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Not sure that's any more ironic than ra-ai-in on your wedding day, but I do think one solid takeaway here is to not introduce movie-headlining characters in D+ shows, unless said shows are proven big hits with widespread cultural awareness, like Mando and Grogu. General audiences almost certainly didn't know (or care) that De Fontaine appeared in a D+ show prior to having a minor role in Wakanda Forever, but they may well have been dissuaded from The Marvels based on knowing that two of the three leads are from D+ shows.

I guess I meant it was ironic because one of the biggest criticisms of Phases 4/5 has been how aimless they feel - how the overall multiverse arc is moving so slowly, and people have no sense of forward momentum for the MCU any longer.

The Marvels, despite having some faults as a movie, actually built upon the foundations of Phase 4 Disney+ TV shows in a way we've not really seen done before. That is to say, we're finally getting payoff for the promise. And fans were like...:shrug:
Ms. Marvel Season 1 feels like 1960s Spider-Man.

A dumb kid constantly falling off a tightrope.

I was talking to my niece and some of her friends and she said the little they saw of Ms Marvel was that it was an old person's version of being a teen.
I'd agree with that.

But giv'em 5 more years, and they'll turn into us.

Oh absolutely - does make me think what the most realistic take on teenages having powers is?

Bendis sorta touches on it in Powers and I think Ennis does in a Boys spinoff but my memory might be wrong.
How a movie can be one of the top ten highest earners of the year and not break even theatrically is beyond me.

And that's relevant to your day-to-day life...how?

Maybe not Day-to-day, but month to month, or at least year by year -- i would like to see more of these movies and shows.... low box office is a major way to kill that.

Dungeons and Dragons was a good movie this year that bombed at the box office for no particularly good reason.

People argue this about Blue Beetle too.

Fact is, not only terrible movies are bombing at the box office these days.

Indeed,,,, and ones that were seriously expected to make a lot of money are not winding up in the top 10. I mean, you should see how we who did the TrekBBS Box Office Predictor game are doing....

Just to be clear I'm not asking this to start a fight, I'm honestly curious. Are you saying The Marvel's is terrible just because nobody is seeing it, or have the reactions you've seen actually been that overwhelmingly bad? Most of the reactions I've seen have been good. You are literally the only person I've seen call it a bad movie.

@TREK_GOD_1 has a serious bias against most Marvel productions

The only thing I have seen Anthony Mackie in as a lead is Altered Carbon - he was so wooden I thought someone had thrown a chair on-screen.

well, he definitely is not a character actor te way, say, Gary Oldman or CHadwick Boseman are. The Sam Wilson role is perfect for him.... just other stuff, like you mentioned, may not turn out great.

Xolo from Blue Beetle, has only just started marketing his movie, since he is only now allowed to do so without betraying the Union, but its too late. He thinks that if he can start a positive word of mouth, that he can save his first movie, and maybe his career.

The strike was some bad juju.

yeah the strike really hurt Blue Beetle... also, CObra Kai fans failed to support him too.

My quick thoughts on the box office situation.... yeh, there are some movies doing very well, but i think there is definitely a post-COvid effect...as well as things like inflation. It reminds me of the AUstin Powers ad... "If you only see one movie, this summer.... see Star Wars. If you see TWO movies this summer, see AUstin Powers"... people are getting more choosy as to what they see, and only a few are really drawing in the biggest swath of people.

And Barbie's particular success included not just the marketing (for example, in Chicago they did a Barbie-themed pop up restaurant made from Cargo containers ), but also the perception that Barbie was for little kids...i saw soooo many families with little kids, who i really don't think liked the movie as much as women did.

Also, have you guys not noticed that it seems like none of the movies released since The Marvels will come close to the top 10. Even Taylor Swift will be beat out by Sound of Freedom. There is definitely a trend of movies in general (with definite exceptions) not being as successful as before

And i forget if i talked about the movie itself way back when ... we went to see it opening weekend. Definitely not worth the IMAX, but overall a fun movie... i would not have expected it to be a Captain Marvel level of success, but i think a confluence of factors, including the constant re-scheduling and actors strike preventing Iman from talking, were huge factors in hurting it,
Finally saw this and was pleasantly surprised. I expected the villain to be dull so, although not ideal, that was par for the course. Was genuinely pleased with the character beats however. Some nice growth and connection. Some amusing moments that were allowed to just be amusing, not hilarious, not wry, just amusing. Nice. (That’s not damning with faint praise, I genuinely miss movies that are pleasant, happy-to-catch-it-on-TV-as-an-afternoon-movie kind of deal.)
Even Taylor Swift will be beat out by Sound of Freedom.

Thing is that the Taylor Swift tour cost about $15 million to make and has taken $250 million - it's the most successful concert film of all time.
Thing is that the Taylor Swift tour cost about $15 million to make and has taken $250 million - it's the most successful concert film of all time.

..which means its a true success, unlike a franchise film with a bloated production and marketing budget, and fails in historic fashion.