Spin-Off starts shooting in Septrmber!

Rich Watson

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Courtesy of BECTU's* website of upcoming productions. Filter on "The War Between..." to bring it up.

This has to be UNIT versus the Sea Devils, right?

*BECTU are the Union for Crew Members for productions being shot in the UK.

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I forgot The War Between the Land and the Sea was even coming, but good to see it's making some progress.

(For those who are wary of clicking through the pages of entries, the production is on the second page)
As I mentioned in my review of 73 Yards, this title was weirdly name checked in that episode. If I had to guess, the spinoff isn't related to that episode but, heck, who knows.
Allegedly this is five episodes (which seems a reasonable guess, if nothing else) and the plan is to follow it with other mini-series using "The War Between [X]" title format.
I admit I hadn't followed a ton of the new before the new season started, so I didn't realize we were getting another spin-off already.
If this is a UNIT series and focused on the characters introduced in the specials and this season, I would have no problem with that.
Supposed details for the new spin-off are emerging

Supposed details for the new spin-off are emerging

Fantastic news, if true. One wonders about Osgood. We haven't seen her since the Zygon two-parter but she's done plenty of Big Finish audios (which dealt with her dual nature).

I just have to wonder how they're going to kill off Mickey.
I wondered the same. As excited as I am about Martha returning, I always thought her sudden pairing with Mickey never made sense, so I don't mind he won't be returning.
Re that rumoured casting news, the actor in question is currently on stage in the West End but the production they're in finishes early next month. So time for a quick holiday before heading back to Cardiff.
Could be sort of interesting - a modern character in middle-age, maybe with kids, maybe a widow, divorced or Perimenopause (popping up in a lot more dramas).