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    Every Phaser Array Element has a maximum energy output limit, ergo the need for multiple elements.

    This not only provides wider firing arcs, but provides many emitters to fire out of simultaneously.

    And with advanced Energy Capacitors / Batteries, who knows how much energy you could have stored before battle to power each individual element within the array.
    The Defiant seemed to consume their Power Cells relatively fast. But given how powerful the bolts they were firing, I'm not surprised that they wore out the Power Cells so easily and it needed to be replaced.

    The Series 5 long-range tactical armor unit had a "Condensed Energy Matrix" which which alone could power a fleet of StarShips.

    Imagine a hybrid Capacitor/Battery that gave out enough energy to make a small meter long torpedo go to warp, have shields, sensors, tractor beams, and energy weapons.

    That's insane how much energy you could cram into that unit.

    And I'm sure Voyager scanned the Druoda "War Head" and knows the structural makeup of every part of that projectile.

    The most valuable part IMO being the incredible small portable power source that is the "Condensed Energy Matrix".

    That much power, that fits in the size of a meter long tube that can be carried by two crew members is game changing.
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    Again, if you're going strictly by what's shown on screen then there's no indication a Tactical Cube is smaller than a regular Cube. The CGI model was literally the standard Cube CGI model already built for Voyager with the "flak jacket" surface detailing and plating added (and only on three sides no less, to save rendering time and memory, since no more than three sides would be visible at once).

    And even if it were smaller, it's armoured. A regular Borg cube looks like it barely has a hull, never mind armour. Making it more resistant to damage is rather the point.
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    The Protostar does have an NX designation – NX-76884.

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    Ah... my mistake. Thank you.
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    This is why I think the "Tactical" versions of all Borg ships should take over as the primary designs if we're going to update the Borg for the future.

    That Extra Armor is worth it IMO to standardize across all Borg Designs.

    For a Cybernetic Hive-mind that is stated to adapt, their ship designs haven't changed core fundamental designs outside of shape.

    They should've learned ALOT more from fighting and losing against StarFleet and Species 8472.

    Just relying on the same ole designs with slightly different Geometric Shapes won't cut it IMO.

    That's not learning & evolving.
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    Nothing in the episode establishes the flat sheet cladding as "armor". It's done just for the impression, but never explicated. For all we know, Cubes that don't have a protective layer of greeblies atop their flat panels are the most fragile of the lot.

    ...After all, we now have plenty of reason to think that at least some Borg ships are "grown" from assimilated seeds, and what we see in "Unimatrix Zero" could well represent a youngling that hasn't yet accrued the full set of add-ons!

    The "U0" Cube is at a dramatic disadvantage here because it needs to be shown in a fight with the Delta Flyer, meaning the auxiliary has to look fairly large in comparison to the Cube in order to be discernible to begin with. No way the Tactical Cube could be multiple kilometers on the side, then, even if some of the later close-ups from the fight with the hero ship might technically allow for that. "Best of Both Worlds II" does slightly better in showing the action with the shuttlecraft, only revealing the whole Cube when we can plead perspective issues...

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