Spoilers Star Trek: Discovery 2x09 - "Project Daedalus"

Discussion in 'Star Trek: Discovery' started by Commander Richard, Mar 14, 2019.


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  1. Dave Scarpa

    Dave Scarpa Commander Red Shirt

    Feb 11, 2004
    Why are they writing Tilly as a liability on the bridge, I’d want her yammering about some inanity just as the shit was hitting the fan if I was Pike I’d be spacing tilly
  2. Locutus of Bored

    Locutus of Bored Moderator of Dragons Moderator

    Jul 5, 2004
    Yeah, they're not members. She probably got someone to sponsor her entry to Starfleet Academy like Nog did.
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  3. Locutus of Bored

    Locutus of Bored Moderator of Dragons Moderator

    Jul 5, 2004
    I agree that I would have preferred more development for her throughout the past season and a half. I think I mentioned a few times last season "Don't put another cool ass cyborg on the bridge and not tell me about it again" (like the guy in STID). But that ship has sailed, and all things considered, for stuffing 90% of her character development into five minutes of one episode, they managed to do an excellent job of making me like her as a character and to feel her profound loss to Michael, Tilly, and Detmer especially.

    Her sacrifice and its effect on her friends made me tear up, and though I would have loved to see more of her, I give them credit for actually going through with killing her (even though they should have just been able to beam her aboard). If her downloaded memories turns out to be the basis for the Zora AI on the ship, maybe there's still a way to keep her around "in spirit."
  4. Terok Nor

    Terok Nor Commodore Commodore

    Jul 26, 2015
    Rigel VII
    I don't think it's the shorter seasons. 15 episodes is pretty long these days. I think the problem is the fact every episode has to have Burnham as the focus so there's no time to develop anyone else. Even if there were, they certainly spent no time developing Ariam at all until this episode and that's down to the rigid direction of the premise of Discovery. It will always be this way. This is not a typical Trek spin off ensemble piece. It's The Burnham Show from start to finish. Everyone else is just along for the ride.
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  5. Michael

    Michael In alignment with canon Moderator

    Jul 10, 2007
    Aloha Quadrant
    This was only an okay episode for me. It's nice that they finally decided to do something with Airiam 2.0 and give her some backstory. But of course this wouldn't be Discovery if it wasn't also the episode where she dies. For some reason the writers don't seem to want to utilize the possibilities of this being serialized. They have the opportunity to plan much of the story ahead before they even start to film a season. So why not lay more groundwork for her backstory and her relationship to others in the ship? Airiam's death could have been so much more impactful, had they not decided in the last minute to give her some character. The way she died reminded me somewhat of Charlie's death on Lost, which had a much bigger dramatic impact, because at that point we actually knew who this character was.

    Rewatching the episode with my wife I wondered why that tangent of Nhan watching Airiam and seemingly figuring out that something was off with her didn't pay off or go anywhere. Why did they put that in?

    Also, how did Cornwell find Discovery? Did they say this?

    Make Vulcania Great Again? [​IMG]

    EDIT: Forgot to add that I loved everything with Spock in this episode. Especially that scene in Burnham's quarters. Some very interesting bits of character development in there!
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  6. Delta Vega

    Delta Vega Captain Captain

    Nov 17, 2011
    The Great Barrier
    Strange to show some back story and character development to Airiam
    Then fucking kill her off
    Although. . . I think she'll come back, maybe as the Angel, (I think its maybe too obvious to be Burnham)
    Gave the episode a solid 7, it was too slow to begin with, trying to fit Spock into Engineering, trying to convince us that Spock is innocent, we know.
    He gets his own back on Burnham by being an angry Vulcan, and a complete bastard.
    As has been mentioned, how could Airiam not have been beamed direct to the brig, even when she was ejected into space ?
    Did no one give a fuck about Nahn nearly dying ?
    A very sad, shock ending, but maybe not unexpected after the Airiam build up.
    Looking forward to Episode 10.
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  7. Tomalak

    Tomalak Vice Admiral Admiral

    Jun 22, 2003
    Yes, or Saru for that matter, or Ro, or Worf. You don't need to be from a Federation planet to join Starfleet.
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  8. Aeolusdallas

    Aeolusdallas Captain Captain

    Oct 20, 2008
    The real question is "Does Control have a YouTube channel?"
  9. JirinPanthosa

    JirinPanthosa Vice Admiral Admiral

    Nov 20, 2012
    Real Fine Vulcans!

