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    Feb 14, 2018
    So, I am working my way through ST. Started with TNG, then DS9, VOY and now ENT.

    Enterprise has some really interesting moments and I think that it could have been a much better show. I have no problem with the acting, though I think DS9 had far and away the best actors of any show I have seen, nor do I have a problem with the characters.

    I have really enjoyed seeing how things that we just took for granted in the earlier series came to be. It has a wild west feel that is intriguing and I wish they spent more time on being space cowboys and learning new technology, etc. For me, that would have been a satisfactory show.

    Where I think this show went really wrong was the whole temporal cold war and time travelling. The entire show was based around something that the viewers never got to really see. Viewers get invested in shows when they have someone to root for. The viewers in ENT don't even get to know anyone that they are supposed to be rooting for. The factions? Who cares? This was a poor plot line from the writers, who really should have known better.

    I have mixed feelings about the Xindi. I loved the idea of several sentient species evolving on the same planet and how their interactions went. But, the sphere builders were just nonsense. I don't know how else the writers could have created the Xindi story without using the sphere builders, but it just became another time travelling story.

    I just finished Storm Front II last night and I am really hoping that ENT stays in the present for the remainder of the series.
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    Jan 20, 2016
    It does...until.
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    I agree with you on this 100%. This aspect was totally unnecessary and distracted from the real reason to have a prequel series - to show how the Federation began. If only the whole series had been more like season 4...
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    Jul 31, 2001
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    Season 4 was fun, but it went overkill on fanboyish references.

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    Dec 26, 2002
    I've been rewatching season 4 again and enjoyed seeing Stormfront part 2.I hope to watch some more Enterprise shows soon.
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    Oct 17, 2008
    I honestly think the whole time travel aspect of the show would later become a way of "intergrating" the show with post Nemesis Trek. There isn't any proof of this but it's just the feeling I got from it. Wouldnt at all have been surprised if they launched a 2390s show and had some crossover involving Daniels.

    Regardless, I really like Enterprise, Trip, T'pol and Phlox are amongst my all time favourite characters, and I actually praise the show for "pushing the envelope" a bit with the romance/sexual stuff.

    My favourite episodes were in a mirror darkly pt 1 and 2 and carbon creek
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    The TCW has always been a hot topic for debate. I think Manny did what he could to wrap it up and move on.

    It's funny that the highest rated episodes are the TCW ones.
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    Well, since you started with TNG - if you make it to the last episode on ENT S$ - you'll get to see a TNG episode made 11 years after that series was actually cancelled. ;)
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    I had thought at that time that the TCW was a pretty cool idea. We viewers knew more about the future than Archer did. I kinda thought you HAD to have some kind of time travel element because it was a prequel and there was so much Trek already in the can. Ignoring the other 4 series seemed to be a waste. They could have done a few things better though.
  10. Sarxus

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    Aug 7, 2018
    ENT has been the second Star Trek show that I watched completely after TOS. I liked it a lot quite from the beginning and don't understand why it is often seen as being so different from other ST series. I liked Archer a lot as captain, he actually reminded me of Kirk in some ways, and I think ENT has lots, lots of episodes that speak about moral and philosophic things in the vein of classic ST, such as "Dear Doctor", "Detained" or "Observer Effect", just to name a few.

    I just have some issues with season 3, which lots of people seem to see as the best one actually. It had also great episodes and the Xindi conflict also brought some interesting topics with it like prejudices or doing wrong and irrational things out of fear, but all in all, it was too much action in my opinion and didn't really feel like ST anymore. Gladly the last season improved things again and brought up some of the show's very best episodes or episode arcs in my opinion.
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