Star Trek: TITAN: Animated Series


The Trois

Wow! It seems on the Titan Riker has put on some pounds of muscles and lost that "belly" and regrew his beard. :-)
Boom. Bringin this thread back to life. I read the first two books a couple years or whatever ago & just started Orions Hounds & I found this thread & want to say thank you to Geoff Thorne! I will now have these images in my head when I continue to read. And I'm inspired! Expect some images from me within the next few days!
One question, Geoff, are you planning on a mock cover design for 'Synthesis'?

Indeed I do. The various alien entities in Mr. Swallow's awesome book are a bit more complex than those in the other volumes.

Rest assured, I have not forgotten about this.

I also owe Mr. Mangels a solo cover for THE RED KING. Both will be up in the next few weeks to a month.