? And don't you just hate how TNG brought in the Klingons so much? We had enough of them in TOS. </end sarcasm> But really, I don't mind the presence of the Borg, since it makes SOME sense due to First Contact and was a well-done episode. The Ferengi I've always had limited use for, so I can't disagree with that. I think episodes like these, so long as they're well-written and EXTREMELY RARE (read: once or twice a series, max), are just fine. I actually think Enterprise is better when it somes to stunt episodes and seeing-races-and-characters-where-we-shouldn't than many of the other Treks. Scotty-stuck-in-a-transporter anyone? (Before I get flamed, I did like that episode, so back off. ;) )

    I don't think this is quite an Enterprise-specific problem. The franchise has been in a slow downward spiral since the peak of TNG's popularity. Nemesis - well, I haven't seen it, but releasing it between Bond and Two Towers was DUMB. DUMB DUMB DUMB. And while originality in the franchise may not be where it used to be, there is something to be said for the fact that there are HUNDREDS and HUNDREDS of episodes of Trek out there. A dropoff in interest after MORE THAN FIFTEEN YEARS of ANY franchise, Trek or not, should be EXPECTED. And for many of those years, there were two Trek series on at any given time. What, you think there will be the same level of interest in the Sopranos or the West Wing fifteen years down the road (assuming they're still on the air) as there is now? Nuh uh. And add to that another twenty-plus years of TOS reruns and ten motion pictures. Perspective, people. The fact that there's even a QUESTION as to whether Trek is dead now is remarkable.
    And I can really do without the fiction novels, honestly. I'll stick with the Star Wars books. (Thrawn STILL owns joo all!)

    I don't think it's TPTB's fault that the board has deteriorated. (DISCLAIMER: I wasn't here before ENT started up, so take this with a grain of salt.) Bottom line, even if B&B stunk up Enterprise until it was the worst show on TV (which it isn't, by FAR), people still have the ability to choose NOT to become bitter and hostile over a TV SHOW.

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    Me head go boom reading all this.

    To address original topic, I don't hate the show.

    However, if I can come up with ten reasons to hate it, I'd probably just use the ten worst episodes as the example. Some of which are probably the worst Trek ever made.

    To the poster above me who says we don't owe Trek and they don't owe us.....No way! This is a business and we are the customers. It's a mutual agreement in which our presence in front of the TV is enough for advertisers to pay. Long term investments in the syndication and after market video and blah blah blah...this has all been said before.

    Enterprise Rocks!!! ;)
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    Nope :)
    Actually, UPN is the business and the advertisers are the customers. They buy the ad time, hoping that enough people will tune in to justify the cost. That, or the advertising companies are the business and we are their customers. No direct business relationship exists between ENT and the fans, unless you're talking about video/merchandising sales. All that Enterprise, or any TV series, consists of is free entertainment providing incentives to buy merchandise associated with the series or to sit through free commercials for other merchandise or services.
    We are the capitalists. Resistance is futile. :borg:

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    Wow. Thanks to everyone for the thoughtful replies. :) And because y'all bring up so many good points, this post will be a littl long . . .

    I'd agree that neither held their audience, but I wouldn't say that both weren't good enough. VOY certainly wasn't. But DS9 was actually a good show. Smartly written and well acted I think it just got lost in the glut of sci-fi/fantasy shows in the mid-90s and with either TNG or VOY going on at the same time there was a significant Trek-fatigue. If TPTB had held off Series IV, or made DS9 the linchpin of the UPN network it might have fared better. Maybe.

    I'm not actually supposed to talk about the box (actually boxes) hooked up to my tv. At least not publicly.

    I would concur. Best to start from scratch, or pick up on TOS/TNG continuity in a later era. I'd like to see a 25th C show myself.

    And that's what I mean. A normal network show lasting 7 years would be great. I was glad to get 7 years of my beloved Buffy and will be very happy if Angel lasts that long. But considering that low rated series like DS9 and VOY both lasted 7 years the expectation from the outset of ENT was that it would last that long. From a symbolic sense, pulling the plug before then would be like Viacom crying 'uncle.'

    And this is so surprising. It doesn't help that in every interview it seems, at least it used to, that he couldn't get past harping on how he'd be the "first" captain out there with the "first" crew. :rolleyes: Who cares? What matters is making it an interesting captain with an interesting crew. I know he's got the acting tools, but I can't understand why he can't use them.

