Spoilers Star Trek: Lower Decks 3x02 - "The Least Dangerous Game"

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They really need to make the Martok game into something real world.
Apart from the Star Trek Adventures rpg that's already mentioned, there's also Star Trek HeroClix for tabletop battles. No video gamemaster though, but honestly, that would get old quickly.
I just want to have J. G. Hertzler screaming at me that I’ve dishonored the family and whatnot. Seems like a fun time
Gotta admit, having Robert O'Reilly as Gowron eyeballing and yelling at me in Star Trek: Klingon was fun. Not much of a game, but fun.
Educational, too.
I think it's more likely that the person we see on the Cerritos is the "real" D'Vana. If the person she had to adopt among the Orion Syndicate was her real personality, why would she leave? More likely that persona was an act she had to put on to survive in that culture. In the Federation, she's free to be her true self -- the kindhearted, caring person she really is.

Well I think it's more likely she decided to change. Which is even more inspiring!
Well I think it's more likely she decided to change. Which is even more inspiring!

I mean, I don't really think the issue is being inspiring? I just see no reason to think that the persona she had to adopt among the Syndicate is her "real" personality.

"Star Trek jokes and games."

"Yeah, I'll have the D-7 Star Trek Kid's Meal. The one with the Klingon ship on it. Yeah, I know they don't look like the Klingons from the show. You don't believe they are Klingons? Well, they're manning the Klingon ships. I guess they are Klingons. No, they're not Romulans. Come on! Yeah, and can I get some extra dilithium crystals for my fries? All you got is salt, huh? Is there a Nancy Crater working here? No. How much is this? Three-fifty?! My movie ticket cost that much! Don't forget the prize. No. Not the plastic tribble. That's a choking hazard for chrissake! Thank you. Yeah, I know you do it all for me. Want to write my term paper for me, too? Gotta hand it in on Tuesday."

Nothing particularly bad. Martok and the Klingon game were great. The Ransom and Mariner stuff can be resolved any time now. The swapping of the command officers on the contact mission with the engineers was fun.
As long time D&D players, the opening made The Hubby and I laugh a lot!

@fireproof78 you've now made me wonder why my parents didn't take me to McD's for these!

I shall be using "Thanks for the mimosas!" far too often, I'm sure.

Another fun episode. Extra points for Martok's lines in the game. A 9 from me.
Another 8/10 for me.

Shame they couldn't somehow incorporate live action footage from Klingon Challenge VCR board game, but great cameo from not Martok.

The TOS pastiche planet plus belly button obsession was a cool use of comedy. It kinda reminded me of the Star Trek: New Frontier novel series from Peter David, which incorporated a ton of adult humor while still managing to be believable in universe.

The let's pick on Boimler AGAIN could have been a been there, done that, 360 degree turn, but the alien hunter was well designed and developed. And cetacean ops was revisited :)

Hopefully the season keeps up this streak.
Seems to me that Mariner and Ransom have more in common than they realize, give that Ransom was the big screw-up of the episode.

And of course Boimler should have spent the time before the hunt actually researching Kromsapiod hunting customs. But of course that would make too much sense for Boimler.
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