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How hyped are you for future Star Trek?

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The future of Trek is bright if you're a fan of Discovery. More spin-offs and sequels are being announced all the time. Next week, we rejoin the crew of the USS Discovery, and meet the new Captain Pike. Next year, we return to Jean-Luc Picard, who's life has been hugely altered by the dissolution of the Romulan Empire. At some undefined point in the future we'll be watching a Starfleet Academy series and an animated Trek comedy.

If you're a fan of the Kelvin cinematic universe, you just hit rock bottom. Star Trek 4 is shelved indefinitely, Bad Robot are done with Paramount Pictures as soon as their contract expires next year. The talked about, Quentin Tarantino-directed Star Trek movie that was planned for after that is likely a nonstarter.

Keep coming back and changing your votes as new announcements come, after amazing or terrible episodes or plot twists.
As of now, I'm mildly excited. For the most part I liked Discovery season one and am curious how season 2 will shape up. Also some of CBS' future projects look interesting, although others look dreadful.

But I loved the Kelvin movies and was looking forward to the Kirk-meets-his-father story, and it's hard to care as much about the rest of Trek. I'm a bit gutted. To me, the CBS-AA stuff was the Netflix Marvel series compared to the Avengers films.
Never became invested in the Abrams movies, so their apparent demise is hardly a tragedy in my book.

I'm hopefully that Discovery makes enough changes to essentially become a different series with a different direction. Diminishing Burnham's central role to large degree and making the show more of a ensemble of characters.

Looking forward eagerly to the Picard show.

The Tarantino movie possibility makes me excited for the future of Trek.
I'm still trying to catch up, and I have much to do. I still have final season of DS9, and even after that comes Voyager and Enterprise before trying Discovery. I'm still excited to see what kind of Trek-properties are coming out in the coming years.
I wanted very much to root for the Kelvin movies. I adored the cast and thought they absolutely nailed their roles.

I was NOT crazy about the alternate timeline reimagining of it all, but even when I put that aside the biggest problem for me was that those movies were 'too little too infrequently'.

2009-2016 produced 6 hours of "Star Trek" content. We had 4 villians all with paper thin motivations and the Enterprise being outgunned 3 out of 3 times. I enjoyed the movies enough as popcorn flicks, but they didn't really do much to expand the universe.

The only thing of consequence was the destruction of Romulus--a storyline that is now 10 years old and that will FINALLY be addressed by a new Picard show of all things.

If the Picard show was to be conceived and premiered in 2013 in coordination with "Into Darkness" for example, I think the synergy between the Kelvin movies and TV Trek would've worked splendidly.

Unfortunately until CBS and Viacom merge, Star Trek will never reach its deserved potential as a multimedia mega-franchise.

However, Discovery, the Picard series, an animated comedy, an animated children's show and a potential Academy series have me feeling like we could be entering a golden age of storytelling.
Mildly excited. Everything happens via streaming services. No free TV Trek anymore. Same goes for sports events or even movies and other TV shows. There is only trash for free in German TV (oh, it rhymes, my bad).
But I'm looking forward to the new Picard show. I will wait for it to appear as Blu-ray/DVD or something like that.
I'm pretty excited. Even though I wish the fourth Kelvinverse movie was in production, there are, what, five or six Star Trek TV series either in production or in development. That has never happened before. That has never come close to happening before. I like Discovery and I like the variety of approaches the new team is taking.

We have dozens of hours of original Star Trek and hundreds of hours of Berman Trek. I want to see everything the new guys can do. I also want novels based on all the new shows. More comics. It's time we had a good videogame or two as well. I don't want Star Trek to pander to my nostalgia, I want it to take risks again, like it did with TNG and DS9. I want it to feel like a big and vibrant pop culture phenomenon.

I've had that kind of fun with Doctor Who since around the time Enterprise went off the air, and I want Star Trek to be there again too.
Mildly excited, and I don't agree with the "rock bottom" regarding Kelvin Trek. There are still the comics, and plenty to enjoy within that universe, even if there are no more films.

I might not agree with all the productions being put out there but I'm excited for more Trek.
I said apathetic but it’s more curious hesitation. I just hope it doesn’t become over saturated and these writers know what they are doing. I am sad about the end of the Kelvin timeline though.
Pretty excited.

The Kelvinverse is done, Discovery is good and likely getting better, more Picard, more TV shows, it's all good...
I’m pretty excited for Discovery season 2, moderately for Picard and tepid on all the rest. Indifferent on the Kelvin movies.
I'm excited for all the new TV series and for season 2 of Discovery. I've always been of the opinion that Star Trek works better on TV than as a movie so I don't really care about Star Trek 4 being cancelled. I would have gone to see it opening weekend and the more Star Trek the better, but TV is where it belongs.
I’m quite disappointed about the cancellation of Trek 4, as movies set in the Kelvinverse were my favourite iteration of Star Trek at present.

I’m enjoying Discovery also, but to a much lesser extent than Kelvinverse movies.

So mild it is, for the time being...
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I'm crazy excited. We've been starved of Trek for over a decade and now there's a ton of it coming and it's not been predictable stuff thrown our way. A legacy pleasing Picard series, an animated show from a differing Star Trek perspective, a Section 31 show, more shorts (I loved the shorts)...

I find it funny that people blame the general success of the Kelvin movies on Paramount not getting on the horse and leaving four year gaps between movies, but when CBS step things up folks start panicking about over saturation.

If we can just have a Discovery season 3 confirmation then I'll be happy as a clam.
Mildly Excited at the moment. Liking Discovery Season 2 more than Season 1. Picard is still many months away, so its hard to stay excited this early. I'm sure closure to the air date, my excitement shall rise. The same for the other series that are slated to be aired over the coming years.
Not apathetic and depressed is too strong a word, more pragmatic than anything else. Given STD my opinions for what will come next are very low, so that my hopes aren't hit hard again and I lose all interest in the franchise.