    I disagree that Burnham is the only character that gets development. Lorca, Stamets, Saru, Ash, Mirror Georgiu and Tilly have gotten plenty of development. Just they have a richer secondary cast than they've taken time to explore.
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  10. Lakenheath 72

    Lakenheath 72 Commodore Commodore

    Sep 28, 2014
    What would I have done with Airiam - put her in suspended animation, shut down the computer inside her, cleaned the computer of the CONTROL virus, test the systems so as to be sure the virus is gone and everything is working, and reboot her internal computer.

    And, as a final good measure, destroy the space station with the ship's armaments.

    For all the threat posed by the mines, they proved to be a dud in the end. With the shields of the Discovery and her armaments, she could have cleared the area of mines rather quickly leaving the station open to attack.
  11. Jadeb

    Jadeb Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Jul 11, 2017
    Yeah, that bugged me too. They made a big thing about them being fugitives from Starfleet, but Cornwell, by herself, tracks them down in a shuttle??
  12. Tosk

    Tosk Vice Admiral Admiral

    Jan 7, 2001
    On the run.
    Because the aim was never to really stop Discovery, just keep her occupied.
  13. IMC Headquarters

    IMC Headquarters Captain Premium Member

    May 26, 2018
    Empire Falls, Maine
    She homed in on Tyler's commbadge signal.
  14. plynch

    plynch Commodore Commodore

    Apr 28, 2007
    Outer Graceland
    Couldn't they just have beamed them all out?

    Then blow up control?

    Atrium's death did move me tbough, because of the convincing camaraderie memories with the crew.

    This new Spock seems like Spock. Quinto's just never did, to me.
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  15. Jadeb

    Jadeb Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Jul 11, 2017
    Why couldn't everyone else?
  16. Midquest

    Midquest Commander Red Shirt

    Sep 22, 2017
    They set up that there's a wireless component to Airiam's viral communication. I think it far more likely that, if they had beamed her over, she'd have immediately found a way to overpower them and infect the ship, which is basically what she alluded to. There wouldn't have been time to suspend her. She was too powerful.

    Yeah, it's weird. I appreciate Quinto but he never clicked as Spock for me. I felt like he was playing Spock rather than being Spock; so far Peck's Spock is aggressively his own being and version of the character, and that's really working for me. I find that the performance slides effortlessly into the character we know despite how different he is.
  17. gblews

    gblews Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Apr 13, 2004
    So. Cal.
    Gave it an 8.

    I thought the way they handled Ariam's storyline was a good example of how to do visual storytelling. In just a few scenes we were shown who Ariam was, how she got to be who she was, and her relationship with the crew. I don't think effective storytelling necessarily requires any certain amount of screen time.

    As a result, I was fairly devastated by Ariam's, death. It would be nice if we actually see some type of ceremony or at least references to it, in coming episodes.

    Really am enjoying SMG's performance this season. She has definitely taken command of her character. Her action scenes on the S31 station, her interactions with Spock, her reaction to Ariam on the station, were great.

    Well, on to the Red Angel.
  18. Mr. Adventure

    Mr. Adventure Admiral Admiral

    Jun 9, 2001
    Mr. Adventure
    They were until they see how little concern they have for their people lol.

    Stress is not good for the atrium, one should exercise regularly.
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  19. TrickyDickie

    TrickyDickie Rear Admiral Rear Admiral

    Jan 9, 2003
    In a painting, darkly.
    I thought they depicted quite a thorough range with that type of thing in the movie 'Patriot Games'.

    For everyone who didn't like the way they handled Airiam, consider this: Edith Keeler was introduced and killed off in one episode....nothing more at all....and look how effective that was and how much people have cared about her character. Airiam is right up there too, for me. Just like Joe Hardy's fiance, in 'The Last Kiss of Summer'.
  20. Jadeb

    Jadeb Fleet Captain Fleet Captain

    Jul 11, 2017
    But isn't the advantage of serialized storytelling that it doesn't treat things in such episodic fashion?