Spoilers The game changing Voq theory

In rewatching ep 5, I noticed that the Tribble is no longer on Lorca's desk when Saru and Michael have their discussion about the Tardigrade.


Then I remembered wondering about something from The Butcher's Knife. In this shot of the lab, there is a dissected creature's carcass in the left foreground. Could it be the Tribble? It looks small, furry and similar of color to the one that was on the desk. It looks roundish in shape on the right side and with it's skin peeled back a little and guts examined. ICK.


You can bet everyone will be expecting it to react to Tyler. But what if it's already dead?

I do know that Lorca not only has a tribble - dead or alive - in his lab but he also has a Horta hatchling under a container. It's visible behind him when he's talking to Burnham.
I'm just surprised at how good his English is all of a sudden. It might be a UT, but Lorca did seem surprised at LRell's, and Tyler's is far superior.
I think him having the real Ash Tyler's personality and memories implanted make the most sense. Then you don't have to try to imagine him learning to speak English well, know Starfleet info inside and out etc in 3 weeks. Also, I think it creates a better dramatic tension if Tyler doesn't have any tells because he really thinks he is who he says he is. That way he can truly bond with the crew and contribute to their missions in a meaningful way, and then be blindsided when faced with the truth later. Eventually the Klingon war has to be resolved and in a way that enables neither side to have "lost" said war. Achieving a greater understanding of the enemy through total immersion might help factor into that.
I think its looking inevitable that Voq is Ash Tyler. I wonder if the process of him being transformed is more than just cosmetic. What if its based on the Augment process? And what would T'Kuvma think - considering his fear of the Federation destroying the Klingon identity, atom by atom lol
I think it's more dramatically satisfying to have a genetically-altered (via means of an adaptation of the Augment virus) or surgically-altered Voq think he really is Ash Tyler, complete with all of Tyler's personality traits and memories (assuming there ever was an original Ash Tyler, which opens up a whole other can of worms...) It opens up more possibilities for what could happen down the line.

How will he react as events unfold?
Will Voq's personality seek to reassert itself via his subconscious?
Will he have a tell that eventually gives him away?
Will he be disgusted and in denial when confronted with the truth?
And finally, will his experience posing as a Human, albeit unknowingly, influence the outcome of the war - perhaps by leading him into choosing to side with Starfleet over the Klingons?
I'm sure he volunteered for the procedure.

Though he might be disgusted about something he did while as Tyler.

It would be easier to make him an existing Starfleet officer then to falsify a new one.
Latif has given an interview to Yahoo News:

"Then we asked Latif whether he’s ever had a chance to meet Iqbal — and that’s when the CBS publicist cut in with a cheery, “Sorry, we’re out of time!” before the actor could answer."
This 100% confirms it for me. Surely if they were actually about to run out of time the publicist would have said just before, "We have time for one more question." But interrupting before Latif can answer seems like he knew there was no way to answer that without lying or confirming the theory.
Just listened to a TrekFM podcast, 'The Edge', a Discovery podcast, all about Ash Tyler.
I'm 100% convinced now.
He's Voq.
Guessing tonight's episode, 'Lethe', is where the audience learns this, but the crew still doesn't know. Maybe only Lorca suspects something. At this point I'd be way more surprised if this theory was NOT true.
You know, I was just thinking about that after trek clip we have from Lethe. It recently occurred to me that if Ash is Voq, this isn't him meeting "the mutineer", but him meeting the human who killed his Messiah...
Just listened to a TrekFM podcast, 'The Edge', a Discovery podcast, all about Ash Tyler.
I'm 100% convinced now.
He's Voq.
Guessing tonight's episode, 'Lethe', is where the audience learns this, but the crew still doesn't know.
I kind of doubt it. They went to such lenghts to hide this, so I think it will take some time for a reveal in the series. Maybe the viewers won't even get to know that Voq is Tyler this year.
How in the hell did I miss this. Is Tyler Voq without even knowing it?


A closer look at the desk Tribble vs possible dissected Tribble.

Looks more like a Klingon party buffet to me. What possible reason would Lorca have to dissect his Tribble? He was obviously keeping it in his ready room for a reason, perhaps as a calming presence on stressful days. Maybe the Tribble was just sleeping in a corner somewhere. :D We'll have to keep an eye out in tonight's episode to see if it shows up again.