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How hyped are you for future Star Trek?

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I've changed my vote to mildly excited, mostly because of Strange New Worlds. I enjoyed the first season, and hopefully the second will be just as good.

I've also watched the first two seasons of Lower Decks after finishing SNW, and while it isn't at the top of my list, I have gotten some enjoyment out of it. I'll probably purchase the future seasons as well.
Movies (TV or Otherwise)
Section 31 --> Looking forward to it, but I won't talk about it on the board. Unless I say otherwise after it airs, you can assume I liked it. As things are here, I wouldn't want to talk anymore about Section 31 on TrekBBS even if you paid me.
Star Trek 4 --> Feeling pretty indifferent.
Star Trek Prequel --> Mildly curious about it at this stage. Depends on what it's about.
Picard Movie --> If it's a Picard Movie, as in focusing on Picard in his later life, similar to Picard's first two seasons but in movie form, I'm looking forward to it. If it's another TNG Movie, not so much. Other people might disagree with me, but I think Picard Season 3 did its job as "the final TNG Movie they never actually got to have in the theater." So, let it be that.

SNW --> Will watch more when I feel up to it. No idea when. As in really no idea when. What I think will depend on the episode.
Prodigy --> I'll watch S2 when I get around to it, just not when it immediately drops. I like it for what it is.
Lower Decks --> I stopped watching during S2, caught the DS9 episode in S3, and nothing since. Will probably binge it at some point, don't know when.
Starfleet Academy --> Not excited about the premise (though you never know), but I am interested to see how the 32nd Century is fleshed out, along with seeing who and what will be carried over from Discovery. Which brings me to...

Discovery --> In Progress. Liking the season, but that wasn't in question. The real question is where do I rank it compared to the other seasons? Don't know yet. I just know I'm enjoying the ride. It'll be bittersweet when it ends but, to quote Worf, "Those were good years, but now it is time for me to move on." It hasn't been seven seasons, but it has been seven years.

So, in 2024, I must change the way I voted from "Crazy Excited" to "Mildly Excited".
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SNW - Looking forward to it. Not sure when it's due, but I definitely want to watch it as it airs, whenever that is.

Discovery - Eh. Not currently watching. I'll see it eventually.
Lower Decks - Looking forward to it more than to DSC, but not enough to care if I see it during the original airing period or not.
Prodigy - Same as LDS.

Section 31 - Not looking forward to it at all. I'll probably see it eventually, but it may take a long time.
Starfleet Academy - Not enough info to really say one way or another.

Picard Movie -
If it's presented as even remotely similar to Picard S3, it may be the very first piece of Star Trek I ever refuse to watch even once.
Star Trek Prequel - Sounds kind of boring and unlikely to actually happen, anyway.
Star Trek 4 - This I've wanted to see for years, but it's 100% not going to happen, so... eh.
I'm excited for season 3 of ST : SNW & Prodigy season 2. My excitement for Section 31 has lessen over time, and I'm not excited about Starfleet Academy. It looks like Star Trek are doing their version of The Boys spin off Gen- V.
I haven't seen any of the streaming shows besides Picard, and that was just because I bought the Blu-Rays. As such, I don't have much of a current frame of reference, regarding the franchise overall.
I changed my Trek-thusiam to done. Once DIS finishes and LD airs its final season, I don’t really have an incentive to continue.

I might check in to see the S31 movie, to see how they did it. And whatever they have planned for Ortegas in SNW. But I’m content with moving on.
I really enjoyed 2023. It was wall to wall bangers with Picard S3, LD and finishing off with SNW.

Flash forward a year and I've cancelled my P+ after seeing them decide to follow up with that successful year by making a Discovery adjacent movie in Section 31, a Discovery adjacent spin off and the final season of Discovery before cancelling LD. I'll probably resub for SNW or if they announce Legacy helmed by Matalas. Or if I want to watch an older series, if they haven't fobbed it onto another service to make a quick buck. D+ and even Apple (For All Mankind) have far more value for me now.
Mildly excited.

As we approach the 60th anniversary, I feel like it's worth keeping an eye on things like The Roddenberry Archive in addition to the show itself.

The prequel-prequel movie could turnout to be a hit, Section 31 might not be as dark and brooding as I fear, and the merger could even be a good thing in the end.

Glass half full and all that :)

(Lower Decks not being around for the anniversary is a bit of a tragedy though. That should've been it's 7th and final season)