    My preference would've been a 25th C show, but I'd have settled for Starfleet Academy 90210. While it sounds crappy, I think it may have at least forced the writers to do some character based stories rather than planet-of-the-week stuff. Then again, with B&B in charge, it might not have mattered what the premise was. Sigh.

    Y'know, everyone here is a registered member of a Star Trek Discussion Board. We're all nerds here my man.

    Welcome to the Nerd Club. ;)

    You nailed it. Two years in and they haven't decided what it's about. Good Genre shows like Farscape or Buffy or whatever all else were good because they had a strong creative voice behind it all who knew what the show was about. They made a decision. They didn't always do right by their decisions, but they had a core mission that they could come back to. ENT's writing feels listless because it lacks this. Or at least this is a significant contributing factor.

    Exactly. Smart, compelling stories. Relative to 60s tv and 70s sydnication that's what made TOS stand out. That's what built the fanbase back then. It's the core of what made it great and what makes any great franchise great. It's absent from ENT and it's like a gaping hole in the soul of Trek.

    Excellent argument. Call this Reason #11. :)

    I think TCW is a pretty wanky premise as well. But it didn't make my top ten because while I don't like the idea of it, the TCW episodes tend to be superior to the rest of the show. "Cold Front" in particular is the kind of smart and suspensful stuff that Trek should be. I think that Brannon was really pushing for a TCW series, kind of like the adventures of the "Relativity." I think he got overruled and what we have now is a compromise between him and the senior partner, Berman. So when Brannon is set loose on a TCW episode he can actually put his mind to good use.

    Not my intent, my man. I only come online once a day though. Y'know, IRL, a job, trying to have a life. :p

    I enjoyed Apollo 13, it was well written and well directed and well acted. Three things ENT rarely can ever claim. My basic objection to the premise isn't that it can't be executed well (becuase if it was then I wouldn't be complaining about it) but that there were better choices out there. And when the show was announced i got the impression from B&B that the premise of the show was going to carry them rather than the writing. Which is how we got seasons 1 and 2. Without the good writing the flaws of the premise just come into starker relief.

    I didn't object to TNG using the Klingons because they were used in interesting ways. Exploring Worf's heritage was one of the greatest things about TNG. The Klingon episodes were always events to be savored. The Klingons seemed to fire the imaginations of the writers and they were able to come up with great vehicles like "Sins of the Father" and "Redemption" among many others.

    I don't mind re-treading as long as it's done well and actually adds something to the series. "Relics" was not something I looked forward to in TNG's time, but it was very well done. It told a very nice story about Scotty, incorporated a cool sci-fi premise, and also had some great character moments for Picard and Geordi. It actually added something to the show. It was character driven.

    Now, when we go to VOY and their use of the borg we have a more problematic situation. Being in the Delta quadrant the borg couldn't be avoided, particularly when you incorporate a former drone into the cast and basically make the show revolve around her. The problem comes when the re-treaded element, the borg, aren't used to improve the show. Instead they were used as 'events.' The lessons that 7 would learn would always be the same, she'd just learn it over and over again, like Data caught in a feedback loop. And by using the Borg so often they lost the scary-coolness that made them great. TNG only used the borg four times in its run. Who can count with VOY?
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    Yes, but how many of us have delusions of superiority over the show's producers and feel we understand what's Best for Trek? ;)
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    10.This is a joke, right?
    9.TCW is in the pilot. Like most arcs, it has to be stretched out, lessening impact and artificially delaying resolution. (Why are arcs considered good?) When (or if) the TCW storyline is finished, the series should be finished, or fade into ignominy like Wiseguy. BOTF is not indicated in the pilot. The pilot is the first place to look for the premise.
    8.It can't be a failure to use the premise if BOTF is not the premise.
    7.Another joke?
    6.If you say so. I've missed it so far.
    5.This one's laugh out loud funny, every time.
    4.Considering the bizarre ideas of character development floating around, this one needs more amplification.
    3.There's not much science in this fiction. Somehow I'm convinced that this is not what you mean.
    2.Do you own stock or something?

    10, 7, 2 and 1 are actually completely extraneous to the show, which is really strange. It suggests a peculiar emotional investment that prevents an objective look at the show.
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    They'll never keep me down.
    Anybody with at least one good eye?
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    Your kidding right?

