Terminus Timeline - Ships and Interiors

I don't even remember! But it looks like you are doing a TERRIFIC job! Keep it going!

I think you're a little biased as I'm using your tutorials ;) I made the turbolift nub using a circle mesh, shrunk it, cut some verts, drug out the others to match the shape and then spun it.
LOL! I can't say no, since I could not be unbiased. However, my observation still stands. I think you're doing a terrific job.
Decided to work on the challenge for the month and built some set dressing in Blender to convert the Briefing Room into the interior of a TOS era Cargo container for use by Super-Humans in Exile...

Ceti Alpha V was far from a garden spot, but they could and did survive here. Khan was determined to thrive here and show them all that they were the future. Marla had come to him in their cargo container built home, concerned with the amount of food they were gathering, but he assured her, like he always did, that his beloved wife and their child she was carrying would be absolutely fine. He would make certain that everyone was cared for.

Yes, they would thrive....


The set is just the briefing room with some add-on panels and a paint job reminiscent of what we saw in them in Star Trek II but done on the cheap like we might have seen in the Original Series. I did use FaceGen to try and get the likeness of the actors but I think the cartoon style kind of softens it a bit too much. Still, the idea holds. :)

Rendered in DAZ Studio with iRay
Set built in Truespace with modifications in Blender
Clothing is Valiant and Courageous
Clothing textures by Mylochka
Figures are Genesis 3 from DAZ
I recognized the characters before I read your description so I think you did a great job :techman: I'm not so sure the bangs on Khan's hair fits him though (IMHO)?
I recognized the characters before I read your description so I think you did a great job :techman: I'm not so sure the bangs on Khan's hair fits him though (IMHO)?

He has them in Star Trek II, but not as long. I admit it was kind of a stretch but if my hair can go all wild, I don't care how much hair gel Khan has, his can go wild too ;)

But thank you!

Built my lower sensor dome a little differently than the tutorial. I built more of the dome into the base that it's affixed to and I built the phaser off the bottom of the dome that was on the 11 ft model. I tossed in a small light so the dome is illuminated here, kind of.

She's coming along

Since I'm swapping over to Blender for my 3D modeling, I realized I'm going to need to rebuild all my Challenger sets, especially since some weren't completed. I'm going to keep going on the Connie Tutorial, but I'm putting what I've learned so far into practice.

Yes, this is based off the TMP sets just a tad, but I'm going rougher with it as Challenger is the last of the Constitution classes launched before the refit of the Enterprise so the concepts and ideas are there but not refined. I'm putting some Phase II elements in as well in the various sets, but it's going to have something of a TMP feel but on a budget.

This is a rough render in Blender. The set is going over to DAZ when in use.

Got all my wall parts in place. Modeled up the doorframe. Doors are next, then the ceiling grating with lights and a flooring that has a flat base and a slightly raised rubber/carpet section depending on where it is in the ship. I'm trying out some color coded framing for the supports and made both turbolift areas red along the frame and they'll have red doors instead of grey.
Nice :techman: Other than the ceiling light in front of the doors do you have any ceiling lights in these renders?

Not yet. The light coming in from above and casting the shadows is the 'sun' and a few spot lights I'd put in to test render when I was building parts.

Finalized my doors. Ended up not going with a version from my Tiny Trek set, but something more like what we had in TMP. The label idea comes from JBogguess concept for a set of door labels for the Phase II era. I do need to texture them. I also built the ceiling and lighting that runs above the GNDN pipes on the ceiling there.

So what's left besides textures? Flooring. I need to put the flooring in along with the 'rubber' padding in the more trafficked areas. I also need to build that black comm/door control thing that was used through the first 4 films. Oh! I need to build that 4 panel wall prop with some flooring that they used as an endcap to the corridors when they weren't using paintings to extend the corridor.

