Spoilers Star Trek: Lower Decks 3x02 - "The Least Dangerous Game"

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Martok as an interactive game program was entertaining. The hunt with the alien was also kinda fun, though the selfie stick was bordering on too ridiculous even for LD. :lol:

A fun and breezy 7. Nothing spectacular for this series but nothing bad.
Cetacean Ops is the most inspired Trek chorus there ever was. A full episode from its perspective would knock it out of the park into lunar orbit.

I didn't even mention how happy I was to see the two dolphins again! It didn't get a laugh out of me because it happened so quickly, but I found their complaints about his diving in with dirty shoes hilarious.
After thinking about it, I'm disappointed that I jumped to shipping Boimler and Tendi. We are shown a strong friendship where one of them sees the other in need and is supportive. We know the co-ed conditions of the lower deckers, there is physical contact between the two but there is nothing sexual or romantic going on in any of their scenes together. Just two friends being friends. I didn't need to post this but it will remain a learning moment for me.
That was a fun way to do a Martok cameo. Here’s hoping we still get the real deal.

the bit with Kranch and Freeman was great. So was Boimler singing Bajoran dirges with Shax.

“Their leader is either an ancient volcano or a psychic baby…”

I thought the Ransom/Mariner stuff was weak though. Seemed like a stretch that he would go that far out of his element just to try teaching Mariner a lesson or to trick her into screwing up.

7/10 for me.