    DS9 marked the end of Trek and not Voyager?

    Do you even know what you are talking about anymore?
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    Dang it Reno. If you weren't funny I'm sure I..... bah, never mind.
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    They'll never keep me down.
    you're welcome ;) :D
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    DS9 & VOY were not low rated, that's why they lasted 7 years. If ENT can get the same kind of ratings it would have no problems going 7 years.
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    Y'know, a chimpanzee and two trainees could produce a better series than B&B have turned out.
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    I love ENT but I really wish that they had just done it as a complete reboot of the Star Trek universe. It would've pissed off a lot of the "old" fans but it may have sparked a lot of interest in the show in casual and non fans (it certainly would've killed the non stop continuity topics for sure). As it is is kind of walks the middle of a reboot and being faithful to continuity. And we all know what happens in the middle of the get *SPLAT*!!! Smallville would be a model as the way to go. It's esentially a reboot of the Superman mythos with some twists to it. It's mainly faithful to the premise but not the continuity of the comics. A new Trek series with that approach might do well. It would royally piss off many long time fans (way more so than ENT, Just see the current uproar in Battlestar Galactica fandom for a taste of that) but it may be time to do so...get rid of the deadwood of fandom so to speak. If ENT lasts 7 seasons Paramount may take a break of a year. If ENT is cancelled before 7 seasons then it will be a long time before it returns.
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    I don't hate Enterprise, but I do find myself disappointed with it for many of the reasons Where'sSaavik lists. There's tons of potential there, yet we get "Precious Cargo"s and stuff like that. Berman was there during TNG. Fine. So why have we gotten rehash after rehash of stuff that, by the time it appeared on VOY, had been done--and done better--at least twice before on other series?

    I, for one, wish they would do the BOTF stuff. I wish they'd jump ahead a few years, perhaps after they get out of the Expanse (presuming they do). I think Archer might come into his own as a diplomat/politician on earth, pining to get back out into space, but aware that he's needed on earth. It could split up the crew and follow them in their new positions, but ultimately bring them back together after the Federation is established and well on its way. Something like that. That could provide tons of opportunity for character development back home. Separate Trip from Archer and see if Trip comes into his own as a diplomat or administrator or, hell, as a scientist. Give Hoshi something else to do besides open and close hailing frequencies, something that was new when Uhura did it, but was so done by the end of TNG's first season that Denise Crosby left the series. Make Travis an essential part of something.

    This whole planet jumping thing is old. They did it a lot on TNG, and they did it A LOT on VOY. Why, if they want to be so bloody innovative, are they revisiting the same old ideas: Approach planet. Visit planet. Deal with problem. Be moral, or morally edified. Say g'bye. Move along to next week's planet. (You can also put "ship" or "alien visitors" in the blanks where "planet" appears.)

    On the sex issue, I think Temis is absolutely right, and Dorian Thompson has said essentially the same thing: if you're going to do it, then bloody well DO IT! You can only tease the audience with Hoshi and Polly's tits for so long. That, mes freres, ain't sexing it up. Men in their briefs is an interesting phenomenon once or twice. When you keep whipping that one out (oh, shut up, you! :p ), it's not sexy. In part because THERE IS NO POINT TO IT! Oooh, Trip in his drawers. Oooh, Malcolm in his drawers. Yes, nice eye candy. But old eye candy. If it doesn't actually do something, it just starts to rot your teeth. Or brain. This doesn't mean that every single scene or naughty bit has to have a point, but, geez, if you've spent any extended amount of time around a man you don't tend to find his briefs, in and of themselves, sexy. ('specially if you're the one who washes them, but that's another thread for another forum. ;) )

    If they're going to have this newly sexied-up show, then, y'know, people having sex might be a good idea. Hell, Sam Beckett got laid more than Archer does, and when he did it was in part to tell us something about Sam or another character.

