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    They were going to kill Travis, but the actor couldn't convincingly play dead.

    J/k. Sorry, Mr. Mayweather. All in good fun.
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    Lol! Actually maybe it’s because the actor is so full of life and positive energy in real life.
    Anyway, I’m regards to Trip dying, I don’t have a problem necessarily if he had to die at the end of the shows run. It’s just HOW they did it that was so bothersome. The way he he sacrificed himself so unnecessarily was ridiculous.

    Now, Trip, being the Chief engineer on a ship that faced battles and danger, I could see him dying in some major explosion . His job was actually quite dangerous, and if the show runners felt the need to sacrifice a character at the end of the shows run, that’s fine. But make it legit and appropriate.

    Remember the story Malcolm told in Minefiled about how his great uncle sacrificed himself in a submarine? Now , THAT is in end I could see for maybe some major issue occurring in the warp core, and he makes sure his staff is evacuated before he does some amazing technical “save” that ultimately costs him his life.

    The way he went out was so..disappointing.
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    Couldn't agree more. His "suicide" was just so NOT like "Trip". He could've died saving the Captain another way: example:phaser shoot out. At the Cons, Connor Trinneer says he didn't mind "dying" but the host keeps saying that "Trip never really died, it was a cover up so he could join Section 31". Imagine how Trip would feel if he knew Malcolm was ALREADY in Section 31? They made a great team on Enterprise!