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How hyped are you for future Star Trek?

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Thought it was time to resurrect this. How have your opinions on current/future Trek changed recently?

I'm excited for Strange New Worlds, Picard S2 and Disco S4 but not exploding, I'm enjoying Lower Decks S2 but I'm apathetic toward Prodigy. Still bummed at the lack of anything but announcements in Trek movie land. Loving that the novelverse is getting a big epic send-off. So I've gone down a notch from crazy excited to mildly excited.
Discovery S4 --> Can't Wait!
Picard S2 --> Can't Wait!
Strange New Worlds --> We'll see.
Prodigy --> Curious, but that's all.
Lower Decks --> I stopped watching.
Strange New Worlds probably has me the most interested right now. So I would say I am slightly more enthusiastic than before. Lower Decks is hit and miss but still fun. Cautiously optimistic around Discovery and Picard.
Looks like I'm the OP of the other thread. I don't care if the poll on mine is "cancelled out".

"What if we merged a thread where a poll already existed?"
"It would destroy such a poll, in favor of its new matrix."

Besides, my answer in either poll is outdated. I'm only really interested in two-fifths of the TV Series. As for the movies: That's probably the only part of my answer that hasn't changed. Wake me up when we have more information to work with.
loving Lower Decks
looking forward to Prodigy and Strange New Worlds
hoping for more Short Treks
cautiously optimistic for Discovery season 4
wary of Picard season 2
intrigued by rumours of a Starfleet Academy show
hoping we still get a Michelle Yeoh show, but hopefully the lack of Section 31 talk indicates it won't be Section 31 based
resigned to Ready Room
I'm highly anticipating SNW.

Broadly enjoying LDS.

Generally looking forward to season 2 of PIC.

DSC season 4 I will watch, but my expectations are lower than ever.

Prodigy I have almost no interest in. I may check it out if the opportunity presents itself but if it never got picked up by any streaming service over here I wouldn't be disappointed at missing out.

As for short treks, I love them and want to see tons more, but the stupid services here still haven't posted all the ones that already exist so I've given up on looking forward to those.
I'm enjoying LD and looking forward to PIC S2 and Discovery S4. I'm neutral on Prodigy as I'm not sure whether the material would be too much for kids and might not hold my attention while at the same time the graphics/animation looks great.

SNW, yes I'm looking forward to it, but I'm going in cold without looking at any pre-release material. I'd be happy to see them stick to the premise of episodic alien/planet/theme/plot of the week as is being promised.

All in all a great time for Trek, and I really do hope we ALWAYS have a Trek show on air until the 2060s. :D
I haven’t watched Lower Decks S2 yet. It's looking like another Halloween in a row where I binge watch the season. But I will likely watch S3 once its produced too, since I’m a completionist. Edit: I decided to binge watch every episode of S2 so far last night and have enjoyed it, like S1.

I have an open mind to Prodigy, even though I am not the target audience. Will wait for reviews.

Disco being in its fourth season means its time for the show to start getting really good now, since seasons 4 and 5 are usually the peak.

Picard S2 and SNW are the ones I’m looking forward to the most.
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Love LD. As for the upcoming stuff:
Really excited for SNW
Looking forward to giving Prodigy a try
Interested in Picard season 2
Have kinda written off Discovery — after three innings, I’m still not convinced its season-long arc format can deliver a really satisfying Star Trek story. So I expect more of the same and hope to be proved wrong.
Still loving Lower Decks, it’s easily the most consistently great of all the Kurtzman-era Trek shows. As for what’s coming up…

PDG - Curious.

Disco S4 - VERY cautiously optimistic. S3 was fine but S1 & 2 were not. So we’ll see.

Picard S2 - excited.

SNW - mostly excited but wary of Uhura and Kahn.
Strange New Worlds - very much anticipated
Discovery - I watch it if there's nothing else I'm in the mood for at the moment
Picard - S1 was several hours of my life that I can never get back
Lower Decks - watched the first episode. It was what I expected it to be (neither funny nor seriously dramatic)
Prodigy - The depths of my disinterest are hard to measure