I modeled up the floor and the floor rubber as one big piece. I'll put the gripper texture on it in DAZ. I based the wall comm off the TMP door comm thing first, but it only has ONE button. Then I remembered that NO ONE in TMP went around without a communicator on their wrist. So why would you need wall comms? Well, in TOS and prior to TMP they didn't have wrist comms, so I took the general shape, kept the red 'call' button, but then plopped in a revised com panel in the lower left corner and on the right a red alert/yellow alert/intruder alert button that you can hit and notify the bridge security station directly from any part in any corridor.

This is also why they're sitting up higher, so the speaker/mic is closer to head level.This also allows for them to redesign these and replace them when the wrist comms show up later on.

I think I'm ready to gather up the corridor even though I don't have the wall caps ready or the TMP version of the reinforced door modeled yet.

Playing with coloring a bit. I think the braces are too close to the TNG colors so I'll be changing that. I just wanted it to be less gray, so I think I'll be playing with shades of blue or maybe some red. Beige is out. I've used a purple in the past but if I go with the swap-able wall padding it may clash quite a bit. I might be going with grey anyway. Meh.

After shopping today I built some wall plugs for the end of corridors that were open. They'll be swap-able in DAZ so the can be changed out as needed. I need to build the TMP reinforced door and frame yet, but yeah I think we've got ourselves a working set so far! I think I may borrow an idea from TNG to redress the shorter corridor as the one attached to Engineering or at the very least in the Secondary hull, but I think I might just build out my new Engineering idea with it's own corridor and Jefferies sets attached again.

I've been eyeing keeping the toon look for the 'follow-up' to Tiny Trek, but I wanted to be less Betty Boop and more Pixar and then someone over at DAZ gave me the morphs I'd need. But, if you're going to do a full on test of an outfit and a character, why not have them doing what you want them to be able to do?

Uniform design inspired by JBogguess fantastic designs for a Phase II era revamp of the TMP uni's.

Just playing around with character and uniform design for the Challenger stories while I build some sets. Don't expect to see a full blown Challenger series until at least next year. I'm following my model for Tiny Trek where I build all of my principle sets for the ship interior before I even start on it. That'll give me time to flesh out the characters and what stories I want to tell. Tiny Trek is more like an ongoing soap opera on a small ship with Trek events attached and I want Challenger to be more of what I think of with classic Trek or even TOS Film era Trek.

Rendered in DAZ 3D using iRay
Uniforms are V4 Courageous
Figures are Genesis 8 using Toon Princess morphs
I think I have it but I haven’t tried it yet. I’m still using my tried and true method of exporting as an obj and then importing it lol

Yeah, the 3ds max bridge was very underwhelming. So I'm also still using the obj export, heh.
You have got ‘that look’ down. Words fail.

Thank you!

I had an itch to work out a preliminary design and so here's a first preliminary Engineering for the Challenger.

With the corridor re-design, and needing to work on Engineering and the other sets, I had a few ideas for Engineering, even just using what I'd done before, but, I thought I'd give a shot at re-creating the Phase II Engineering from a fan based cut-away that was based off some early cut-away sketches that put Engineering just under the warp nacelle pylons which is right between the hangar and the cargo bay. I'm also going with something like the Phase II 'warp core' which is roughed out here. It does pump power through the secondary hull, but it goes forward to power the Deflector and then goes up through the neck powering the weapons system in the neck before it goes up into the power system network in the saucer.

This puts us at 3 full decks of Engineering and then a crawl space where the 'warp core' goes up into the nacelles in the ceiling of Engineering.

I'm thinking one of two ways with this, either putting the Engineer's office in the lower level in one of the corners, or cutting out two of the consoles on level 3 and putting the office on the third level above the one on level one so the Engineer's office looks over the intersection of the power system.

I'm also feeling like this is a bit too large, so I'm thinking of making it less uncluttered and incorporating some converted items from the TOS Engineering like those roving power units and the Auxiliary room that looked over Engineering but this time inside the walls. The other option would be to model up some of those blinking light walls they added in Wrath of Khan from the rental props people but this is VERY preliminary and was more to give me an idea of spacing and how it would look.