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    Oh, come now. Disabling internal sensors is like a basic star trek tactic for sneaking on and off a ship, probably going all the way back to the original series.
    And also in "Regeneration," which is like a sequel to FC. The Borg are kinda scary in that episode in how fast they multiply and take over.
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    It's a bit difficult to tell how "intruder alert" works. Sometimes baddies enter the ship by "conventional" ways, either making a hole in the wall, or storming the shuttlebay, or beaming in. Such intrusions basically never go unnoticed - except if it's the heroes beaming onto an enemy ship! But what is it that gets noticed? The method of arrival, or the sudden presence of an unauthorized entity? Probably not the latter, as unconventional ways of arriving (often similar to beaming in, but via superior tech) tend to go wholly unnoticed, and the computer has real trouble tracking even the authorized folks in real time unless they carry commbadges or otherwise make noise.

    If the Borg or other enemies manage to avoid triggering the "window broken" or "door forced" alarms, they might have a relatively easy time intruding further, then.

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