    For example, Sam had sex with a war photographer in Vietnam because he was desperately trying to keep his brother Tom from getting killed and she both wanted him and didn't believe he'd do her a favor without something--her--in return. He had an interesting ethical choice to make there. He wasn't going to request sex in exchange for the favor, but he knew if he didn't do it with her Tom might still die. Sex would buy him time and access. In fact, he probably toyed with the idea that he might be taking advantage of her, and all the while the same argument could be made about her. This created an interesting gender dynamic, as he was arguably prostituting himself--and the body of the man he leaped into--to save his brother. And all of this happened in about a minute. Big impact. Something to think about. No smirking, no giggling. No Don Bellisario giggling through a press conference, saying, "Yeah, we're going to sex up QL in a few episodes. Sam's going to run into a war photographer who wears string. It'll be an opportunity for some light, humorous moments during the Vietnam War. We're all very ecstatic." Why can't ENT do that?

    And if the reason they don't is that they're targeting fourteen-year-old boys, then I say they're a bunch of sexist, ageist idiots. Fourteen-year-old boys don't want good storytelling? Why? Because they're male? Bullshit. What a very flattering view they seem to take of their male viewers. :rolleyes: Anyway, you can get female (or male totty) anywhere on TV; just turn the thing on and you'll find it. Why's the totty on ENT any more interesting than the 58,000 other places they can get it?
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    its going to be immensely difficult to try the same thing with trek sice it'll just suffer from exactly the same problem as VOY, ENT, INS and NEM - namely pissing the fans off.

    both 'wild, wild, west' and MI were cult classics and had left a the public conscience to a degree with just a few core fans knocking around. i remember when MI came out and those core fans were up in arms about the remake, jim phelps goes bad?! we're not having this! and its nothing more than a cheap shot to get money. all effects and little story!!

    can you imagine the equivalent with trek? it'd be dead before it was released, much as NEM was once that hackenyed script was leaked.

    trek is both a blessing and an albatross in that its a guaranteed money maker but comes with a much higher level of expectations than almost any other series.

    they seriously need to take a look at what works in other successful series like buffy, stargate and smallville and see what they can apply to trek.

    and before certain trolls start whining, no, i dont mean make then into those series, but see what they have that may be relevent to both trek and those shows successes and see if its suitable.
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    My main objections are #s 4 and 5, plus of course the complete disregard for continuity.

    #5 often links in with the continuity problem, what with the Borg and Ferengi appearing simply as stunts. I'll gladly admit that the actual Borg ep was in itself well done, but it completely rips to shreds large parts of Trek history, simply to get ratings and in this respect it mirrors Voyager (The Raven :mad:).

    #4 is my main problem though. What exactly is the point of having Hoshi and Mayweather as main cast? They get no development whatsoever.

    Sometimes ENT really does come up with some good episodes and when it happens I'll quite happily watch. However most of the time watching ENT is for me like having a nagging toothache. It's unpleasant and it gives you a headache. Having been a Star Trek fan since I was very young, it pains me to see how a once mighty franchise has fallen. :(
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    Not just those, but other lauded shows that aren't necessarily "genre" shows-- West Wing, L&O, Six Feet Under, Sopranos-- and see what they can use from that.

    I think a big part of the problem is they're still tapping into a formula that's been obsolete for ten years.
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    Hire me and I will have the franchise on top in 3 months. I would piss off the long time fans but so what it would be a successful show. Batman did it with the movies, Smallville is doing it now, and Battlestar Galactia might pull it off.

    What do they have to lose? Can the fans be anymore upset than they are now? What would happen is that it would prove if people truly wanted good stories, like they often say or if they want continuity in Trek forever more. I think most people would be ok as long as it was good and it might bring in a lot of non fans. Those are all pluses to me.
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    ENT is pissing off the long time fans and they have tried to being in non-fans. the result is underwhelming.

    trek has a great deal of 'geekyness' attached to it, its regard as the domains of nerds. look at ws?'s avatar... :D

    they really need to go back to what made TOS an attractive show to the demographic they wanted. it wasn't kewl exploshuns, it wasn't mini skirts. it was a strong lead, a group that had conflicts but were nonetheless close.

    you could've set TOS in a bar and called it 'cheers' (although carla wouldve had to be friendly with diane at times :eek:) because it wasnt the locations, it was the chatacters and their interaction. all the action, lovely ladies, and explosions were the marzipan, cream and cherry on already exceedingly well made cake.

    i think they first lost sight of this in DS9, however some superb writing and characters like garak and dukat made up for that.

    VOY and ENT have strayed even further away from this, they keep trying to improve the marizpan, cream and cherries but fail to see its the cake mix that they've fucked up.