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How hyped are you for future Star Trek?

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Fairly excited for Picard - held back a bit by knowing I probably won't be able to see it right when it comes out.
Fairly excited for Lowers Decks - held back by not knowing when it'll come out or on what platform
Mildly excited for DSC 3 - love Burnham and Tilly, glad to see them leave the prequel era behind, still not convinced the writers are getting any better
Not at all excited for S31 - bleh.

Reasonably excited for ST4 - held back by not entirely believing it will happen. Also I really want it to have Jaylah and it most likely won't, unfortunately.
Morbidly curious for Tarantino trek - almost certainly not a good idea for Trek, imo, but it will at the very least be a noteworthy curiosity.
As of December 2019:

Picard Season 1 --> I can't wait!
Discovery Season 3 --> I can't wait!!!
Section 31 Season 1 --> I'm looking forward to it!

Star Trek "4" --> Oh, nice. They're back on.
Tarantino Trek --> Wake me up when this actually happens.

So my enthusiasm overall is two-sided. Enthusiastic on the TV end. Kind of la-dee-da when it comes to the movies.
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I wanted very much to root for the Kelvin movies. I adored the cast and thought they absolutely nailed their roles.

I'm not an actor, neither are many here. But we could all nail those roles because they were superficial marionette stereotypes of the originals spitting out the catchphrases, as a nostalgia teddy bear. "Hey, it's Kirk, he's boinking a green woman. I remember that from way back when! Yeah, I like! And Chekov! He's got the thick accent! I remember Chekov having that from what back when! Yeah, I like! And there's McCoy, he's being potty mouth at Spock. I remember that too! And Spock! He's got a live now and banging Uhura! More! More! Oh their arguing is so domestic and I can relate to that because I'm married! More! More, har har more more!"


I'm surprised they had the creative angle of the alternate timeline angle.

I was NOT crazy about the alternate timeline reimagining of it all, but even when I put that aside the biggest problem for me was that those movies were 'too little too infrequently'.

It's a double-edged sword. It gets them out of the established universe into an entirely new blank slate... so what do they do?

Not much that's memorable and most that was isn't memorable in any positive way. :(

2009-2016 produced 6 hours of "Star Trek" content. We had 4 villians all with paper thin motivations and the Enterprise being outgunned 3 out of 3 times. I enjoyed the movies enough as popcorn flicks, but they didn't really do much to expand the universe.

Not just the characters, the whiz-bang boom boom accorded the ship had viewers screaming in the 1990s over "Oh, the ship is going to be destroyed. Yet again. Oh I'm so worried for them, but at least we can go har-har over how big and long the alphabet is." Seriously... To think those TNG movies feel like they had any real substance is now made real thanks to the nostalgxplotation of the franchise.

The only thing of consequence was the destruction of Romulus--a storyline that is now 10 years old and that will FINALLY be addressed by a new Picard show of all things.

A bit overdue, and probably not thought out. With luck there will be time and dedicated crafting attached to this new series. The fact they got Patrick "I'm done playing Picard" Stewart back means they impressed him royally with the ideas and plans, or it'll be Stewart's way of doing what Shatner did in 1986 in a sketch comedy show. And/or something else.

If the Picard show was to be conceived and premiered in 2013 in coordination with "Into Darkness" for example, I think the synergy between the Kelvin movies and TV Trek would've worked splendidly.

STID had the marvelous double double cross with Admiral Robocop. The magic blood, Spock becoming Rocky with that punching act, Khan's Magic Blood With Popsicle Stick Singing And Acting, etc, etc... not so much. It was a good movie but it does not stand up to repeated screenings. Oh yeah, along with the Enterprise being pummeled again, Earth's in rabid danger. Is all modern day sci-fi so parochial and timid that it can't get away from Earth as a direct reference point? It was bad enough when Shinzon wanted to go to Earth because... he's so pissed off at the Romulans who made and abused him far worse than anything Jean-Luc had done? Okey dokey...

Unfortunately until CBS and Viacom merge, Star Trek will never reach its deserved potential as a multimedia mega-franchise.

However, Discovery, the Picard series, an animated comedy, an animated children's show and a potential Academy series have me feeling like we could be entering a golden age of storytelling.

In 1966, Star Trek was billed as a premiere adult-themed science fiction series. Now it's aimed at kids because that's all sci-fi seems to be. Amazing, the multitude and multifaceted nature and mere ways of which how the audience changes... to the point that even "Lost in Space" might end up feeling like a more mature, less juvenile sci-fi adventure series for adults by comparison because it's not juvenile... by comparison. That's actually pretty sad. For multiple reasons...
Right now for me:
Picard - can’t wait
Discovery - can wait
Lower Decks - mildly amused
Section 31 - show me a trailer please
ST4 - same as Section 31
Seven - please announce this show already
Apathetic it is for me. My enthusiasm WOULD become a LOT greater if they announced a Pike series, though. I'm also mildly interested in the Georgiou series, simply because I adore Michelle Yeoh as Georgiou.
This is a follow-up to @F. King Daniel's thread, which is passed the expiration date.

If I had to rank what I look forward to, it's (in order):

Picard S2
Discovery S4
Strange New Worlds S1
Lower Decks S2
Prodigy S1

Not Included: Star Trek XIV. Let's see what it is (or isn't) first.
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Discovery season 3 was enjoyable but some spark was missing that 1 and 2 had. I loved Picard season 1. Loved Lower Decks. Hugely bummed out at the demise of the Trek movie franchise, which is just clickbait at this point.

Strange New Worlds might be good or it might be another Enterprise season 1. No clue where Picard is going in season 2 except for Raffi/Seven being a thing an Elnor "exploring his sexuality" but that's all side stuff. What's left for Jean-Luc? Existential crisis as an android duplicate? Some new big conspiracy? Prodigy isn't aimed at me so not too fussed about it at this point.

I'm cautiously optimistic for the future of Trek as a whole.
My order is slightly different than Garth's, but only because I am really curious to see how the format for SNW plays out. Its really close for the live action shows and more of a I'll have something to watch with the kid when it comes to the animated ones.

Picard S2
Strange New Worlds S1
Lower Decks S2
Prodigy S1
Lower Decks season 2
Short Treks season 3 (please!)
Strange New Worlds season 1
Prodigy season 1
Discovery season 4
Ready Room season 4
last place tie between Picard season 2 and Section 31 season 1
Voted "it depends". Not looking forward to Discovery S4 at all (though I will give DSC another chance, eventually), but I do want to see what's next for PIC.
SNW is promising, we'll see where it ends up.

Lower Decks, I haven't watched yet, so I'll see if a S2 is an event to look forward to then. Probably will once I'm done with all my rewatches, which means soon (done with TOS, TNG, DS9, VOY and ENT, only PIC left).

Prodigy, I'm just not the target audience (and neither is anyone on this forum, I imagine), so I'm not particularly interested.

You can guess what I'm looking forward to.