Spoilers Season 3 wild speculation

One theory I've seen floating around is that we are going to see Khan again. I believe the show runners have hinted that they were influenced by the TOS movies and then there was the Khan folder at the end of season 2 as well.

Another theory is that Picard's long lost son will show up, even though we sort of already had that episode already. This could also be influenced by the movies.
Geordi's mom's lost ship will emerge from the conduit, finally found. That will lead to Geordi being back, hitching a ride with the Rikers. Beverly will be a crazy stowaway going through ghost-withdrawal. Worf will explain his presence in some background dialogue that no one will be able to hear, nor ultimately care about.

Geordi's mom will announce she's somehow become Borg queen, prompting a weekend getaway retreat for all the Borg queens to hash things out before deciding they're perfect and don't need to assimilate anyone ever again. Picard and crew, in the meantime, will just spend the entire time playing poker and reminiscing and doing TNG montages.
Thinking the conduit might come up in Prodigy, given one of the showrunner's tweets.

For S3 Picard, I'm thinking Troi is probably going to get left behind with Kestra, for the most part. And placing bets on Riker being the TNG-er that bites it heroically to show the conflict has stakes.
They start filming in June.

So that means they could not have secretly filmed anything in the meantime?

He's been cast in a new NBC drama that is premiering this fall.

And the guy that guest starred as Robert April in SNW stars in the Bel Air show on Peacock, which is owned by NBC. What’s your point?

And placing bets on Riker being the TNG-er that bites it heroically to show the conflict has stakes.

Funny, I’d think it would be Worf that bites the dust in S3. Fans were expecting a Rios-helmed Stargazer show and a Seven-helmed Fenris Rangers show and looked what happened after S2. I wouldn’t be surprised if Worf is next, considering how a Captain Worf show is a fan request.
What do you think might happen in season 3 and why?

What: Actors who appeared on a show called Star Trek: The Next Generation will appear on a completely unrelated show, playing characters who're foulmouthed, drug addicted, prone to vomiting, immature, emotionally unstable characters, or in other words absolutely nothing like the characters they became famous for playing.

Why: Because Paramount+ wants subscribers, and they aren't above luring fans of TNG with false promises.

What else do you think we might see? What other past plot lines could possibly revisited?

The show will rip off other, better told movies and/or TV shows, while ignoring basic story structure, and stretching out a bare bones plot into a convoluted, 10-hour long slog that will leave viewers with multiple, unresolved plot lines, but the producers and actors will promote it like its a worthwhile, must-see event in the fine tradition of Star Trek.