Spoilers Star Trek: Lower Decks 4x06 - "Parth Ferengi's Heart Place"

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They showed lots of progression

Depends on how you define it. For me, there wasn't much or any of that.
It was regression and stagnation for the most part along with pitiful (ridiculous and poorly thought of) explanations as to why things didn't pan out.
UFP fractures, and what... Disco basically sets to solve the mistery that NO ONE in the past 100 years tried to uncover?
Heck, there's even a TW conduit leading to the nebula (which of course is convenient for the villanins... just not for SF).
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Only just caught this. Nice to have Rom and Lea back. Really nice.

I really like how much they get into each episode of this show. Mariner getting called out on her shit and Rutherford and Tendi stuff both made for really strong storylines and essentially both were the B and C plot to the negotiation story.

Really economical writing.
I thought it was "Trah-no".

Mind you, when USS Ottawa's turn comes 'round, we're likely to have arguments over the spelling of the name, and whether or not there should be diacritics over which letters. :)

I hear the bagels in USS Montréal's mess hall are delicious. :drool:
9/10 from me.

Freeman out-Ferengi'ing Rom with the treaty was pretty brill. Rom and Leeta are great to see again, which generally goes without saying regarding any return character.\

The b-plot with the phony love interest... not as interesting, but it doesn't not work.
Had its ups and downs. The negotiation thread was the best part. The weakest part was the Boimler thread, 100% predictable as soon as he saw the Sluggo Cola ad, and didn't walk away. And the Mariner thread just raised questions.

But why would an Orion blush red?!?!?

Chase Masterson looks good animated. Almost as good as in real life. I met her once, briefly; decades ago (when Leeta was still a very minor character), she shared an autograph table at a Creation event in Pasadena with Patti Tallman (who appreciated my Vorlon lightbulb joke) and the late Camille Saviola.
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Tendi blushes red (despite having green blood) for the same reason that she has an insanely oversized head...because it's a cartoon. :)
Blood is green?

And also, it's a cartoon? Don't be ridiculous. There is obviously some other reason ;)
Tendi blushes red (despite having green blood) for the same reason that she has an insanely oversized head...because it's a cartoon. :)
Oh. "Rule of Funny"?

I'm reminded of incidents in TrekLit, in which Spock is embarrassed. One that comes to mind is in Kathleen Sky's Death's Angel, in which he is coerced into a confession of unsanctioned sexual activity. His physiological reaction is described as the tips of his ears turning green.

Hmm. I'd forgotten the circumstances of finding out which color she bleeds. A compound fracture of the radius. As Steve Martin so succinctly put it, decade ago (and made it the title of his third standup album), "Comedy is not pretty!"
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