Spoilers The Expanse Season 6

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    The series is well-written. Gonna take my time watching the rest of the show.
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    May 17, 2016
    I've been finding some of the stuff repetitive in the last couple of books - situations, resolutions, and discussions between characters - but I'm still really enjoying it.
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    Anyone who saw the Flash Gordon and other serials of the 30s and 40s that WERE being aired on TV at the time STAR WARS (1977) came out, knew EXACTLY what George Lucas was trying to emulate; but like many said, the movie stood well enough on its own that no, it didn't feel like a middle chapter of anything - more that the crawl was just there to easily and quickly set the stage so it could jump right into the action (which the opening Star Destroyer flyover sequence did beautifully. But yeah - back then the film and story it told felt complete and stood on its own. OF COURSE I (at 14) wanted a sequel, but I never felt like there was anything left untold for that particular story at the time. In fact I was annoyed when the whole "Episode IV: A NEW HOPE" was tacked on and small edits made to make the Empire Troopers appear less bumbling -- IE - "Close the Blast Doors...Close the Blast Doors..." <--- that line was removed -- so suddenly the Troopers hadn't requested closing of the doors before running up to them and saying..."Open the Blast Doors...Open the Blast Doors..."
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    By saying ‘people know what it was emulating’ it’s really not so big a jump to also say ‘it felt like part of a serial’ and therefore ‘it felt episodic’.

    But like I say, it’s ‘from a certain point of view’ and from developmental perspective, was plucked from a much longer story Lucas originally wrote. (In much the same way that years later, Ghostbusters is plucked from a longer work) To a certain extent that grounds it and extends the world beyond the edges of the screen, but also means that you can go either way with it. Had Star Wars (it took me twenty plus years to get even slightly comfortable calling it a new hope) been one and done, it would have been fine. The sequels to it still worked. Years later, frankly, so do the prequels, and so on… because it was a chunk of a larger story. From a certain point of view xD