Spoiler! DONT HATE ME! I liked FC

Actually, Janeway can return without ever having died. The Q can do that. I have a couple of ideas how that could happen, but I'm not sharing. I'll be interested to see how KB handles it. That's when I'll start reading the relaunch again. :guffaw:
Well, & this is after finally reading (most of) FC, which was pretty well-written, but mostly (IMHO) very depressing (the 2nd half), I would love to have KJ back (my opinion on having her killed in the 1st place is posted), but I wonder if, having published a book which documents so completely the grief of Voyager's characters over her death, that PB would really bother to bring her back, altho hopefully maybe someday. (Unless they did think they could make $ from it.) But I sincerely hope I'm wrong - no more Trek books 4 me otherwise (the whole Trek lit universe is rather sad now, I think). Just my opinion! Thanks, GS.